What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Zach has a medical appointment today

And I cannot bring him for it! Darn! He would be going back to SGH for his medical appointment but I gotta call and check the timing. Bao will be bringing him, too bad I can't be part of it cause I will be staying in my Office!! Duty today! Yawns!! Its gonna be a long long day up coming for me!! Darn! Hate to think that I will not be coming back home!!! Not gonna be able to use my Macbook Pro!! hehe. Its gonna be BORING man!! But how time flies!! Its Friday again though!! :)

Ahhhh gonna rush now!! Taking over duty! :) Ohhhh Dow is up 189 last night! Hope Singapore will make it today!! :)

A Green Day Finally

Too much down too much red, too much money lost. Well today Singapore market rallied big time! All counters staged a dramatic come back after being battered for the past weeks. Counter I am holding, City Development was up as high as $0.82 to $6.81!! I bought in at $6.35 two lots! I queued to sell at $6.75 though. It never made it. But today it closed $6.65. Guess its not too bad afterall.  The most painful part was my Olam. I let it go when it was $1.08 which I guessed I made a right choice back then but I told myself that once it reached below a dollar, I would buy them back!! It went down to as low as $0.825 about 2 days back. I hesitated and today it rosed to as high as $1.42 I think!! If I had bought them back then....I could be making a profit of $5-$6k!! What an arse! Darn!! Hopefully Dow will do well tonight and Singapore market to be influenced tomorrow. Usually Friday being the last day of the week would always see profit taking. *fingers crossed*

Using the Macbook Pro on my bed now. Darn this piece of baby still amazes me up till now. Solid piece of metal! hehehe Powers within my hands! Wooohooo! Still very much empty as I have not install nothing much. Still figuring out what to install. Gonna get Photoshop in once I can *ahem* hehe. Tomorrow I will not be coming home as I will be doing my duty. Darn!! Can't feel it tomorrow!! hehe. But I will miss Zach more certainly!! :) Here's a picture of this naughty boy !

He did it on his own when he dropped my iPhone!! I was like "HEY!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!" in a harsh tone. There he went down on his own!! Quickly I snapped up this shot!! hahah. He is really fun!!!  Love You Love You Love You!!!


Sigh... I don't believe it. I heard from Bao that my Brother's wife had a miscarriage. I don't know the exact details. Sigh I am so sad now. I don't know how brother and Jiayi is taking it. They must be devastated. Sigh...why?? What happened?? Darn!! I'll wait for Mum to update me. Sigh.

The Coach Bag... basically is a GONNER

Thought I had save this bag, but now that its dried. The after effect comes in. Haizzz it pains my heart seeing it now. Although the white/silver stains are gone.  The bottom of one side of the bag's color is totally messed up. The original dark brown color is gone. It had faded very badly. its 2 tone brown now. Really heart pain!! Haizzzz. Bao is really sad, but what to do? She destroyed it. $607 gone in a week!! Man thats really pain. Infact I have not even pay my friend yet!! Ahhhh maybe I don't pay? haha ;) 

Just look at the color.... Its totally crapped up now. Not just that the hours of soaking the bag had also caused it to be very stiff, the softness is gone.  It feels so fake holding this bag now. Maybe I will get her another one when I have the chance. 

Dow Jones surged 889 points or 10.88%  last night! Amazing figures! So naturally Singapore market will follow its rally and indeed it had! Opening City Dev was up by $0.40 + to as high as $6.45!! (my buying price was $6.35) Wow..amazing huh? Made money! But guess what? Singapore market did what it was best at ...again! It dropped crazily in the noon. And City Dev was in red by as much as -$0.30!! So pissed!! Sigh. Useless market, Dow super rallied and I still have to lose money!!? No logic!! Panic selling!! Darn!! Sadness!! $%^&@#

Everything is not going well!! Darn!! Today Wednesday!! Maybe I will have 4D luck?? Nahhhh.  Yawns...

This MacBook Pro is wonderful!

