What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Family Chalet at NSRCC

Gonna head over to Tanah Merah Chalet at about 3:30pm to 4pm. My Cousin Shuping oraganised it for a family get together session. Its good to be meeting up once awhile. We used to have it more often when Grandpa and Grandma were still around. Since they are gone now. This get together would seems really important. Hope the kids will enjoy themselves! Gonna bring my Macbook Pro there. Hope that there will be WIRELESS@SG there! Mum should be staying over tonight at the Chalet. Not sure about us... Anyway Bao is making some Vietnamese Po Piah o bring over. Will update with pictures!

Yesterday night had a mahjong session with my soccer kakis. And its a disaster! I lost $280! Lennon lost the most at $700!! KaiWei won $820!! Darn thats alot of money to be won! Lucky! I was totally arse on luck as usual! Also heard from my Mum that her brother (my 2nd uncle) struck 4D 1st Prize again! And this time its a massive again! Darn they recently just struck 1st Prize and now again! That time was think 100K plus now I heard its more! Darn! How lucky some can get!! They thing is... they are 'not nice' people!! Tell me about life being fair? haha I simply want to laugh!! Moral?? Good people are less fortunate! Be Bad be Shit! And you get rewarded? Haizzz. Life huh? I guess I will stay what I am. Yawns.

Ending today with a picture with Zach being amazed by the bubble! This was those when we were very much younger, we always buy from those provision shop, with a mini straw and a mini tube with some substance like glue in it. And we will use the straw and blow the bubble!! Hmmm Fun!

Happy News and Sad News


Happy! Of course I am happy today cause I got a letter from Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and Kendice have been offered a Singapore Permanent Resident!! After so long finally its coming true! Thats definitely is one of the greatest news I have been waiting for all these years! With this, I will probably do the adoption much easier. Also the monthly education fee I am paying the school would be reduced! Currently paying $133 per month! Not sure how much reduction once she becomes PR but certainly quite a substantial reduction.


This news sucks... BIG TIME. Its the same old shit. This stupid system that Singapore is having. It may seems or sound fair to those who got it but definitely not for those who tried and tried so many times and get nothing! I am talking about balloting for new HDB. Sigh, I got the letter from HDB saying my application for the Pinnacle was not successful. My queue number was 500!! Fuck that!!! I had applied 4 or 5 times for new HDB but each time my balloting number was always SO HIGH!! Thats a stupid system! What BALLOT!? They should look at those who had applied for so many times but still unsuccessful and give it to them!! Or simply take a queue number!! Balloting is NEVER fair!! So many cases of people applying for the FIRST time and they got the appointment to choose the flats!! I had did it 4 -5 times and NOTHING!!! Super pissed! I give up getting a HDB in Singapore already. Sigh...

A Day at Bottle Tree Park

Brought the kids out last Sunday to Bottle Tree Park. Very interesting place, quite a few activities to do there. There's paintball, there's fishing, prawn fishing and of course the one that kids love most "lokang fishing".  That's the reason I brought them there. Anyway Mum came along. :) 
The cost is $10 for each kid, given a little plastic tank and a tiny net. Thats the idea of a tiny net so catching the fishes would be so much harder. (its not easy!)  Anyway Zach obviously did not catch any! Bao was the one who was enjoying it more then any of us. She caught most of the fishes. hehe. Kendice was showing her grumpy face as she could hardly catch any fishes! heh

See how she is smiling! heh. Look the at number of fishes caught! 

And Mum was bring Zach around the pond. He was initially scared of even going into the water probably he was worried that the lokang fishes might bite him! haha After awhile he was totally enjoying himself. :)

And Kendice slipped and hurt her back. Cried ... heh. Luckily its not a bad one! But still Kendice being Kendice, tends to cry at the slightest fall. ;)

There posing a shot for me while getting acclimatized in the water! :) Handsome huh!

Now the big one posed a shot for me. She caught 100 fishes maybe? haha. It was so hard to catch even 1 fish! But after awhile, Bao became an expert! It was all beginning to seems so easy for her. Glad she also managed to enjoyed herself! 

Here are some shots before we headed out for Bottle Tree Park anyway! ;) Showing above Zach giving that cute twist of his head while I snapped the shot! I like it!

Bao and Zach getting a shot together!! Mum tried to snap a shot with Zach but he simply refused!! Naughty!! Darn! Only managed to get this!!

