What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Tomorrow THEY are coming Back!!

Yes Yes Yes!! Finally!! After so long, Bao and Zach are finally coming back home! Tomorrow 12pm they will be reaching Singapore! After 2 weeks plus.. thats really a long time huh? Zach...Daddy can't wait to see you!! Bao Bao as well! Way too long and way too tough for me! Without them by my side. Gosh this is what I call "SUFFERING!" :) I am so excited to be waiting for them at the Airport. Ka-Leng will also be coming! Cool! Miss her too!

Today I did not work, as I took my duty off. Thus got James and Kristine and Lawrance for mahjong at my house. They were also on leave. Anyway I won $30 after 2 rounds. Poor Kristine, she was the sole loser this time round. She seems to be always losing!! Darn! Poor thing. (If you are reading this...WORK HARDER!!!)

Talking to Kristine on MSN now. She is sharing with me he husband's colleague got killed by a drunk driver while walking with his wife and daughter on the pavement!! I can't believe it. Just cannot accept the way his life was taken away. Sigh. A drunk malay driver, and it happened on a afternoon!! What the hell was he even thinking!! Drinking and driving!! And killing a man!! He is only age 40+ I just refused to accept this! Though I do not know him. But this is simply unacceptable!! How can a life be taken away just like that!!?!!?? Sigh. Life is so unpredictable.

Check this picture out? Fimiliar? Its Windows VISTA! But wait... Its not Apple OS X? hehe. Its running VISTA and OS X! Cool huh? I am running the program Parallel on my Apple. With that I can run Windows simoutaneously! Cool huh? I can install programs that are not support by Apple now :) Cool. Great program! Ohhh anyway I got the Apple Wireless keyboard today. Cost me $128 Ouch! Love this Apple!

I am looking forward to see Bao and Zach on webcam later (SKYPE!) if they are coming on that is.

Things just seems all wrong

Exactly, things are not looking good at all! Bao called me yesterday told me Zach was sick. He got some spots on his hands and mouth and even tongue. First thing to strike my mind was Hand Foot and Mouth disease! Naturally I was so worried and asked alot! Sigh, in Vietnam the medical simply cannot make it. The facilities and the attitude of the Doctors and Nurses as described by Bao was like. My son is not gonna get well fast there. Sigh... I was so worried that I wanted to fly in straight. But Bao assured me that Doctor said its okay. Just need to monitor him. Sigh. Just hope Tuesday comes fast. I wanna see him so badly. 

Look at the red rashes or bites ...whatever it is. Its not looking good! And Bao told me his appetite totally gone! And he cried so badly. Sigh I am so worried. Ahhhhh...things are not looking good at all! Hate this feeling!! Zach... Daddy misses you so much. Sigh... So worried about him. Ahhhhhh. 

Ran 4D again today 3rd prize... Sigh. Bought 1636 and it opened 6631! Sigh. More then this... I went Starhub and got my faulty multi SIM card replaced and they gave me a non- multisim card! And It could not work! Wasted my trip! Infact I had both my SIM card service cut off briefly  just now! Things are simply not right!!

Back from Office

Had duty yesterday, I just got home. Tired? Maybe? Opened letter box tonnes of bills to clear! Man last month is yet another month of excessive spending. With the main bulk going to Petrol! It cost me $471 for petrol last month! Thats really HIGH!! Darn! The price of that stupid crude oil is pushing my bills up BIG TIME! Ouch! Think the white flag gonna be raised really soon. Sigh. Money Money Money! When will it be " Not Money Not Money Not Money!" Apparently this will never happen. Being in a society that is so real. What can I say? Its a real world that we are living in. And without that $$$, you are no body huh? Sad to say, true in life. 

Here's another comic strip done for Kendice! She requested for it! :) Think gotta come up with a better storyline in future! hahaha trying to get Kendice to get her eyes looking at the right direction was certainly not easy! ;) Its fun to use Comic Life. 

Just 3 more days to go, and I will be smiling everyday. Bao and Zach are returning back to Singapore! :) I miss them so much! I just want to give them a hug. I wonder how Zach is now. Looking at the time now 9am, it'll be 8am in Vietnam. I bet he's sleeping soundly now. Bao told me he was sick the past days with a fever! Think all his bites/rashes are gone now. 

Here's another screenshot taken, Siu-Leng and Baby Zach. What a smile he has huh? :) Gosh I miss him so much! You can see that he was so happy seeing all of us in that little box (lower left) I am gonna SKYPE  them tonight certainly! Clear! Love it! Daddy miss you all!!

So whats the program today? Hmmmmm...  No idea!

SKYPE is so COOL!!

Cool! ;) A comic strip! Downloaded this Comic Life! Fun! But need to be real creative to think of what to write! For now this is something for FUN! Cool huh? All these pictures were taken at Vietnam Airport the last trip! :)

Anyway I am currently talking to Bao over SKYPE! And the Video and Voice quality is SOLID!! Very very CLEAR picture quality!! Never before I seen such quality!! I am so amazed by SKYPE! A must have program for people communication distance away!!

And I did it full screen! Just look at the quality!! There is no lag!! Hardly noticeable!! Here's another with Zach! :)

COOL! SKYPE is so cool so cool! Way too cool! I am seeing all of them ! Miss em Miss me!! Mum and Uncle all in the picture as well! Took the next shot from far away!!