Its doing great! Thankfully it does not have any defects as posted by some of the brothers on hardwarezone forums. Most importantly, there's no dead pixels! Cool..so everything is great! I had installed Adium on it and customized the design of it like that of my iMac. Probably gonna install Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop soon after. Love it soooo much! Its AMAZING piece of equipment! Think I might need to look at accessories for it? Like palm rest, carry case? (where I wanna carry to huh? hehe) 

Some reviews by me on this baby 

Trackpad - this is one of the coolest feature on this new macbookpro. I can do wonders with this, it works like the iPhone. Using just your fingers, you could do many actions, like rotate, swipe, zoom and many more! This feature has to be tried!! :)

Screen - Like I said before, either you love it or hate it! For me I have always been a fan of glassy screen! If not for the glossy screen I would not be even considering this baby. So far all my screens had all been glossy! The color is crisp, super clear! For the matt fans, sorry maybe Apple will introduce the new 17 inch with matt in time?

Backlight - Cool!! It comes on and goes away when the ambient like get dim or brighten! Sensor in place certainly! This one is good so I could ninja my way inthe night while my wife sleeping! no bright lights!! :)

Uni body - The entire body is made out of a solid aluminum block! It feels so metal!! It makes the Macbook Pro feels very much superior compared with your normal plastic notebooks! It sure is one of the brilliant trademark Apple come up with this! Solid like it feel!!! Cool!!!

Ahhhhh finally my batt is fully charged!! :) Don't think I am the sort who will really take great care of the batt or rather optimise it! I am those who charge as and when I want!! What about the discharge cycle and all? haha I'll just enjoy this beautiful, sexy savvy gadget !!

MBP Unboxing!

I got it. :) So excited about it. But it was not sent by TNT. I went to pick it up!! I do not want to wait no more. Their services really go below the standard. Agreed on this time but changed last minute! Oh well So when the TNT lady called me, I told her I would pick it up myself and here I am using it now!! Well I am now loading some of my unboxing pictures up!  Really cool! to open an Apple computer itself is such a pleasure!! Amazing packing standard!! Here you can see the box freight over to Singapore. :) Right now I am lying beside Zach with the mbp on my lap updating this. :) He is trying to close his eyes for his afternoon nap :) Here goes the pictures of my un-boxing!

This was the box that was freight from China Apple assembly factory (why China??) Cheaper I guess. Well it was a neat packing. No issue! 

Opened up the brown box, there you see it!!! Behold the new white box!! The previous MBP comes in a black box. I guess Apple wanted to stick to their every trademark white!

There was another plastic sheet for further protection. not bad China! Or rather Apple ! :)

There you have it! The box finally! ;) No more distraction! Its the Apple Macbook Pro!! Woohoo!! Finally! Its time to open the box!!

Cool aint it?? Just look at the way Apple packs this baby!! Neat!! Stylish, the packaging itself would probably adds to it's cost someway or another! I simple love it!! Good job Apple!

There's this black tag on the top. says "Designed by Apple California". Its there for a reason! Pull it up and the MBP pop up for me to retrieve it. Cool Apple!!

Sitting out of the box finally after many days of travelling!! This will be your new home!! Ahhhh lovely!! So sleek!! So one piece!! :)

Opening the lid for the first time!! Glorious shine!! What a glossy screen it is! There are many review on this new glossy screen, its either you love it or you hate it! For me? Of course I love it! If not it would not be sitting here right now.  Cool!

And here the new MBP meets the old iMac!! Both my lovely babies! Well for sure I know for this little period I will probably be giving more time to the MBP then the iMac. Oh well!! For now for now!!

There!! Finally Setting it up and using it to do it virgin post here!! Well for now I will be setting it up, mainly installing the essential programs and probably load some pictures. The main thing now is to get use to it! Should not be any problem since I had already been a 6 month user of Mac. The keyboard is alittle different but I'll manage! I love the backlight that comes on automatically when its dark! Of course the entire one piece aluminum that holds so much power! 

Zach is asleep! :)

TNT screws up!!! @#$%^

TNT?? I will never once use TNT!! What a lousy courier service provider!! I was supposed to be waiting home from 9am to 12pm for the darn delivery guy to send the MBP. Guess what?? They changed the delievery timing to 2pm to 5pm!!! How could they do this? I had to stay home to recieve it!! And now this change all of a sudden!!?? How can they do this!! Now all my planning is screwed!!! Darn!!! Sigh. This sound all so stupid!!! Sigh!!!