Anyway its almost impossible to capture any good shots with Kendice without when using the flash but in the room, without flash its as good as not taking! Haizzz no way she can take a good shot!! 
This is a cute shot, sitting on the foldable chair. :)  Darn I miss him!!  Anyway Kendice and myself are home now. I got back from my Malay Oral exam and I am very sure I am gonna fail! Darn! Not easy!! I am speechless when it comes to the picture description !! Totally blank and as for the conversation, it was quite a disaster as well!! 

Gonna stay home wait for Singpost to send a replacement modem to my house!! Anyway I sold the MacBook I got from the Singnet promotion at $1,750!

Its all done...

Just showing a picture of my room as of now. Though this picture is not a total completion of my room but just to show how messy it was during the cleaning or packing up. It was a total mess! But now, I feel like I am living in a new house! The feeling is good!  Threw so many things away! Tonnes of old stuffs all had to go! Just closed my eyes and throw throw throw!! Now the house is so much more spacious. I hope it would last awhile!! haha.

Living room also had quite some stuffs dumped! But it would be really hard to maintain due to Zach's toys. And he will be messing it up daily! Houses with children, especially those like Zach. As good as don't bother!! He's a little devil! (He's soundly asleep)

Here's a picture taken on my computer desk. Neat yah? No more mess! Ehhhh where's my MacBook Pro?? Its gone! (hehe... can you spot it??) Don't want to see it messy again!! hehe. Possible??

The Singnet guy came down and install the Singnet MIO modem. Duh. I could do it myself! I thought he came down and install MIO TV. But he said that I did not tick the MIO TV box back when I applied online. Probably the MIO TV department will call me soon. Don't care more either way. Now just gonna wait for my redemption letter for the MacBook. Gonna have it sell it asap!! Found another buyer at $1750! The previous guy backed out on his deal! What an arse! Well now I found a better deal... hope it will go through! ;)

New Colours

House under going a major repainting, so far all 3 rooms are done. As below! :) Today the painters gonna paint the living room. Should be able to complete all by today. But they told us it would take 3 days. Probably the last day would see them touching up. Anyway it gonna cost us $1,300 in all. I guess its okay. Since its been almost 7 years since we painted the house. Infact that was the time when we shifted here. 7 years for a full repainting. Its worth I guess.




Finally a fresh new look! :) But now the entire house is looking super messy, indeed the painters were saying  " Painting the entire house is almost like moving into a new house " Cause we have to shift everything around. Now its a total mess!

Just went out out and smacked Zach!! He went to pull the clock's hands! And he cried! Oh well.... Anyway my diarrhea is finally gone!! :) But headache comes on and off. Hope tonight I can have a pleasant sleep!

Okay! Will load up the living room pictures once its done!

Sick, almost admitted.

I went to the hospital this morning, Mum went with me. I was placed on drip for 3 hours. Which waiting for the blood test results. Luckily I do not have to be admitted. Thank God. But the funny thing is when I was at the hospital through the 3 hours plus. I was feeling fine. I was giving 3 days M.C and given another appointment on the 21st (Friday). Sigh. Anyway I still went for my malay class this noon, and what a bad mistake that was. I suffered so much in the class, I started feeling cold and fever came back. Once home, it got worst. My temperature went up to 39.8˚C. I suffered so badly again. Its unbearable. 

This was a picture when I had that drip on.  I hope the fever will not come back later. It always comes back when I sleep. Haizzzz. Diarrhea is coming back, I feel it. Haizzz... I am a sick man. So sick. 

Zach just vomited again :( And on the bed again! Bedsheets changed again. I need to bring him to see a specialist.  Poor boy. I would rather have all the pain all over again to let Zach be fine. 

Stomach making alot of noise now. Arghhhhh...

Temperature down but diarrhea got worst

It was really hard to get pass last night with such high temperature, feeling was like, am I gonna die? Of course it was not that bad but the comfortable level was -100%. I woke up in the midst of the night and vomited. Morning the temperature went away completely but the Diarrhea hit me badly. I can't count, I must have been going in and out of the toilet at least 50 times today. Watery stool. Infact I just went 3 times in less then 15 mins. Unbearable. Medicine did not work yet. Haizzzz, darn I am suffering. Tomorrow I have to attend an important class in the afternoon. But how the hell am I gonna make it??? Feeling so cold now!! I sure hope that the fever is not going come back.

That would be my back that in the picture. Not any side effect from the sickness but it was self induced! Wife sorta use the traditional method to rid the wind in my body. She did it for me last night when I was so in pain. It helped but the process was hell of a pain.