I woke Kendice up from her sleep just to see Bao ... Spoke to Bao this afternoon, she misses Kendice so much! So I just had to wake her up for them to meet and talk! :) Ahhh you can see Zach here quite clearly! He kept shouting for us out loud!!  

I miss them so much!! Still talking to Bao now :)

Siu-Leng cannot come Singapore

Stupid rules, thats what I can say. Tiger Airways does not allow a children under 14 without any person below the age of 18! Ka-Leng is only 16! So that it! She cannot come. Told em it would be fine as Bao woul be coming back on the 1st July on the same flight. But the Tiger Airways reply was Bao will not be flying back to Vietnam with them. So not able to! As for Ka-Leng the rule is that she can travel alone but she need to be escorted with an adult till the flight takes off! What kinda rules are all that?? Siu-Leng will be so disappointed. Kendice too  definitely as he play mate would not be here! Darn.

Boring... I'll be waiting for a webcam with Bao! I miss them! 

Here's my latest wallpaper ... I like it. Its simple yet so cool. Neat huh?  The Adium (MSN) color theme is really cool. Very stylish.  Apple is so cool! haha

Not sleeping ... and its 03:46am!

Can't sleep! Just can't! Actually I stayed up to watch the semi final and its Germany 1 - Turkey 1 at half time! Odds for Turkey is so high... But they are playing so well! Infact they actually scored first! 2nd half will be very interesting. Anyway I lost $240 at mahjong juz now. Ching won everyone!! I was the biggest loser!! Totally no luck! Lousy tiles, lousy touch today! We played less then 2 round cuz Raymond was late by 1 and half hour!! Imagine that!  ;) Also after the mahjong, I helped Raymond set up some programs on his Mack Book. Love it! So nice... Totally tempted!!

Hungry?? Yep I am... Made some Hot Dogs from Ikea. Mum bought them just now. With Bao not around. hah I don't really care about having dinner. Mum bought Chicken Chop for me. Yesterday was magi I think.  Boy Boy! Daddy misses you lots! Miss all of you!! Come back soon okay!!?

Looks like its gonna be no sleep today. Its nearing 4am soon! Need to be in Office by 8am! Soccer is still on.  If I sleep now.. I might not wake up!


Another day...without Zach around!

Seems that time is passing quite slowly. Thats probably because when one is looking forward to something, the mind is doing this mental game with oneself. Ok my mind is playing the game now. I want to see my Baby fast! It seems that the 1st July takes forever! Darn something must be done. If only sleep could last that long! I'll do it. Darn gotta work... can't sleep through the days! Crazy mind... I just got back. check emails, login utopia, checking out the forums. Later at 7:30pm, Kristine, Ching and Raymond coming over. For a game of mahjong ;) time to de-stress! Actually Ray wanted to come cause he needed my help in setting up his MacBook (tempting... makes me think of wanting the Mac Book Pro! ...Nah off my budget for now) Life's too expensive to live these days! All the wants... but with no money to sustain, all  the needs seems not able to fulfill even. Darn! 

Drinking Overltine! Yep this was another shot taken back in Vietnam. If he's around with me now, I'll probably already start snapping new picture of him! I miss Zach!! Was thinking if I want to invest in a flash for this camera. Cuz the built in flash spoils alot of good pictures I am taking. And most of my shots are in low light (indoor) . But its not gonna be cheap! Too many gadgets to think of to buy!! But where does the money goes!?  Yawns zzzz.


Check this out! Its live right now! Talking to Siu-Leng while Bao went away! :) THIS IS LIVE! Using YAHOO messenger for the image but Skype on Apple for the voice. Haha.  And Siu-Leng is singing away right this moment! haha.  FUN!!

Here is Zach and Bao! :) Zach looks great! He is doing well! Bao informed that his bites/rashes had almost gone away!! Thats great news!!  Also another good news!!! Ka-Leng's Dad had allowed her to join Bao to coming back to Singapore!! She will be staying with us for 10 days! Cool! Treat it as a holiday for her! She is so excited. It'll be fun to have her around with us! Looking forward to that!! Cool!! Anyway we just ended our webcam session cause they got cut off! The internet there is really SLOW! Okok... maybe they subscribe to a slower plan cause I had used faster net in Vietnam. :) 

Here's a better picture of Zach through the webcam! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! Its so good to have see him online! Wish their line were not cut off! I did not hear Zach say bye bye ! I miss his voice!! His noise rather! haha. Looking forward to the 1st July!! I wanna see them!!!

Webcam with Bao Bao

Just did webcam with Bao. Chatted for about an hour. The wonders of technology. Streaming live across hundreds of miles. Thats really something. Ahhhh to remind me that I am miles away from them. This crappy feeling is hunting me once again.  Good to have webcam session, at least I know how they are doing. I had to use my Windows to initial the session though. Apple still very much unfriendly to PC users. MSN and Yahoo on Apple simply do not have the capabilities to voice/video chat with Windows. Darn. 

