What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Some Pictures from the Bird Park Trip

Taking a family shot at the entrance of Singapore Jurong Bird Park. Too bad the cameraman which was me couldn't be in the shot! Well I will always be away from sight when taking pictures! 

We started our Jurong Bird Park tour beginning with the Penguin showcase. And with that Zach now knows what is a Penguin, and he is able to remember it even at the end of the day! Kids really learn fast! 

Below is a naughty picture of Zach in his pram. How cute he is huh? This naughty look he always show us. One moment he wants to be seated in his pram the next he will self slip out from the front! haha really funny.

Here's a picture of Kendice and Zach. That usual cheeky face! 

A James Bond's pose by Zach himself! Quite a few tourists was smiling away when seeing him strike this pose!! haha. Naughty look simply cannot go away from his face though! heh.

Mum and Zach taking a shot with the Flamingos in the back. 

Bao was trying to ask Kendice to give a better smile but I snapped right at the nick of time to capture this! haha Kendice sure look stonned! :)

Bao and Zach. Here this little devil striking that smile again! ;)

Finally I am in the shot! ;) Here the 3 of us taking a shot at the Bird Show. Kendice & Zach surely enjoyed the entertainment. Think Mum was amazed by the birds as well. How smart can they be with the right training! Cool!

Zach's face always goes really red when he is hot. That radient look. Wonder will he still have this when he grows up. Its really nice. Nature blush. :)

Another shot with Bao and Zach. :) Think Zach look so much better in photo when he do not do that cheeky smiling face! ;) hehe but the problem is everytime when I say, look at the camera he'll do that cheeky smile! haha.

Anyway we met up with Sister and Bro s' family at Downtown East for dinner. We went to New York New York and Brother took up the eat the mega burger in 45 mins challenge. If he was able to finish all that is serve on the platter, the $38.50 burger will be free. Here's the picture of that burger!!! The fries alone can make 2 person FULL! haha.

That is so crazy to do that!! Its not about the time! Its almost impossible!! Well Brother could not finish it! But he ate all the fries and 3/4 of the burger!! He could had almost done it! But he said any more bites he would wanna puke!! haha. The waiter told us so far no one had met the challenge yet!! ;)

He almost make it like I say! Oh well... try harder next time! Though I will never take up such a challenge! I rather be enjoying the food !! haha.

After dinner we went to play bowling!! :) Kendice and Dylan played as well! They enjoyed it so much! :) Zhiwei, Brother and me played as well! Infact Zach played too! But it was the mini bowling that he had fun with! ;)

Roll away!! :) heh think we spent like $12 on it! Basically he kept rolling the balls regardless of pins available!  We only reached home at about 11:30pm!! First time family dinner ended so late! 

Ohhhh Mum strike 4D! ;) Starter!! $1000 :) Cool!! Bao Bao also strike yesterday but only $175. I missed starter! :( I bought $10 BIG!!! It opened 9516!! If its 9518 I would be richer by $2,500!! Haizzzz.... So closed yet again! This car number really cannot make it!! SAD!!!

Ahhhh okok alot of pictures loaded today!! Better rest now!!

Gonna head to Jurong Birdpark

Gonna bring the kids to Jurong Birdpark. Zach never been there before. He's been to the Zoo like 2-3 times? But not the birdpark. Mum's coming also :) Probably leaving at about 2pm or so. Zach's gonna be really fascinated surely. He's always saying "Bird Bird" whenever he sees one. Gonna be fun! Will be snapping away!

Here's one cheeky shot taken with Mum. Just look at his smile. Usual, asked for a smile, thats what you get! haha. Darn I wanna bite those cheeks!! Yesterday I had a good time with him after picking him up from market. We had a good father and son time alone at home. So much giggles! :) 

Anyway I was supposed to join Brother to go for the "Longhouse" ride today but I only got back home like 3am last night. Though I did wake up at 6am to get ready for the ride. Brother smsed me saying he probably will not go as he slept late. So end up I went riding at Mount Faber myself. Only did 3 laps or is it 2?? Darn when one is shagged he can't remember!! Anyway it was a faster pace as compared to the last mount faber ride. Brother is FAST! hah. Think he will surely go back competitive soon. No way for me. Only to keep fit! :) Anyway I am really getting used to the bike! Love it!! Surely worth the spending! Thanks to Singapore Pools! :)

Fortune luck's all slipping away!! Yeah, kinda pissed with my mahjong luck! I lost way way way too much! Lost $260 on Friday and lost $240 on Saturday. Thats $500 in 2 days!! Haizzzz. Mum was telling me when you are lucky with the Pools (4D), you could be giving away in another way, for now, its mahjong. My favorite game but making me all stressed up! Thats about $2,500 in losses on mahjong!! Really scary. Ahhhhh. Sad!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh.... Hope the Pools will give me another boost today!!! Okay!! Gonna prepare for the Birdpark!!!! Lets enjoy ourselves!!