My stomach is making weird noises. Can't take it no more... Darn I hardly get sick but once I do, its major! Help !!

Darn. Just took temperature and its going up. 37.4˚C now. The same coldness I feel is back!! 


Some fun shots. Actually I thought its nice! haha. If Zach does have that much hair, that'll be cool huh? ;)  This is made using an iPhone application. hah. Cut little boy!!

Here's the Ku-ah-Chai from Jalan Membina. haha. Cool huh? hehe

 More crazy shots!! ;)

Now here is what Kendice wants! Curled up hair!

hahah enough for today! ;) Ahhhhh time to sleep! Still feeling sick! But I am on a day's MC tomorrow! ;)

The worst fear happened.... finally

I always tell my wife not to let Zach go into the life himself just incase the door closes and he got trapped alone and the lift goes down. It would be unimaginable should that happened. It happened today, about 2 hours ago. Bao and me went crazy. So much fear inside me. Scrambled almost every storey to find him. Ah Bui and Kendice  was at the lift with him and somehow they were playing and the lift door closed trapping Zach alone.  Such a frantic search and finally someone managed to locate him and found Bao. I scolded the hell out of Ah Bui and Kendice. I really did not know what they were trying to do!! I am so glad that Zach is safe. I was so worried that if the lift opens at ground level and we were not in time, he would run out. And I was also worried that his fingers would get stucked into the lift door when it opens. (THIS HAPPENED BEFORE!! HE cried so badly back then, he had his finger's skin torn off!!) It was supposed to be a happy outing to Wild Wild Wet. 

After that I was so pissed and of course at the same time relieved. But I fell very sick. I started running a high temperature as high as 39.4˚C.  It was so bad that I felt so cold, even 2 blanket could not take away my coldness. I was feeling ache everywhere. I had a hell of a time. Bao went to get some medication for me. Took it and fell asleep. I am feeling better now. I was all sweaty now and need the fan now. Just measured the temperature and its 38˚C now. But body still aches. 

Anyway they went to Wild Wild Wet themselves. Just so glad that Zach is safe.  Thank God.

Selling Singnet Apple Aluminum Macbook!!

I am selling it!! Anyone interested to get it? Well I will probably be collecting it in a week or so since I just re-contracted yesterday. There are quite a few advertisements going around on the HWZ marketplace. I simply have to match whatever price the rest of the guys are selling! So its $1,750!! I will sell it at $1,750!!! Anyone?? Contact me if you are interested!!

Above is the link I posted on HWZ marketplace.  I thought its a good deal since Singnet is giving this out! I would not need another macbook since I am already using the Macbook Pro. So So .... Anyone wanna deal immediately can give me a call at 91881666! ;) 


Did it finally after considering! I will upgrade to the new Aluminum Macbook! I re-contracted online! Well monthly will go up by abit but I guess I will be trying to sell the new Macbook! Maybe I will try to sell it at $2000? Since Apple Store retail price is selling at $2088! Also I will be having a much faster internet connection!

This is the current speed I am logging on now! Lets see after the activation of the new 10Mbps ! Will it triple! ;) hehe . Gonna download so much more stuffs! ;)

Gonna try to advertise on the New MacBook soon! :)

Singnet is having Apple promotion!

Singnet is having the Apple Macbook Promotion once again! Signing on a 10Mbps plan with a 30 months contract seems quite feasible! But I already have a Macbook Pro!! But I would never terminate my Singnet account! I must as well take advantage of this offer!??  By simply doing the sums, its all worth it!! Let see...

Monthly : $79.95 
30 months contract : 30 x $79.95 = $2398.50
Add $499 to upgrade to the Aluminum Macbook = $2398.50 + $499 = $2897.50
A brand new Aluminum Macbook cost = $2088
Final Price after deducting the Macbook Aluminum = $2897.50 -$2088 = $809.50
Effective payment for 10Mbps = $809.50 / 30 months = $26.98!!

Aint that a solid price to pay!!?? Just $26.98 per month!! (not taking GST into consideration)

I thought its a good deal!! (I am paying $55 a month for 3Mbps now!!)