Zach still is as active as ever. Making hell lot of noise. Thats good to know. I miss them so much. Kendice too. Brought Kendice for Mad Jack just now for our dinner. She loved it! After that we went back, pop by Tiong Bahru Plaza, got her yet another 3 story books. She's really a bookworm! Good for her! But she over do it something. Complaints from her form teacher that she reads during lessons too! Punished her back then. She look so different or rather behave so different when Mum and Zach is not around. Don't know.. just feel that she seems so sad. She fell down in school earlier today. Had bruises on both her knees. Sigh. Poor girl.

We miss Mummy and Baby Zach... So much! 

It' 2:36am now. I gotta catch some sleep, its gonna be a long day tomorrow at work.

Sweet Old Memories...

Check this hand made card!! Done by Weiling... on the year 1999! Wow! Thats like 7 years ago! I still have it!  Thanks Weiling! :) 

Here's another sent by Weiling, a post card! Sent to Tiong Bahru Rd Blk 140! Thats so long ago! Really miss the old times! I was very much closer to all my friends back then. After marriage, life is all so different or rather as working adults now for all of us. The meet up seems so rare. At least for me. Miss you guys lots

This next one I found, was done by Meiqi!  ay year 1998 :) Haha remembering those old old time when I sent her to school on my bike then! Haha... She got hell from me so many times! I always scold her when she was late. hehe. Sorry Miki! :) But I enjoyed all those session with you! Have I ever told you that you were my best pillion ever! Well I hell raced other motorists! Darn thinking back...I really endangered her life!! Sorry my pal! But thanks for this card!! :) infact I have many cards made by her !

These 2 letters was sent by Biling! haha the 2nd one is in Chinese! darn I had a hard time trying to figure out the contents! Testing my Mandarin! I too have so many cards, letters, notes from her. This old friend is ...Wow! Time fly! And I heard from somewhere she is preparing marriage! We had lotsa fun back in Poly time. The little argument and all! Man it was so so fun!  :( Too bad, good memories can only be recalled mentally. I wish I could go back in time. I'll do all the things rightly. 

I would say this picture holds one of the most memorable memory for me. I was only a kid, I think I was like 9 years old when my Grandpa gave this to me for my Birthday. Its 10 pieces of Singapore ONE dollar notes, all in perfect condition. See what I wrote on the sanitary disposal paper.  " My Grandfather give me this for me birthday. If I die put it in my coffin"  Silly huh? For a 9 year old boy back then. Anyway Grandpa died soon after. I would still want to honour this sentence I wrote back then. I miss Grandpa.

Can't Sleep!! Darn! Working Blues...

Cannot get myself onto the bed. Just do not want to end the day this soon? But hey its 1:47am! The day had ended! I should be already sleeping! Given the time in Vietnam, I'm long in dreamy land. Where is that 'Zzzzz' monster? Come back! 

Had a webcam session with Bao and the 3 Siblings just now through Yahoo. Of course Zach was the main lead ;) Oh that webcam came with sound. Duh. Daddy Daddy!! DADDY DADDY! Thats what what this little devil of mine shouted when he saw me through that lousy Sony Vaio notebook webcam. (time to replace it with Mac Book Pro!)  Gosh I miss that voice, I miss that kiss I always ask for from this boy! I miss him so so so so much!! I can't sleep! What do I do? I think of them.

Asked Ka-Leng to come back Singapore with Bao on the 1st July, told her I'll pay for her airfare if she's keen! She's gonna check with her Dad. Probably he'll not approve eh. She's only 16! Traveling alone (going back) that's gonna weigh on her Dad! Concern concern of course! 

What is he trying this time round?? Thats another roar? Or is he trying to show me his teeth are fully grown?  Young Man! You have alot more miles to walk! :) Now SMILE for the camera will you? 

Thats a better shot! ;) Still he is trying to pull another funny face! Getting some of his Sister's genes! 

Love you Baby Zach...Daddy's gonna get some sleep for now! Its back to money making tomorrow all for you and sister....and of course Mummy! Goodnight! And love you guys!! Big Time!

Brought Kendice to Funan and followed by Movie

I was looking for a Mac game to play. the X-Plane 9.0 so I went to Funan with Kendice to look for it. Too bad couldn't find it. Guess the majority games in Singapore still is very much PC biased still. Anyway I ordered it online! Good game must be played! haha. So after that we had dinner at AJISEN, one of Kendice's favorite. Wanted to head to Takashimaya to get Royce Chocolate but thought its abit too late and the rush hour traffic in town. Went back home! And we crossed over Tiong Bahru Plaza and watched the Incredible Hawk! Good show...I like it! Think Bao will like such show as well. Ahhhh I miss them!! I bought some credit from SKYPE worth USD10, I can make about 30 minutes of talk time from the computer to Vietnam land or mobile lines. Already used some, now left USD 7.94. FAST! Heard Zach calling me Daddy Daddy!! :) How sweet and cool his voice was! :) Love it! 

Ain't he look like a Prince on this magnificent chair? ;) Miss him miss him miss him! The Father's pain when he is alway from his son. Ouch! Thats alot of pain!! Boy Boy... Daddy misses You!! I wonder how many times have I typed the word 'Miss' huh? :)

The gentleman you see on the left is Ka-Leng's brother, I call him Shun-Cai. He is a very quiet person, but he can be fun once you know him. He is also like me...crazy over cars! Maybe I should take myself out of that 'crazy' cat. Think I passed that phase in life. I still love my Alfa 147 big time! Anyway Zach was the star! Both of them wanna carry him! He was being sandwich! :) hehe

After a month plus, finally Kendice is gonna head back to school tomorrow! She is already sleeping now. Gonna send her to school! :) Gonna wait for Bao to call me later!! MISS THEM!!