10 years no cycle = SUFFERING

Yeah Yeah! It was not a cool ride on Christmas Day! haha Well the ride was okay starting but soon I could not follow up. Well thats normal, I mean its 10 years!! And straight away putting me back into such ride groups! Thats like impossible! But still I get to see the standard I had been missing out all these years. It was fun surely, I enjoy riding again, but I have a long way to go before I at least keep with the pace! That means more training! But again, I've already told myself, its only leisure and keeping fit for me. Nothing more!! Anyway I think I covered in all 60km that day? Slow pace after I got dropped though! Anyway my butt can't get used to the saddle. Its too aero for my butt for now! Need some time to get use to it. Now it hurts so much. Darn! haha. Feel like going for a leisure ride later. But think my cycling tight is still wet. Seat height was kinda high for me, I had readjusted it lower, hopefully it'll suits me better.

Darn I got 2 fines outstanding!! Got fine $50 yesterday for parking on double yellow and when I got back opened letter box got another $70 fine!! (dated back to 16th December) Darn!! Stupid!! Holiday also fine citizens!! NO PLACE TO PARK!! Darn! Friday you see all the illegal parking by the mosque goers but they will never be fine!! Its Christmas and Church goers park illegally cuz there were no more lots. But we get FINE!! Darn!!! What a system!! Sad!!

My Bike! (My own Christmas gift?)

Okay its here! Collected it this afternoon with my Brother at the bike builder's house. Taiwan frame but with super light weight and design. Its really value for money! Tested the ride, well its about 10 years of absence from cycling so I guess naturally I had a hard time even fitting the ride to my comfort. But after a few simple ride around. Its all good! But I guess going long distance would posed a challenge certainly. ;) Tomorrow morning or rather later at 6:30am will be meeting my Brother to join the ride with about 50 cyclists for a 100km ride! Darn, sounds harsh for someone missing all rides for 10 years! Oh well, if it happens, I'll certainly wanna take it as a leisure ride and enjoy this baby... for now.

Nice ride huh? Looking cool! The color theme is nice! White, Red and Black. Cool. Hope all goes well tomorrow!

Anyway we went to Auntie Angela's house just now for Christmas gathering! Had fun! The kids love it! Now Zach is so tired that he fell asleep by himself in the next room :)

Taken the picture minutes before he went into his dreamland!  Lately he's been crying alot in between sleeps in the night. Really hard to look after him lately. The bigger he gets now, darn he's giving me more and more challenge of being a Father! Of course fun challenge! :) hehe.  Miss him already! Miss his laughters and giggles!! hah.

Okay better go rest now!! Merry Christmas!!

New Set Up at Home!

PS3 Set Up with Logitech G25!

As above! Oh yeah I got a PS3! ;) Did not update this yet! Too engrossed into playing or rather racing lately! Been buying great cars like Aston Martin DB9! Cool ride! If only I could drive this in real life!! Gosh!! haha dream on! Anyway got the Logitech Wheelset today with compliments, hehe. But looking at the set up above, ya know its really a sloppy set up! I can't think of any other way to set it up for now! Above set up is definitely temp but how the crap can I set it up otherwise?? Gonna crack my brains! Worst to worst I can't drive in my room!! The bed is in the way! And Bao will be pissed! haha. Darn I love the PS3! Gonna get more cool games in time!! Mainly racing simulators! 

Tomorrow gonna spend more money!! I mean alot more!! I am getting a road bike, finally! After so long considering and considering, and with my Brother influencing me once again. Its gonna be back to riding! But of course I can only do it leisurely, definitely not like 10 years or so ago where we trained to compete. The cost ?? It would fall in the range of $3.5K to $3.7K maybe. Ahhhhh pain for sure but!! Oh well. Here's a picture of brother's bike!! Mine will be almost identical! 