Managed to settle the Coach Bag..Phew

It was the detergent which caused the white/silver stains to appear. I guess its about 3 hours of soaking in the water with detergent. Well I am just not satisfied with the bag being such an expensive one getting stained so easily! I applied pressure on the stained areas and massaged it! And it work!! The stains came off!!! It's about 90% back in the right state!! :) Bao is like a panda now. She cried too much and now her eyes all swell up. Haizzz. Anyway she is so happy when I showed her that I removed the stains.  All is good now!! Now just wait for it to dry! I hope when its dry the stain will not return!! Crossing my fingers now!!

As for myself...I am right now waiting for the TNT delivery man to send my Macbook Pro!! Its a;ready 9:30am!! Their schedule is 9am to 12pm !! I am waiting anxiously!! Come on TNT!! You can do better!! But I have a worrying concern!! On hardwarezone forum, some of them reported defects on the macbook!! If I were to buy from shop I can reject the the macbook pro should I see any defects! But buying online... Thats the risk I have to take!! Hmmmmm Crossing my fingers again!!.

Waiting Waiting.... 

I cannot believe she did this!!

I just got her the Coach bag compliments from a friend who went United States. It cost $607 if I remember correctly. Guess what? Its a gonner now!! The bag is dead!! My wife went to soak it into a pail with normal washing detergent for hours!! All because of a silly little stain inside the bag!! When I saw the bag in the pail, I was like WHAT THE!!? Immediately I told her to take it out! But it was all too late!! The bag had developed stains which I don't think will come off. The leather is tarnished! Sigh... I am so pissed with her!!!  How can someone soak such an expensive bag right into the water with normal detergent for hours!! It is really not a smart thing to do!! :(  And of all the people... My wife did it!!! Arghhhhhh.....Sigh

Look the the right side of the bag... Sigh. This is such an expensive bag and she did this it it!! Yes she cried and all but thats not the point!! She never learns... Sigh. This is an expensive lesson to be learnt but at the expenses of me... again. (whats new??) So pissed and disappointed with her. 

My day is spoilt....

Can't wait for tomorrow!

I simply can't wait for tomorrow! The adrenaline is pumping! Darn!! This Macbook Pro is making me wild just thinking about having it! Woooohooo!! I so want it right this instant!! Darn! :) This is cool! They will be sending it to me tomorrow from 9am to 12pm!! Its the earliest slot TNT can send me!! I will be waiting!! I will open the door and wait!! And I will be snapping away like I said! And pictures to be loaded here!!

Kendice is seen in the picture above using the newly set up computer! She is infact still using it now. I gave her a break from revising her work. Tomorrow she is taking her science paper. Should not be a problem I think! Anyway I went to get a wireless adapter (DLINK) for the computer so I would not have to put the RJ45 cable from the room out into either the living room or Kendice room! Damage is $49! And its working well! :)

Zach is disturbing me right now!! :) hahah he's so funny! He is going like 'Orrr Shee' Orrr Shee' meaning either pee or crap! hehe. This little devil!! He is crying loudly outside now! Cause he switch off the power while Kendice is using the PC!! I scolded him and smacked his hands!! He is saying " KAN BARNEY KAN BARNEY" I said NO! And he cries away! hahaha. 

This picture obviously was taken before he was crying!! Ask him smile for me for a shot and he did this 'tu tu' face!! Darn I need to bite him so hard!! :) Love this boy so much!!!

Ahhhhhhhh... time pls pass fast for now!!? hehe

New Blog Template after 4 months

Thought its time to change the template of my blog after about 4 months of the previous? Should had took a screenshot of the previous! Darn too fast to click the save button! I am trying to arrange the pictures and sort some formatting. Should had took up a computing cert back then! Now I am all noob but a noob who loves gadgets ;)  Wife and kids are out. Mum is home now. I guess I will pop over to Tiong Bahru Plaza for my dinner!! PASTA... Love it! Sakae Pasta! ;) Favorite! 

Off and be back later!


Yes Yes Yes.... Darn! Today is a holiday so no work for TNT! If not I could be receiving my new Macbook Pro anytime soon! But I guess it would still be on scheduled which is 29th Oct!! Well its alot faster then the previous order dates from 3rd to 6th Oct. Its 29th!! This screenshot shows it! It had reached Singapore warehouse!! Wooo Hoooo!!
The wait seems to be taking forever!! Darn!! Thats the case when you are so anxiously waiting for something that you want so much! It would be a worthwhile wait surely! Anyway I finally had my hands on the New Macbook Pro yesterday at Tampines Mall! Way cool man!! Can't believe that I am gonna own one real soon!! Cool man!!