Back in Singapore (Home!!) And here comes the pictures!!

Finally back home. It was not a good moment at the Airport back in Vietnam. Of course saying goodbye is never good when it comes to your love ones. I really miss my Zach so much... Heart ached so much when you know that he will only be returning back to Singapore in 9 days time! Its gonna be a really painful count down! He was crying so badly when I said bye bye to him at the Airport. It seems as if he knows that we are leaving him for now. I cried too but in my heart. So for a start, I'll load up some pictures of our Vietnam trip here to rekindle some memories! 

This is Zach new hairdo from Vietnam! Indeed its nice! Thought its better then the Singapore barbers! He look so cool aye? Definitely my boy! You look Handsome! Love you little baby! I have so many pictures that I wanna upload all for memories sake! ;)

Kendice and Sui Leng making funny faces! :) This was taken at a dinner at the local restaurant! We had a great meal! To them at least...But I would really prefer the Vietnam PHO and Steaks!! ;) hehe

I believe that the picture above tells the story! The food was great! Bao's Brother-in-law sharing some stories? :) Oh the crab was great! But I only had so little! Gotta give Kendice my serving! Ouch! She loved it! Smile. Anyway did I mention that the final bill was cheap! If I remember correctly it cost only about $100 odd? Its cheap! Eat till you drop! 

Look this the picture here! hehe its Siu-Leng crying! hehe. This was taken at Bao's brother newly constructed house. Anyway Siu-Leng was crying so loud and desperate, crying that she do not understand the Chinese class she is attending, and that all her lessons were so difficult and she understand NOTHING! ;) She is cute! She is smart but she is simply bad at Chinese I guess. Of course beside her is her Sister! Ka-Leng, she is 16 years old. She is definitely a very nice person to be with. She is fun! So fun! haha she is very sensible, without her we would had a hard time as she looks after Zach for us most of the time! I really enjoyed these Sister's company when in Vietnam! Gosh I am missing both of them already. :( Sigh.

2 shots here! :) Left was taken at Bao's brother house and the second was back home! When Zach is feeling warm, his cheeks always turns red! That is really good looking! Radian looking Zach! Love those Rosy cheeks!! Thinking of him now... I just want to bite his cheeks!! Or his butt? I miss Bao and Zach so much now!! :( Sigh...I miss them!! Arghhhh and its still a long way to go before I get to see em in person! Probably tonight they will do a webcam session with me. Miss you guys!! So much!

Here is a up close of those "tempting to bite" rosy cheeks! ;) hehe you simply wanna bite them!! Pinch them!! I miss you Baby Zach!! Wish I could fly back to be with you once again! I miss hearing you calling me Daddy Daddy!! I miss your crying I miss your laughter I miss your smell!! Oh no!! How can I take it!! 9 days!!! Sigh

What a cheeky boy he is at 20 months!! He is pulling down Siu-Leng's pants!! Opps! Kinda 'RA' ! Okok both are kids! Its fine! It was so funny when Zach kept pulling her pants down! We really had a laughing time then! He is so adorable!! The one you see in the middle is the house servant. Zach knows how to call her and kept calling her at times!! Le-Zhen Le-Zhen!! So funny!! Gosh! I miss being in that house already!!! So much laughter so much fun but also alot of SLEEP for me! hehe

Okay these 2 clowns are at it again! The funny faces strikes once again! :) BLAM!!! This is what Siu-Leng always do! She learnt it from Hanah Montana...And I only got to know who this Hanah Montana from her! Slow? I don't know! Apparently she is a rock star and held concerts! Kendice knows though! 

Now this picture shows a pretty Ka-Leng huh? ;) The first one she was caught off guard! hehe Both these sweet ladies posing for a nice shot! Just a waste the picture was alittle blur. But it caught that sweet smiles :)  There was one night, I believe it was the last night for me in Vietnam, Bao, Ka-Leng and myself, we went for ice-cream! :) We had fun at that ice-cream restaurant! So much laughter so much crap! hahaha FUN! :) Miss You Ka-Leng!!

Those were the bites I was talking about. Poor little boy! It must had itched so much that he scratched till it sorta bled. :( The bottom one is on his left thigh. It was very bad... But I think its recovering now. The one on top, his face...He kept scratching it, and scratching it HARD :( We tried to paste a plaster over all the bites, but somehow Zach will scratch it out! I pray that he'll recover from these weird bites/rashes soon! 9 more days!! I can't monitor him! Sad Sad.

I miss all of them!! So much. So much!! I love you guys!! Hope to see you all again!! REAL SOON! As for Bao and Zach..Quick come home!! Daddy misses you guys!!

Gonna head back Singapore in 7 hours...

Yep its time soon. Everyone is sleeping except me. I caught quite some sleep in the noon, or infact I caught alot of much needed resting hours in Vietnam these 6 days. Back home, I don't think I sleep that much. But on this holiday, its more like a resting retreat! ;) Good I think I needed that. Its like doing a review of my Vietnam trip. Think I beat like 100 red lights here?? Riding on the motorbike of course. That's how I have been moving around in this busy city.