Looking really nice yah? The weight of it is simply "OMG" its ridiculously light!!! There is no way I would imagine the weight to be this light!! Not when I was still riding! Technology really wow! Anyway I went for sizing today!! And I will be getting the bike tomorrow!! Gonna review it once I ride it! haha. Though I know... I have a long long way to go before I get use to riding again!! ;) Can't wait!!! But gonna part with so much money!! That sure hurts!! ;)

Mahjong luck's totally GONE. BIG TIME

Lost mahjong for the past 2 days. And just these 2 days, the losses amounted to quite a substantial amount. I can't even believe I could lost so much on mahjong. Its really very disheartening  to have lost so much. We played on Thursday night, I lost $875 and we play Friday night and I lost another $360. If you were to add the last week losses of another $760. All in all I would have lost $1,995 in all!! Of course I must not forget my 4D winnings because of the last week losses of $760. But this losses alone took a big chunk of my winnings. Basically I am left with almost ZERO after deducting all expenses due to 4D winnings. As for the winner,  just the last 2 sessions he won $2,600!! Add up the last week, he won $3,000 plus!! Thats so crazy!! He won almost close to half of my 4D winnings. Extraordinary luck simply keep coming for him. As for me? Its totally what we call mahjong sadness. Haizzzz. Lately I have totally ZERO mahjong luck. Really so pissed with the tiles I take. This sound so crazy!!!

Hope 4D gods will visit me tomorrow again. 


Spent alot of money!!

Just got back from movie with Bao at Tiong Bahru GV. Ahhhh stupid show!! The Day the Earth Stood Still! Story line is really crap!! Waste money waste time!! Those thinking of catching it can give this a miss!! 2/10 for me!! haha.

Anyway yep yep!! Spent hell lotsa money today! We went Taka instead of Zoo/Birdpark cause it was raining the entire morning till late noon.  Mum and Bao suggested going to Takashimaya to check the LV boutique. And that proved vital!! :) haha. Bought 2 bags!!

The bigger bag cost $1590!! The small one cost $495!! Wahhh bomb man!! LV bags are so expensive! Mum and Bao will be sharing them of cause! But I think majority usage will goes to Bao lah! ;) heh. She is so happy now! Finally wanted something she really want! :) Heavy on my pocket but once again, this is over and above!! Woohoo! :) 

All in all there are 3 LV bags already. The old on on the right was bought by Mum when she strike 4D sometime back. Ladies simply love branded bags!! Anyway I also bought 2 bags for Kendice as well, of cause Ariel The Little Mermaid bags. She love it too! Just a simple toy for Zach. Wanted to buy a set of Hotwheel car track for him but wife did not allow. heh.

This picture above was taken this morning! :) Zach's became a Doctor!! hahaha fun! This set of toy was given by one of Mum's customer at the stall. He really like Zach!  Cute huh, Mr Zach the Doctor! 

Ohhh I also brought Kendice to apply for her PR status on Thursday! All seems smooth and we will know the result in about 3 months time! Cool!! Hopefully all will be clear! Once that is done, future application for anything for Kendice will be so much easier!!

This will be the identity picture if all goes well, It me who took it for her! had to use red eye reduction cause her eyes simply refused to open when on flash!! haha. she looks pretty in this one huh??

Ahhhh its a HAPPY DAY!! Lets hope more 4D luck will shine upon me later!! Infact its opening in another 6 minutes time! 


Money credited in Poolz Connect Account!

Check this screenshot! The money is in my Poolz Connect account! Though its not into my bank savings account yet. I believe it is the same operating hours like the Selegie Center. Sunday is not opened. So I think the money will be in only on Monday! :) hehe so excited!!  Bao told me its only $9,000 and we are already like so happy, imagine those like my 'crappy' 2nd uncle's wife who strike a few times over 6 digits. Darn must they think that what's $9,000!?? haha. Oh well. To me its still alot of money!! But of course I'll look to strike more!! hehe. But to strike so much more, meaning you gotta bet so much more. I guess I'm already contended with what I struck! ;) Remember its over and above! 

Kendice and Zach still sleeping, they slept like 2am? Waiting for them to wake up and will be bring them to the Zoo. Cool! Early in the morning Bao already woke me up to check out Coach and LV bags on the internet. Looks like  its time to spend some serious money!! 