When I picked Zach back from Mum's stall, out of the lift, he ran towards the gate, he tripped ver the chair along the corridor, ah bonk! Nasty fall. Cried so badly and next thing he did... he puked!! As long as he cough, the tendency of him vomiting is almost 100%. Stinks!! Big Time! I had to wash him up and cleaned the place. Okay that's vomit no.1 I saw today. Just 10 mins ago. He did it again on the bed!! This time round,  so much more puke! Cough cough and thats it!! Out all he taken and the stinks comes!! Zach Zach..What happen to you!!? I can't bear to see him vomit, he is like suffering so much. His whole face turns red and I can see his discomfort!! Told Doctors about it but all said he is fine. Glad of course but he kept puking at the slightest cough! Stressed man!! So worried that he is sick!! 

Pls be fine my dear Zach!! Please please please !! I would give up my life for this boy!!

Dow down by 411 points

Times are really bad. It seems like each day the financial economy is sliding more and more. Last night Dow went down 411 points. Today on Singapore market, there will surely be a major sell off. Looks like City Dev will see a drastic drop easily by $0.40 to $0.60! Madness!!

What can I say man? Money gone surely!! Not just that I ran 4D yet again!! I bought 1699 and the third prize opened 1698!!! $3,000 or so simply gone just like that!! Ran way too many times lately!! Madness!! Money is hard earned man!! 

Slept really early last night, lately I have been really tired. Just want to sleep so much. Something seems wrong with me. Darn! Anyway I will be attending some course later. Stupid course of course!! Arrowed to go! Darn! Heard that there will be a new scheme being introduced and the existing scheme I am on will be scrapped!! Pissed man!! Stupid system!! Some crappy minds thinking of crappy shit again!!

Work!!! Darn!


Had a mahjong session with my friends last night! Another victory!! Won $220!! Not bad at all! 3 days and the total winnings amounted to $775!! Its been a while since I had such strong victory!! SHOICK! :) Anyway we did not managed to complete full 2 rounds as one of the guys did not want to carry one no more. 

Zach vomited badly in the night again. Sigh. He seems to be suffering so much. He kept puking but Doctor said he is fine. Don't know what's wrong also. Ahhhhhh. He just woke up and drinking milk now. Gonna send him to childcare. He missed it yesterday. Lately he's been sick. Unlike Kendice, Zach keep falling sick. :( I am thinking of bringing him to see specialist. Don't know ....will see!! 

Gonna head to work soon. Yawns

RAN 4D again!!!

What is happening!! Not again!! 0751!!! What a nice number but it just choose to open 3751!!! CRAP!!! So close again. How many times have I ran 4D for the top 3 prizes!?? Uncountable!!

Thats $11,000 flown away just because of a 3 instead of a 0! BAKA! And see the starter!! 1110!! Thats the date and month of Zach's Birth!! Mum bought 1011 instead! Seems like 4D luck on our family is not possible! Once in a blue blue moon seems not possible! Sadness!!

Well I managed to make $545 or so on 2 days mahjong though BUT??? Wife took $400 from me :( haha. And this afternoon spent $70 on Fish and Co on lunch and for dinner we met Bao's friend and of course I paid and it cost $127!!  So.... Hmmmmm ZERO gain for me!! haha. Infact its NEGATIVE! 

What a waste on 4D !!! 

Scratched my Macbook Pro!!

Sad! Thats the word or its more like heart so pain!! Darn! I don't know how it was scratched!!? I realized it when I was having dinner at Fish & Co. Took it out and felt the unevenness! Next I know its was scratched!! Rather deep one!! Heart ache big time man!! ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Going out to Parkway with Kendice and Zach to meet Bao and Ah Bui now. What a day!! The day my Macbook Pro got scratched!! Ouch!!! 

At Bambini Playclub

At Kallang Leisure World at Bambini Playclub now. Came for Pin Pin's 8th Birthday Party. Its a kids' playground. Kendice and Zach's enjoying themselves. Ah Bui is where with us as well. So much fun huh ;) Pin Pin's really fortunate, his parents celebrate his birthday every year without fail for him and brings him out for holiday yearly as well! Infact they will be leaving for their Europe trip Monday I think. Thats the thing about being a single child. Life's all good for them!!

Look at the tubes and all. Zach loves the balls here! ;)  He is so enjoying himself! Another year of so, Kendice would be not able to be allowed playing at such premises! She is too big in time!! haha she will be sad!! Very much a child's mind still!! But currently the entire premise is actually booked for Pin Pin's birthday. Cool! $650 for 2 hours! Expensive!! Well its all worth it since the kids are enjoying it so much.  I could not catch up with both of them. I hardly fit in the tubes! hehe.