This is not a picture by me...but it tells you that there is not a need for traffic light system here. ;) But there are still alot but no one seems to be really bothered by the lights, that includes me. just beat it! Its okay! Cars, bikes all move in almost any direction. hehehe...Thats Vietnam! :) Its very very much a developing 3rd world country. Okay...if you have the money. Its good to live here! You can be KING!

I've been trying to find the best template for this blog for the past 40 minutes. Okay...found something fresh. Bright theme! Might stay with this for awhile. Anyway its all for my own eyes afterall. Lets try! Should be trying to get some sleep before the flight later. Yawns...

Still not sleeping...still working on the nicer template! hehe..Darn its not easy to get a good looking one! Okay, think I'll settle for this one at the moment! When I am back in Singapore with my Apple. I shall do it again! Then I will load lotsa picture of Kendice and Zach up!

Zach's Rashes/Bite is getting bad

He is scratching it, and scratching it hard. Sigh. He seems so uncomfortable. Darn I hate it! He's discomfort is channeling onto me mentally. Vietnam doesn't suit my boy. No prob for Mum, Kendice, Bao and me. But its not working for Baby Zach. There are addition spots on his other tigh! The one on his face is getting worst. RED! Poor little boy. Darn, if only I have the power to transfer his discomfort to me. My poor little baby. But one thing, this discomfort hasn't dampened his spirit! This boy is still very much active and jumping around. Thats a comfort to know.

Bao's friend just came and visit us at the house. She is gonna take us out for breakfast soon. This is Bao's good friend. I am leaving Vietnam real soon! Gonna leave my boy behind with Bao. Sad Sad Sad. Ahhhhh.... Anyway yesterday Bao brought me to have my hair cut. This is the same saloon that I always go when I come Vietnam. Its great! I love it. They cut your hair, then very pretty ladies will lead you to have your hair washed and it comes with simple massage and facial. haha.. Nice nice. The ladies working there all passes some kinda looks test I am certain! Cause all of them are so pretty! (less 1 or 2 lah ... hehe) The one who served me yesterday is a 21 year old lady. She is PRETTY! hehe. Anyway Bao was with me through the wash... Don't worry! I did nothing naughty! haha. Anyway for the cut ,wash, facial and massage...All it cost?? $10! I gave $5 tips to the one who cut my hair and of cause $5 tips to the lady as well. Service goes a long way! :)

Poor Baby Zach

The same shit happened the last time Zach came Vietnam, he has bites all over his body. Its really bad, the bite on his tigh is the worst. It looks very normal intitially and soon it becomes really big and red and it hardens! And then it sorta started to grow a bubble!! So far his tigh one is the worst. The rest are not that bad yet. One of it on his face is becoming really red. Sigh. Brought him to the doctor, all she said was that Zach's not use to the country here thus develop such rashes?? It does not seems anything like a rash. Previously when Zach was here (back in Feb) the doctor we brought him to said it was some kinda worms that had bit him. Whatever it is...its definitely bringing discomfort to Zach. :( My heart really aches!! BIG TIME! Sigh...His tigh one is so bad so bad. So red all around and so hard!! I just don't know how to explain it! Anyway the bubble had burst while he was jumping around. Sigh..Everytime he comes back Vietnam he gets all these rashes or bites! Darn... don't wanna let him come here next time no more!! Hmmmm. Its already Saturday now! Think about it, Mum, Kendice and me will be going back on Sunday morning! How time fly!! But Bao and Zach will still stay till the 01st July!! :( sigh I am gonna miss them so much!! 1 week +2 days I will not be able to see Zach!! Thats a torture!!! Arghhhh...I hope when I am not around in Vietnam, Zach's rashes or bites will be all gone. :( Sigh.. My poor little Zach.

On the Stupid Market
Sigh... Its simply sadness. Yesterday Dow went up and SPC was doing well for a start, mid even up by $0.10!! But when it closed it was down -$0.02!! Totallt crazy!! Totally F**K up! sigh! Pissed!! So pissed!! And now?? Dow is down by 200 over points!! This is CRAZY! Dow up we down and Dow down, we down down down!! STUPID! Stuck with 2 lots of SPC. Sigh! When can I exit this stupid and useless market? Money is being burnt daily!! CRAP CRAP CRAP!

Bought some clothes
Anyway I bought quite some clothes for myself just now. Bought a leather bag as well. hehe. Biong! All are branded okay! hehe If you know what I mean? Who am I writing to anyway? hehe for myself when I grow old. For Zach to read when he grows up! For Kendice as well. Ill just write what I can! hehe. Hoilday..the time really passes fast! Soon, the next thing I'll know... Its back to work!! SIGH. I just wish I could escape from WORK! Darn! RAN away!! haha. Boring! Boring! When will I strike it BIG !?? When When When??