Here's the Chair I got!!

Here is the chair  I got!  Nice? Kinda style huh? It cost $139!! Darn its expensive but it sure is comfortable as compared to my previous.  I will have to  get another chair for Kendice as well.

Finally its Up!

Finally! I set it up! Went Ikea this afternoon finally, always wanted to go shop for table for Kendice's room and a chair for myself. Well it cost me $228 I think? Its great! Oh the table lamp as well! at $15.90 its kinda stylish! Nice? :) Simple set up for Kendice's room, she always wanted me to set up a computer for her to play games online etc. Well she has it now! Though this PC had a really hard time booting up just now, I think its infected badly and has alot of corrupted files within. But its still running, I'll probably do a clean format soon. Oh the sound is bonkers also. I think its the internal sound card, bonkers. Probably I have to go get a simple sound card. Oh well...for now its soundless! But Kendice still love it! I hope she will do well in her exams happening this week. Ahhhhh stressed!! 
Check this screenshot out! IT IS COMING!! The 2008 brand new Macbook Pro!! Its on its way to my house! Expected to reach only by 29th Oct though! Man I am so excited !! I simply hate the wait! But I guess all good things comes only with great patience huh? hehe... But I want it now!! Ok I am so looking to Wednesday! I'll post alot of pictures when its here!! Wooohooo
Anyway, stocks is shit! I got 2 lots of City Dev. And its already down !!  Got it at $6.35 and closed on Friday at $6.10. And the night itself. Dow died again. Monday is a holiday, so gotta wait till Tuesday and see how much I am crapping up again!! Ahhhhh. Crap market ! DIE DIE DIE!! Lately again very bad on luck. Mahjong been losing so many times. Lost on Thursday and Friday. Darn!!! Yawns

Got her something

Bao always wanted some good bags. Oh well finally she gets it! :) Compliments from her husband me. COACH bag! And a COACH purse! Got it a a really good price, thanks to a friend who managed to get it for me from the U.S. Buying from U.S sure make the bucks count! Here is a picture of what I got for her.
The bag would have cost $969 and the purse would have cost $405 in local Coach boutique! But I got the back at $607 and the purse at $106. Thats a savings of $650+. Should had ask my friend to buy more and I'll put it up for sale huh? :) Anyway Bao love it! :) Cool! hehehe. She got a toy and so now its my turn! 

What would be my toy? For the smarter ones will know. The 2008 Macbook Pro! :) Yeah I am waiting for the delivery!! Cool! Its not gonna come only between the dates 3rd to 6th Nov! Darn this wait is surely gonna seem like 100 years!  Excitement feels me all over!! Its time to spoil myself once again after suffering so much trauma over the crappy turbulence (market). When its here I'll post more about it! 

On my stocks? I've realized my losses. Its painful but I am stress free at least...for now till I make another BUY! ;) I sold all remaining Olam at $1.08 yesterday. Thats a lost of about $7,000 ? Ouch! I just feel that this market is set for more down turn.  But today Olam went to to as high as $1.22!! Crap!!! Well it closed at $1.11 though...Still 3 cents higher then my selling price. If I were to calculate, I think I lost about $30k for this whole year? Darn! Thats sure alot of money. Maybe its also time to take a break ...a long one. Though all good counters seems so cheap. Darn.... I better THINK! Money comes in fast...goes out faster!!


Some updates!

Zach's running a fever now. It had actually been on going for about 2-3 days. Will be monitoring his temperature closely. Its between the range 37.6- 38.4 degree. But the thing is that he is still as active as ever! :) Thats good to know! Yesterday night Bao gave me a call and told me he had his finger sticked into the fan ! And he cried so badly. Thankfully it was nothing really. Really mischievous !! See if he still dares in future!! hehe. Here's a picture of him wearing the wrong size. hehe. He did it himself!! Naughty! haha
Cute huh? This little boy!! Darn! I wanna bite him so hard!! hehe. Probably later we will be going to Sister's place. Supposed to go for lunch but Sister's little kid is sick (Dex). So we are probably gonna go over, at the same time Zach can play there, Dex  has alot of toys! 