Its $$$ DAY!!! Once again!


I lost $760 on mahjong yesterday night, but in actual fact it was more like a round off. Somehow one of the winner Eugene gave me $6 to round off. So I bought 4D for 0760 today. Was about to end the call but I decided why not place a bet on 0766 also. And I did and the rest was history! wahahaha. Look at the 2nd Prize today (13-12-2008) Its marking yet another day of history in the making for me!!  I struck the 2 prize once again!! I bought $3 big and $3 small. The total winnings amounting to $9,000!! Shoick man!! A day after my biggest mahjong defeat, I made a super comeback the next!! All thanks to the right amount lost!! This is total turn of table! Was so crappy yesterday after losing that $760! I won so many folds back today!! Woohoo!! Shoick man! The feeling is simply great! Shared the news with Mum and Bao, wow they did jumped for joy for me! It was really kinda coincidently previously I lost $300 on mahjong, also one of the big defeat on mahjong and the next day I struck 4D, also 2nd Prize (123-03-2008)!! (0751) and this time round its the same! :) So does that means everytime I lose big on mahjong I will have 4D luck ?? Anyway it sum it up! This year I made $20,200 from 4D! Shoick man!!! 

Above were the bets I made today! Cool!! I bought $10 big $10 small for my car today! Imagine if I were to buy the same amount for 0766! That would means a staggering $30,000 prize man! Oh well, $9,000 is alot already! Its additional!! Some said if ya had bought a different stakes today, the number might not even open! :) So this was definitely a vital combination! heh

Today morning had soccer at St. Wilfred, scored the 2 opening goals! :) Anyway we won 7-2! Coolz!! After that I had my flight cohesion day at Bottle Tree Park, we had paintball event! Now I am all bruised up!  Came back home and rest before heading to one of my NSman's wedding dinner. That was where I check my iPhone and found 0766 opened 2nd Prize!! ;) Wahahha.

Looks like Bao Bao is gonna take a chunk off that winning! Well its over and above! Think she might wanna buy a LV bag! Lets check out tomorrow!! Ohhh we are heading off to the Zoo tomorrow! Bring the kids out!! 

Record lost on Mahjong

Believe it. I lost $760 today in 4 rounds of mahjong. Tiles totally unable to make it! Starting was alright. After the mid of first round, it tumble like Wall Street going into recession. Hopelessly in the pit or biting the dust! Haizzzz. Its really that bad man! Today is indeed a black mahjong day for me. Losing so much!! The money I made recently on stock is not even able to cover this loss!! Sad man. Really pissed with the stupid tiles!! Darn this black mahjong!! Black Mahjong = Black Day!!

I am going to sleep now. 

Made some money yesterday

Yesterday market was another blast. 2 days in a row. Cool. Sold my Keppel at $4.46, made $537! Could had been more if I time it right. Think it went up as high as $4.59, Anyway it closed at $4.50. Yesterday Dow went up 70 points. Today probably it will go up more. Like what my friend said, if you make money, its good already. Now left with 2 City Dev. Hope to see it soar more! Still losing money on that one. ;)

Anyway today gonna go Singapore Immigration to apply PR status for Kendice!! Hopefully all will go smooth! Wanted to do it later but the e-appointment other then today noon, the next slot is like 2 months away! I'll just secure this slot first! But It will be tight on me as I have some work commitments. But die die gotta be there at 4:45pm!! Its what Bao and me been waiting for all these years!! PR for Kendice!! :)

Smile there girl! You're getting Permanent Status!! Your Dad could save alot of money in the long long run! heh. 

Gotta send that fat boy to child care soon! He is awake and playing his toy cars outside right now. Lately he has been going to the child care rather late as he always can't seem to wake up at the time I need to leave for work on time, so Bao only send him there at 10:30am. But he's been sleeping rather early also, he sleeps too much!! haha.

Ok Ok... Off to work and face stress! Darn!

An Old Shot I Took in 2002

WOW! I miss photography!

Got some toys...

Brought my family to Suntec just now. Had lunch at the Soup Restaurant followed by shopping for Toys at Toys'R'Us.  (did I get the spelling right?) Anyway bought a set of cars and a track for Zach. He is loving it right now. 