Maybe later! In my dreamzz... Yawns

Dạy 5 in Vietnam

Its 04:49am in the morning and I am up! Don't know just woke up. So went to surf the net, login Utopia, check hardwarezone forums out, looked at Dow Jones. (its up finally! I think its 4 days of RED and its a mere up now) Nothing much I had done here except sleep and eat! ;) Really not any fruitful trip at all! The more I come here, the least exciting it gets. Last night we went Ben Thanh. The place I was most excited to go then cause I get to buy all my Nike Shirt there. hehe. The excitement has definitely died down. Like I said before, the main reason I am here for this trip was to company my wife and Zach for the 1st week. I can't bear to be apart from Zach for a whole lopng 2 weeks! Thats a torture!

Later about 8am, we are gonna have breakfast, Mum wants to give a good treat to Bao's Brother in Law. He has been a great host to us all these many times we came here. Stayed his house and he always treats us. 8am sound early for the fact they always sleep till much later then that! haha lets see how later!

I think I am gonna go catch alittle more sleep... (my right knees still hurts, sigh)

An Apple Authorized Retailer in Vietnam

I was just asking Bao are there Apple Retailer here in Vietnam. And there I saw it! Cool. Something special, Vietnam is also growing "Apple Users", thats what the saleswoman told us. Anyway they are selling older iMac, not the latest! Anyway prices here are higher in price. Example the Apple wireless keyboard is selling at SGD128 and its selling USD99 here. Okay about there! ;) Anyway I simply can't tahan HARDWAREZONE forums Apple users. They really treat every non Apple users a class lower. And if the newbies ask a basic question, they will kinda ....Ahhh you know. Darn. Singaporeans. Some I mean some. Totally unhelpful. Sigh.

Nothing much... Still tempted on the MBP!!

Day 3 in Vietnam....

Zach sleeping soundly on the bed now. But darn he sure make alot of noise, rolled about and all! Active when awake, even active in his sleep! destroying all my wonderful sleep! Hahaha, okay lah! Its all a joy at the same time some pain having this little monster! Looking through the pictures I put up on Skitch, found this picture of Zach, not sure if I had load it up! But here it is! That messy messy look!!

I think it was some PAPA BREAD that he ate that caused this mess! ;) Think this picture was taken when he was about 13 months? (guessing) now he is all different! Okay...alittle different! He is not as round now! hehehe... MESSY ZACH!!

No Solid Plans
Anyway today...whats the plan? Don't know, not sure! Think the Fruit trip is no longer gonna be realized. Too far to go, think we'll just stay in Ho Chi Minh and shop...shop...eat...shop...eat...eat... shop.... haha. What else is there to do? Yawns. Oh I snapped some pictures last night when we had dinner. Bao's bro in law treated us to a nice dinner. Viet style. (of cuz we are in Vietnam!) It was nice. Today probably Mum wants to give em a treat back!

Some SCREW UP back with Company

Some department form my BIG company called me! Darn, told em I am overseas can't attend to the issue. But they kinda replied " Really? You are overseas??" Darn can't they tell from the different ringing tone?!? How smart some can be huh? Anyway its regarding one of my guy who got locked up! And now they wanna release him again!! (2nd time) I really doubt something amiss is going on back at their department! Can't and won't comment much! I am glad that my guy will be reunite with his family soon! I'll ask for an answer when I am back in Singapore.

SOS call!! SPC is biting the dust again! It is down -$0.06 now!! Sigh thats another $120 deficit! Man! what is happening to Singapore market! What about the fundamental that the government was talking about ? That Singapore will not be affected by the US financial crisis? Darn! Think all the analysts that predicted that there will be no storm should be shot! Darn! ;)

I am simply sitting at the PC just typing since I have got nothing to do for now! Mum and Lian Choon Auntie went for massge. Good deal here. An hour cost almost like nothing! hehe. Bao brought them there. I am waiting for her to come back, think we will be going to do facial! ;) hehe I will never do such a thing back in Singapore. Ex and its not me! haha in Vietnam, don't care! Cheap! Cheap dirt cheap! hehe. Think I will go get my hair trimmed later and simple massage that will be provide with the cut! hehe. I miss Zach already! haha

Day 2 at Vietnam

Nothing really much... This morning we met up with Liping's Parents. Brought them to a dry market, got some stuffs. After that sent them back to their Hotel. They will be returning back to Singapore tonight! (darn I miss Singapore already!) Yawns...I am someone who is very home based! I can't live out of Singapore after awhile! Maybe that's because I have not travel to some wonderful countries yet! Maybe New Zealand will change my mindset? ;) don't know. Don't think I will ever get to travel there. With Kids now, its really hard to be traveling. Oh well... maybe with more money, it'll be all a different thinking. $$$ again! Darn!!

No way of uploading pictures to go with the blog now. Infact I have not taken any pictures so far! haha... guess that excitement of traveling is not within me, its Vietnam and I have been here so many times!! SIEN ½!! Maybe tomorrow I will be taking some pictures, as we might be going to visit some fruit festival. Guess I'll shoot some tomorrow. Bao has gone to have Kendice and her passport renew. They will both be expiring 2009. And she will probably be going to visit the dentist later as well.