Anyway mahjong yesterday was almost a disaster! Just ending of the 1st round I was losing $500!!! I cleared my chips!! Had to add another $500 chips for everyone!! Sigh!! At teh 4th and last round I was down close $800!! I was like WHAT!!? They decided to play another round since it was raining heavily. GUESS WHAT!?? I CAME BACK and won the most $320 up!! Last round all luck was on me!! I fought back and catch up $1.1k back!! Can't believe it!! Believe it then!! Amazing!! Phew!! 2 days mahjong had made me $550 richer!! Wooohooo! Still can't imagine I was the biggest loser and down close $800 and became the biggest winner at the extra last round!! hahaha.

LUCK's ON ME NOW!! Wooohoooo

New bedsheets, blanket and cover

Zach immediately jumped on it after I set it ready! Whenever he see new things he always get very curious and wanna be a part of it. I think thats normal for toddlers huh? Here's a snapshot of him lying on the bed and drinking his milk and making alot of noise as usual.

The thing about this bedsheet, it does not fit nicely! Ikea stuffs always can't seems to fit Singapore sizes! Darn hard to fit it nicely. Beside this we also got 4 more chair of better quality to that $9.95 one. Used my $139 exchange voucher to get em. Spent more then that yesterday. 

Got a victory on mahjong at PMC's house. Finally I had a mighty victory! ;) Won $235!! Its been a real long time since I win so convincingly. Been losing more then I win for the past months! Great cards man yesterday! Later at 8pm, I'll be playing again but at my place!! Playing with my weekend soccer friends. They should be playing of a higher stakes, $1/$2 probably and up to 
6 folds? Its fine!  Darn mahjong is sure addictive! Dow went up quite abit last night. Hopefully Monday should see some gains in major counters!! Might wanna sell the 2 lots of City Dev. With this financial shit now. Holding does not seems like a wise option. We'll see!! 

Ending with another shot! ;)  Lately blogspot having problem in loading bigger sizes pictures!! Darn!! It used to auto reduce size to fit but it no longer now!! Gonna go play with this little devil for now!

Cute little Boy!!

Is this the new super hero in town?? wahaha this is so funny man!! Cool! Zach!!!

He ran out of the bath room and called "Daddy Daddy Daddy". He wanted me to see him wrapped in the towel! So cute!! And of course out comes the Alpha 100! Snap Snap Snap!! So fun!!  What a mischievous boy!

Dow down 5%

Today it is a day of history. Obama did it. But Dow has nothing new. 5% down!! or 486 points in the red. Singapore market will see a rough water today. Those who let go yesterday yesterday will be smiling. Today they'll probably buy in. City had turned into metropolis yesterday but it seems like its gonna be downgraded back to a slump today. ;) 

And its time for a long day of work. Yawns. First gonna send the naughty guy to childcare.

Obama the next United States President

He won it as expected. History made again, the first black United States President. As of 2pm I knew the results. But instead of pushing the market further up, noon was a disaster. City Dev was up as much as $0.63 in the morning at $6.97 high. It started to drop so much during the noon and next I know it closed with only a $0.15 gain. Thats sad man! should had let go when its $6.90 range and make a thousand or so? Darn!! And now, Dow Jones is suffering again. Its now down 143.45 (1.49%) kinda expecting a rally after Obama elected. Looks bleak again tomorrow. Obama has a tough ride ahead for him especially with the current financial crisis. He is definitely in for a rocky ride! Hope he can SAVE the world financially though!

Not able to sleep now cause I slept so much just now. Was too shagged out  today after yesterday marathon with Bao watching the Hong Kong drama till 3:30am! So naturally today when back from work, I slept. Now its a messed up biological body system again! Gotta force myself to sleep soon! Long day at work tomorrow!!  

Miss Zach!! He is asleep now! Anyway he did returned to Childcare center today. But he is still having a running nose and a cough! And I am also having a running nose!! Think he passed it to me. :) hehe.  Darn Dow is now down 164.15 (1.71%) !! Tomorrow is another RED day likely.

Chair from Ikea broke!!

Cracked!! The edge cracked when I sat on it just now. Sad man!! I love it so much, its comfortable yet stylish!! Too bad!! Although I lost the receipt I still managed to have it replaced at Ikea, just that there are no more stock of the chair!! Holding on to a $139 voucher now. At the same time I got a chair for Kendice's computer table at $9.95! Simple yet good! Bao was telling me not to get back the same replacement but get more of this $9.95 chairs for the entire house! Maybe I'll do that! 

Its good cause its foldable and light! Can keep it when not in use. But the previous was so stylish. Oh well we'll see!