As for Kendice, she wanted Play-Doh. And I can sense that she will play maybe 3 to 4 times and its gonna rot. hah.  Whenever I buy something for Zach, I try to get something for Kendice as well if not she might feel jealous! Oh well... ;) Anyway we are heading to Brother's home soon. Sister will be there soon I think. Gonna go pick Mum up first. 

I am feeling tired!! Later!

Its just BAD!

What do you call it when you simply don't have that 'luck' you need? Darn. Lately thats how I am. The crappy market's not doing good. Infact its so bad that more money is being lost daily! Bought it already, leave it there.  City Dev and Keppel Corp. This year probably stretch to the next, it'll remain gloomy. What about mahjong? Darn! Not good! Just had a game with Eugene, Lawrance and May last night. Final tally is -$200. No fortune luck totally. But then again... What's new!? haha.

Just got back from soccer, lost 1-0. played right back today. Old rusty already, will cover any position thats empty! Stamina is something that had left me!! Wonder if IPPT silver could be maintained!! Darn!!

For some Zach's shots! ;) This picture was taken last week I think? He kinda slept off the bed! And still deep into his sleep! Super cute!! haha. Rolled off mid way! 

How fun huh? Maybe Kendice kicked him down? ;) haha. Darn I miss him so much now! He is with Bao at Mum's stall now while Kendice is still sleeping in the next room! And she can really sleep!! 
Kendice and Zach above... Thats after we carried him back onto the bed :)  Miss him! Too tired to go to the market to look for him. Slept 4:30am last night and woke 8:30am for soccer!! Alright I am gonna catch some rest now!

Chalet was great

Family Chalet at NSRCC was good. :) We all had a great time. We should really do it more often, but I guess its not easy. Everyone have grown up. All have no time! Really love my Father's side relatives. This side have so much more cohesion! My mother's side, sad... most of them are all "money face" and unreasonable. 

This is a picture of the chalet... Big place :) was telling Bao that maybe we could get one unit for a relax over the weekend sometime!

Anyway Zach had so much fun especially at the pool! ;) He had become so much more daring!! He dare to go directly underneath the swimming water falls! And he kept doing it! :) haha so fun! 

Kendice holding Zach and making him uncomfortable! ;)

Liping had Ryan's birthday cake cutting on the day also. :) Fun!

All blowing candles! Look at Zach, he seems to want to be a part of it! hah Gonna get him a cake tomorrow!! ;)

Family Chalet at NSRCC

Gonna head over to Tanah Merah Chalet at about 3:30pm to 4pm. My Cousin Shuping oraganised it for a family get together session. Its good to be meeting up once awhile. We used to have it more often when Grandpa and Grandma were still around. Since they are gone now. This get together would seems really important. Hope the kids will enjoy themselves! Gonna bring my Macbook Pro there. Hope that there will be WIRELESS@SG there! Mum should be staying over tonight at the Chalet. Not sure about us... Anyway Bao is making some Vietnamese Po Piah o bring over. Will update with pictures!

Yesterday night had a mahjong session with my soccer kakis. And its a disaster! I lost $280! Lennon lost the most at $700!! KaiWei won $820!! Darn thats alot of money to be won! Lucky! I was totally arse on luck as usual! Also heard from my Mum that her brother (my 2nd uncle) struck 4D 1st Prize again! And this time its a massive again! Darn they recently just struck 1st Prize and now again! That time was think 100K plus now I heard its more! Darn! How lucky some can get!! They thing is... they are 'not nice' people!! Tell me about life being fair? haha I simply want to laugh!! Moral?? Good people are less fortunate! Be Bad be Shit! And you get rewarded? Haizzz. Life huh? I guess I will stay what I am. Yawns.

Ending today with a picture with Zach being amazed by the bubble! This was those when we were very much younger, we always buy from those provision shop, with a mini straw and a mini tube with some substance like glue in it. And we will use the straw and blow the bubble!! Hmmm Fun!

Happy News and Sad News


Happy! Of course I am happy today cause I got a letter from Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and Kendice have been offered a Singapore Permanent Resident!! After so long finally its coming true! Thats definitely is one of the greatest news I have been waiting for all these years! With this, I will probably do the adoption much easier. Also the monthly education fee I am paying the school would be reduced! Currently paying $133 per month! Not sure how much reduction once she becomes PR but certainly quite a substantial reduction.