Boring Boring!! Thinking of Singapore!! Infact I am thinking of my Apple! Haha I miss my computer back home! I am thinking of buying the Mac Book Pro!! Its's really nice BIG time! But its gonna cost a BOMB! :( haha... I am crazy! Get got an iMac and now I am eyeing this new Apple. Love it man! I am in love with Apple products! They totally kick ass! Windows...Oh well they are just good for gaming! Personality ....Its all about Apple! But if I really do buy MBP, I might get shot on my heart again! Cause it may just be the case like my iMac... Bought it and in 2 weeks the newer model comes out!! OUCH!! (remembering my pain back then) Cuz I heard there might be a new series of Mac Book coming out soon! Don't know when!! It was not mentioned in the Key Note address by Steve. Hmmmm.... Temptation is strong! But , I have no $$$$ lah!!! Crap! Stupid Oil is not doing well also! Dropped $0.04 cents at mid day. CRAP lah!!

Day 1 in Vietnam (Mum and Bao and Lian Choon Auntie Out Meeting Liping and Family)

Liping and Ding Ping are also in Vietnam, together with their Parents. It is Liping's company trip. Anyway we met up with them just now at their Hotel at Winsor Hotel. Now Bao , Mum and Lian Choon went to meet them up again. Showing them the night stalls before they return back to Singapore tomorrow. As for me, I am staying in the house to look after Zach. Will put him to bed once I done this! Zach is so super active now though... Tough to put him to bed later!! He hardly slept all since morning! Woke up about 3am !!

I was so angry with Bao just now, we were on our way to have our Dinner, she rode a bike I rode a bike, each of us had Bao's Sister kids on. She was leading and did not wait! I was caught up at a traffic (though you can seriously ignore the lights here) But she sped off!! I was lost!! Luckily the U-TURN option was very much clear at that point of time. I managed to find my way back to the house.

Zach is crying now!!! (managed to put him to bed! )

VIETNAM Internet SUCKS big time!! SLOW and unstable!

Testing... I wonder why I can't load but can update!

I can't seems to load my blog at http://blurfonz.blogspot.com but I am able to log in at http://www.blogger.com . That seems weird. Vietnam bans it? Cannot be eh. Weird Weird! So that means I am updating but unable to preview ít! Maybe I can tweak the proxies? Anyway I am now at Bao's Sister place now. Settled down but very tired. Yawns. Gonna catch more rest!!

Lets see what is up later!

Leaving my House now!!

Okay! I am leaving now... We are leaving for Vietnam now!! Will come online once again when I am able. Yawns... Tired and hardly slept! Yawns Yawns. 

How's this for shot? ;) Zach's new hair! haha looks like it! Infact it was my head giving him the extension! Ok ok! Gotta go for now!


Leaving for Vietnam in 6 hours

Yeah, in just 6 hours or so, my family would be in the plane flying off to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh! Its back to Wife's homeland once again! Yawns! haha gone back too many times to find it fun. hehe but I have to go back with her! And its gonna be MONEY spending time!! Sadness...Gonna spend at least $4-$5k easily!! Very certain due to my wife needing to visit the dentist for some major work! Ouch! That is double Ouch! One to her teeth and one to my pocket!! Darn. haha.. Morning flight...Good so can reach there early! But if its a country I have never visited before, it'll be FUN and I will certainly look forward to it! But its Vietnam again! hee.... Wife can't wait to go back! Of course her family are all there! Anyway I will be coming back to Singapore first with Mum and Kendice and Mum's friend. Bao and Zach, a week later. Sigh... Gonna miss him BIG time! I am gonna miss my Apple when I am in Vietnam too!! hehe.  Anyway here's a picture

we took just now when at Sister's place. Went for a water dipping time. All of us swam, or rather played around in water! With Zach! He loved it so much! haha he is a water boy! After that we had Steamboat at Sister's place. :)

Anyway was looking at some of the old pictures just now from my pbase.com/blurfonz site. Old memories man! This was a picture of my 1st owned car! Its the Toyota IST! Its a 1.3L car and it sure kick arse! ;) hehe...Kinda miss this baby! How time passes! After this car...was the Honda Integra!! Darn, I lost my photographs data base back then! Lost alot of photos! Wondered if I still have the Integra in photos!! :(

Ahhhhh I miss the old time!! But I love the present cause I have ZACH!! 

Just to update my wound! From the paintball !! here it is!! OUCH! Definitely a very open and 

direct shot! Darn...Who was the one who shot me!! I am gonna get you! ;)

Going Sister's House now!

We are leaving for Sister's house now!! :) Going there for steamboat and swimming! Bring Zach for some water fun time! No time to write much now! Maybe a fun picture to end with!! Wahaha An upside down Zach!! Hehehe...Fun!! Okay! I shall update later!! Cheers!

Paintball is FUN!

My company had paintball Check this website out! http://www.weplaypaintball.com ! This is my first time playing this game. And I love it! Its so fun! Using these so called paintball markers shooting at each other! Really fun! But PAIN if you get shot especially in the thighs, arms or even head! I got shot like directly on my forehead! "HEADSHOT" But I managed to headshot others back! Of of my poor guy got bruises all over his body and really BAD! ;) I got quite a few bruises myself as well! The worst being the one on the back of my right thigh, the 'blue black' is super big! 