Here's a picture of Tom Cruise Singapore version. Mission Impossible huh! Nice yah? Sexy! Cool! Like his Dad? hehe. 
Mummy and Zach taking a snap! :) Kendice just can face the custamera with flash...Sigh, she would just close her eyes when the flash comes on! :( She was not like that last time!! I really wonder why! So she is always not in the pictures I take! If she's in the picture, her eyes will be CLOSED!! :(
See what I mean! hahaha Anyway this was taken on Zach's Birthday celebration! ;)  hehe... I sure put on alot of weight! Anyway I am hardly in any pictures cause I am always the one behind the clicks. :) 

Not going Sister's house already... Kendice has got tution at 5:00pm. Will be too rush. She is having her final exams next week. Stress man. Really hope she can make it well. Ahhhhh..... Being a parent is definitely not easy!


This is simply a beauty!!  I am so in love! These pictures are loaded by some mac users from macrumor forum. So lucky to have this baby almost immediately after it was launched. Sigh!! When I have mine (should I have) I will also wanna take the 'unboxing' pictures!! Apple simply steals from all the rest of the PC when it comes to packaging!
Simply amazing! Just look at how neat and stylish it is when sitting in the box!! Boy I know I need to have it!! I must have it I want to have it! Wahaha but its so far away!! Bam!!! How can I get rid of this gadget in my mind!! Its stucked!!
And its out! Beauty! Apple never fail to impress always!! They had created another beauty!! After the iPhone, I am simply so into Apple products!!  In my collection now, I have 1 iPod, 2 iPhones (12G & 1 3G) and a 24" iMac! Now I wanna add this baby to my list please!!!


This could really be it!

This could really be it! The redesigned Macbook Pro!! Really is it? This one looks the most genuine to me as compared to the others so called leaked photos! And if this is real, all I can say is that I am so tempted to get it even more!! This is a beauty! It follows the iMac design with the black trimming at the edge and thats one design that caught me when I got the iMac. I sure hope the price will be cheaper or if not the same as the current MBP. But there are also rumors that Apple will not be launching the 17 inch MBP but only the 15 inch. That's kinda sad huh? But still I will wanna get it!! But still... I would say its the money still! To spend so much again after losing so much on this stupid market! Talking about this stupid market. Man oh man! I miss the boat yet again! Last Friday I wanted to get 2 lots of City Dev but was apprehensive thus did not buy it at $6.40. Today price? It is like $7.70? Sigh. Thats like $2,300 gone!! Haizzzz.... Now Dow is soaring another 300 points up...an extend from yesterday's history rise of 936 points!! But today my Olam counter suffered a -$0.08 loss!! Crap! It was up as high as +$0.14 but ended in RED! This is crap!! Ok ok I am thinking of cutting loss now. I am just not cut for this market. Darn....my Macbook Pro seems to drift further away for now. Sigh! Whatever it is... at 1am later, the Macbook redesign will be announced. 

I shall wait up!

Is this the NEW MacBook Pro??

News had it! 14th October will be the special MacBook event!  It is already confirmed ! I meant the event but is this picture a leaked redesigned Macbook Pro? If it is really so...Oh I am in love!! :) I have been waiting so so long for this to come!! Its time to upgrade my notebook!! As in from my Sony Viao which had already went bonkers long ago. 

But it is gonna be in a $4XXX range certainly. Haizzzz... Too much to consume! Too much Too much. Looks like I am staying side line again. Stupid stock market. If not for that financial shit, I'll walk right into the Apple store and get it once its launch!! Haizzzz
Cant help but post this picture of Zach being punished! He did something wrong and he pulled his ears himself! I told him kneel down! And he did! wahaha but of course he is not taking it seriously! You can tell from the look on his 'smiling' face! ;) Wahahah he is so fun!

Belated Birthday Celebration for Zach

It was a simple family dinner, all of us gathered together for a Steamboat dinner and followed by a cake cutting for Baby Zach. :) I tried to find a Barney cake this afternoon but could not. The only Barney cakes are from Prima Deli but they need a day advance. In the end got my Sister to get a normal cake. But I improvised it! :) hehe
Haha how is that huh? I printed a picture of Barney and sticked it to the back of a spoon and punch it right into the cake! ;) hehe. And Zach of course was so excited about the cake! wahaha so cute so fun!!  