This news sucks... BIG TIME. Its the same old shit. This stupid system that Singapore is having. It may seems or sound fair to those who got it but definitely not for those who tried and tried so many times and get nothing! I am talking about balloting for new HDB. Sigh, I got the letter from HDB saying my application for the Pinnacle was not successful. My queue number was 500!! Fuck that!!! I had applied 4 or 5 times for new HDB but each time my balloting number was always SO HIGH!! Thats a stupid system! What BALLOT!? They should look at those who had applied for so many times but still unsuccessful and give it to them!! Or simply take a queue number!! Balloting is NEVER fair!! So many cases of people applying for the FIRST time and they got the appointment to choose the flats!! I had did it 4 -5 times and NOTHING!!! Super pissed! I give up getting a HDB in Singapore already. Sigh...

A Day at Bottle Tree Park

Brought the kids out last Sunday to Bottle Tree Park. Very interesting place, quite a few activities to do there. There's paintball, there's fishing, prawn fishing and of course the one that kids love most "lokang fishing".  That's the reason I brought them there. Anyway Mum came along. :) 
The cost is $10 for each kid, given a little plastic tank and a tiny net. Thats the idea of a tiny net so catching the fishes would be so much harder. (its not easy!)  Anyway Zach obviously did not catch any! Bao was the one who was enjoying it more then any of us. She caught most of the fishes. hehe. Kendice was showing her grumpy face as she could hardly catch any fishes! heh

See how she is smiling! heh. Look the at number of fishes caught! 

And Mum was bring Zach around the pond. He was initially scared of even going into the water probably he was worried that the lokang fishes might bite him! haha After awhile he was totally enjoying himself. :)

And Kendice slipped and hurt her back. Cried ... heh. Luckily its not a bad one! But still Kendice being Kendice, tends to cry at the slightest fall. ;)

There posing a shot for me while getting acclimatized in the water! :) Handsome huh!

Now the big one posed a shot for me. She caught 100 fishes maybe? haha. It was so hard to catch even 1 fish! But after awhile, Bao became an expert! It was all beginning to seems so easy for her. Glad she also managed to enjoyed herself! 

Here are some shots before we headed out for Bottle Tree Park anyway! ;) Showing above Zach giving that cute twist of his head while I snapped the shot! I like it!

Bao and Zach getting a shot together!! Mum tried to snap a shot with Zach but he simply refused!! Naughty!! Darn! Only managed to get this!!

Anyway its almost impossible to capture any good shots with Kendice without when using the flash but in the room, without flash its as good as not taking! Haizzz no way she can take a good shot!! 
This is a cute shot, sitting on the foldable chair. :)  Darn I miss him!!  Anyway Kendice and myself are home now. I got back from my Malay Oral exam and I am very sure I am gonna fail! Darn! Not easy!! I am speechless when it comes to the picture description !! Totally blank and as for the conversation, it was quite a disaster as well!! 

Gonna stay home wait for Singpost to send a replacement modem to my house!! Anyway I sold the MacBook I got from the Singnet promotion at $1,750!

Its all done...

Just showing a picture of my room as of now. Though this picture is not a total completion of my room but just to show how messy it was during the cleaning or packing up. It was a total mess! But now, I feel like I am living in a new house! The feeling is good!  Threw so many things away! Tonnes of old stuffs all had to go! Just closed my eyes and throw throw throw!! Now the house is so much more spacious. I hope it would last awhile!! haha.

Living room also had quite some stuffs dumped! But it would be really hard to maintain due to Zach's toys. And he will be messing it up daily! Houses with children, especially those like Zach. As good as don't bother!! He's a little devil! (He's soundly asleep)

Here's a picture taken on my computer desk. Neat yah? No more mess! Ehhhh where's my MacBook Pro?? Its gone! (hehe... can you spot it??) Don't want to see it messy again!! hehe. Possible??

The Singnet guy came down and install the Singnet MIO modem. Duh. I could do it myself! I thought he came down and install MIO TV. But he said that I did not tick the MIO TV box back when I applied online. Probably the MIO TV department will call me soon. Don't care more either way. Now just gonna wait for my redemption letter for the MacBook. Gonna have it sell it asap!! Found another buyer at $1750! The previous guy backed out on his deal! What an arse! Well now I found a better deal... hope it will go through! ;)
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!