But all these bruises were all well worth it! We had a good bonding session, all my guys love it! And I will be suggesting that we go back again when we can! But its certainly not cheap! Each of us paid $60, with McDonald's included! 250 paintballs each there about. FUN!! I will certainly wanna go back play this again! Anyway its 04:21am now! ;) I simply woke up! Actually it was Zach who kinda made me wake up. Been looking after him since like 9pm. He had been making so much noise, he seems to be moving about all the time in his sleep. Tough baby to look after! But its all worth these restless days! So much of Zach!! ;) hehehe. He smell so nice! I just like to smell him everywhere! hahaha. Sadistic Father huh? Opps. Ohhh yesterday and today I had no car! I sent it in for servicing at EuroAuto. Sister will pick it up for me as this Monday, we will be leaving for Vietnam!! Woohooo. Taking a break from all these crap! (work) 

Here's another picture of the cutest boy! This was taken 17th May! His eyes are really BIG huh? Handsome Zach, like Daddy. ;) Photoshoped some marks off his face on this one! Later I go smell him again! Wahahaha....


Know what? I dreamt that I got my new HDB flat!! :( Sigh... It was a 2nd storey one but the size of it was great! It was simply a very nice feeling of owing an own flat! It was being realized in my dreams! Arghhhh it was almost materialized! Sigh... Hate HDB! 


Someone bite this boy??

Check this picture! :) I call it Expressions! By Steven for Zach! Cool huh? This was taken in real low light, had to use low shutter and close up. With such an active boy, these were indeed a series of touch shots. Wahahaha sound so PRO huh? Darn this boy simply need someone to bite his butt and his cheeks! How to resist not biting him?? Love this baby so much!! Anyway Bao is trying to let him sleep now in the next room. Think he better learn to turn in early, always sleeping late... hehehe Kendice is right beside me reading as I write and she is laughing like a crazy girl...hehe she read that portion that I wrote about biting Zach. hahaha.  Infact I have another picture of Zach to put up! Think I'll leave it for tomorrow! That one his eyes are so hugh!! hehe. Love you guys!


Yeah... thats right. It was again another close call. Same number! 0751 was the standard number I always buy weekly, this was also the number I strike big then. 23rd March 08, $11,000 there about. Yesterday the 1st prize opened 7501!!!! I am super devastated! Thats close $20,000 lost into the thin AIR!! 
Super pain!! 1st Prize man!! Sigh.... And guess what? My Mum bought 1299!!! Look at the 3rd prize!!! Thats another $6,000 lost!! We could had been so rich!! I mean richer!! :( Ahhhh this thing I call... "ASS LUCK" its coming back to me again!! Oh no!!! How? LPP! hahaha. Stocks not doing well...daily losing a few hundreds. Sigh... If I did strike, this money will come in so handy come this coming week where we are returning to Vietnam. Sigh!! How many SIGH have I clocked ? haha...don't know. Just SIGH!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....4D Gods!! You were so close!! So close...yet so far!!! Sadness Sadness Sadness!! 

(all these while Kendice is right by side reading!! hahahaha)

Brand New Phone...Bite the dust!

This is what is became of the phone I bought for my wife. It cost easily $648 without contract at mobile shop outside. Not cheap at all. But thats what that is left of it now. The screen cracked. It is cracked from the inside. So heart pain! I got it with the Starhub $200 voucher that sent me and top up additional $138. And of course I had to re-contract that mobile line as well. But the market rate selling is $648. This is one of the highest model for the Sony Ericsson mobile. So painful..Wife cried today when she called me when I was in office, telling me that the phone broke. It was my little cousin!!!! She broke it!! But she did not admit to it till I spoke to her and told her to admit her mistake if she really did it. And there you go... KIDS!! She admitted that she was jumping on the bed....my guess is that she stepped on it accidentally. SIGH...What to do?? She has been staying at our place for the past 3 days. She wanna stay over to play with Kendice. What an expensive stay she had caused us. :( Anyway Bao was devastated ! She was so sad, her eyes were red when I saw her. She had brought the phone to Sony Ericsson servicing center and the repair will cost $220!! I told her forget it...since we only paid $138 for the phone!! Now I am thinking about it...we will probably send it in tomorrow for the repair since the phone cost $648. It will be a waste not to repair it. Pain...what to do? If not its gonna be a useless phone. The screen is simply showing a BLACK screen with that few hairline cracks. Sigh... LIQING!! WHY WHY WHY!!! (she is only 8 years old)
Anyway as promised, this is a picture of Zach taken just minutes ago! hah.. and he is making alot of noise at the next room now! This little fussy Zach! hehe. Cute! Love him!  He look really handsome in this picture huh? striking that innocent look to me! ;) Lately don't know why his face seems to have so many scratches! Weird! Anyway he vomited just now again! Whenever he chokes or cough badly, the tendency that he vomit is so high. Poor little Zach!  Love him! Sometime I wonder ....How will I do if he was not born? I just can't live without him!! :)


What can I say? Sigh... everything is so red! Dow was up like 70 points last night but Singapore market took another major beating today losing 50 points on the STI. That of course setting me in the RED much much more. The only counter with me now is SPC, bought at the price of $6.86 x2 lots! And I think today it closed at $6.32. Thats deficit of $540 per lot! With admin charges, that like $1200 in the RED. Sigh... what happened!!  Dow is now up by 3 miserable points. Closing it'll probably crash out once again. Sigh... its been real bad for me lately! Or rather all these time. $$ Gods!! Where are you? I need you!! I need you!!

You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!