Anyway its back to work tomorrow!! Yawns!  And ready to see more RED on Singapore market!! Darn!

Whatever it is... I just have to see Zach and I will be fine. 

2 Videos of Baby Zach Sulking !! hahaha

Here are 2 videos taken sometime again out on a family dinner where Zach was like sulking after Zhiwei scolded him! It was so funny! Check them out!! :) 

Cute huh? :) Anyway Sister and kids are here already! Brother and Jiayi on the way! We are having a family dinner. :) Also a mini celebration for Baby Zach!


Happy Birthday to Baby Zach! He's 2 years old!!

11th Oct !! Thats his birthday! And he is 2 years old!! Woooohoooooo. Time really fly!! We did not celebrate like his 1st year old party of course. Did not plan to do it! But tomorrow we will be having a family dinner together, to give him a simple celebration. :) Only Sunday everyone will be free. He has grown so much! :) I am uploading a video on youtube now! He is really cute in this 2 videos!! He is like sulking when Zhiwei was scolding him! Really cute! Gotta see it for yourself and ya know!! Tomorrow maybe if we can all wake up earlier, we could go play sand! Kendice and Zach will love it! :) Happy 2nd Birthday baby Zach! Tomorrow I'll load up some pictures!! :)

Money is flying away for me... Thats all I can say. Dow is at 8000 + level. DEAD for me. Lost 1k just now gambling with my men. Dead again.  4D ran also. Dead also. So much financial shit happening these days for me. Dead!!

Thank God I have got Zach and Kendice. They bring a smile to me.


Its simply not my time, not lately. Financially I've been hit hard!! I got some shares and the U.S market hit them down really hard. Lost $3k plus in 5 days. Realized lost. Paper lost not in. Don't want to think about it. US is indeed coming close or even started RECESSION, just that those top leaders simply do not want to admit it! Dow was down below the critical level of 10,000 points last night. Its 9,955.50 points now. Tonight it might see some recovery but it would not be significant certainly. Ahhhhh so much hope dashed!! Not just that I ran 4D again!! And its again 1st PRIZE!! It opened 7751 on Sunday!! Whats my number? Its 0751!! Ouch!!! $20,000 gone just like that! Infact that same day 9514 opened consolation. My car is 9518! Thats $650 gone! The first prize was a real pain yet again!! Arghhhh financially its really weighing me down! Sigh!! 4D Gods? What happened!!? haha.

Mum will be closing her stall early today, she is still injured rather badly from the burnt last week. Sigh...She scalded her right leg, thigh down to feet. Sigh. She rested 3 days but carried on today though the wound is totally still very fresh! Sigh. So heart pain. I hope she will close early always starting from today!! 

I am gonna go play with Zach now!!

Another Fun Picture!

Push that Barnies!

Taken yesterday also, Zach was pushing his Barnies off to the ground ! With that he will giggle so hard! hehe. Okay, going to work now... Gotta send Zach to the Childcare before that! Usual! Think I am gonna be late!! 

Zach has new friends

I had tried to get Zach's interests from Lion Dance to Barney before by showing him Barney on YouTube but he was simply not interested back then. I believe it was the childcare that got his interest on Barney! And he totally is crazy with Barney! He love it so much! He has always been showing me Barney on his bag!! Also he keep wanting to see Barney VCD all the time :) So I got him a small Singing Barney few days back and decided since it was Childrens' Day today I got him another bigh talking Barney!! hehe.  I got Kendice a Little Mermaid sling bag and a sticker. :) Here's a picture of Zach and his new friends!! heh
I had to censored his hehe ;) Anyway he loves his Barneys! ;) But he seems to like his small singing Barney more!! darn!! hahaha.  He just pee in the room!! And he came to me and "Oh oh" and I knew he pee on the floor!! Beat his hands and he cried!  He is already toilet trained!! He does this once in a while... hehe. And now he is disturbing me!! On my lap now! haha and is saying koo koo bird!! haha

Anyway Dow set to fall today... Sigh! It dropped 777 points on Monday. Biggest drop in 20 years! Sigh... and I got 2 lots of Keppel a day before. Sigh. But the next day Dow gained 485 points!! But the following day which is today Singapore market is closed for Hari Raya. And now Dow set to fall today... OMG! Tomorrow STI will plunge likely. Sigh.

HELP!! Sad Man this financial market! :( 
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!