Zach's sleeping! I miss him so much. Wanna wake him up and play with him! hehe Bao will kill me if I do that though. He should be returning back to the childcare center tomorrow. He's running nose is much better now thankfully. Pains us so much to see him suffer!! But as always he is sooooo active even he's sick! :)  Here's a picture of this chubby boy!!

Did I already post this picture? Can't recall, nevermind, it never tires me to see his pictures again and again. 

Lets see the new United States President tomorrow!! Believe results should be out by morning! Hopefully it will bring great news to the economy and shore up the stocks! Okay! Back to the forums to read on MBP issues!!

Something cute here!

Forgot about this picture! Wanted to load it up the other day but kinda slipped off my mind! Here is a picture of Zach drinking from the giant super size Carl's Junior Coke! Cut huh? 

He was always pointing to the giant cup and telling me "Daddy STAR STAR STAR!" Just feel like biting him!! Anyway this poor little boy vomited again just now. Sigh. Really don't know what is wrong with his digestive system. Told all the doctors we seen, they simply say he is fine. Just worried somehow or another. Oh well, he already missed the childcare today and tomorrow he might not go again as he is having a bad running nose. Poor little Zach.

Long Day

Tired. Just got back home after picking up Kendice from Mum's stall. Had some last minute work in Office thus today it was abit late. ;) Fun time though!! Anyway some of my old guys were back for ICT, met up with them, chat alittle. Think most of them after ORDed had quite stable jobs. Good for them! When they were still NSFs, that was like 5 years or more ago?? That time was one of the craziest time in my career I supposed. Young and crazy! Aged alot now! 

Powering it up! Started them at the same timing, but iMac taking the lead on booting but but the mbp caught up!  2.8ghz vs 2.4ghz. Thats fair for the results.

Back home now, powered up the iMac and Macbook Pro and snapped some shots! Just wanna take the shots of the 2 macs being powered up.  Picture color kinda washed out though. Set them on the same backgrounds. I think I am seriously neglecting the iMac! ;) I think this novelty of always wanting to use the mbp will die out sometime soon! I mean rightfully a bigger screen will always be preferred.  We'll see.

Waiting for Bao, Bui and Zach to return him!! Miss that chubby boy!! Can't wait to see him! He did not attend the childcare today cause he was had a running nose. Bao brought him to the doctor. Poor boy... He's been falling sick lately. Haizzz. But on the brighter side, regardless if he's sick, this boy is full of energy! Gonna snap some shots of him later! He had his hair trimmed few days back!

Yesterday caught the movie SAW V with Bao at Vivio City... Gruesome movie with the same old plot! 4/10 was the ratings I would give! Give it a miss!  

Bao just called! Gonna meet her at Tiong Bahru Plaza soon! Gonna see this chubby boy!! 

Hat-trick! Finally scored again ;)

Just had my weekly soccer game at St. Wilfred Stadium. And yes!! I scored again finally!! Been rusty on my touches. But today my FIRST touch on the ball I managed to blast one shot into the back of the net!! Woohoo! Wonderful start!! And in no time I got another from Danny's through pass!! It was 2-0 but the opponents got 1 back at 2nd half.  I managed to steal a ball from a mistake from their defender and blasted a powerful on to the back of the net!! 3-1!! Well they managed to close the gap to 3-2. But that was it! Final score 3-2!! hehe I gotta admit my fitness is dog shit now. How I wish I could get back in shape once again! Darn!! Wahaha nevermind I'va 2 kids already! So its fine to get rounder?? Darn this excuse! 

Soon at about 7pm will be heading to PMC's place for mahjong. Gotta score my goals there as well!! heh. Meeting Kristine for dinner before we proceed to this place. Hope she can win as well la!! She lost way too much money on mahjong! hehe.

Bao and Zach sleeping now, where Ah Bui went out (don't know where) gonna ninja out soon! ;)  Kinda tired now. if only there is no mahjong I would be sleeeping away now!! Especially after a cool bath!  Duty last night in office. Yawns!! But guess what? There was a Deevapali celebration at the mess last night and they got Kumar to perform! (Not cheap!! Super expensive) But this Kumar is so darn funny!!! Had a hell of a laugh!! Wish it was longer!! If there gonna be any stand up comedian show by him, I will definitely pay to watch!!

End here witha  distorted picture of Baby Zach with super spiky hair!! One more thing ....as of today I am promoted to the next rank. ;) 
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!