What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

I got a new Toy!!

What a day! Hehehe I received a gift some someone! hehe. And guess what is it? Its the TIME CAPSULE!! Wahaha, always wanted to buy that but did not cause its so expensive, and guess what? I got it as a gift!! Woooohoooo. Had a rather difficult time setting up! But now its doing well and backing up all data from my Mac now!!

 Yep! This picture tell it all! Its the 1TB Time Capsule that works wirelessly! Right this moment I am backing up 51 Gig worth of data from my Mac Wirelessly!! Cool man!! Really a cool gadget!! haha. One more down! Whats my next gadget to get huh? Heeheehee.  2.4gigs for data already back up on the Time Machine already! Consider it fast on a wireless network already!! Ahhh was saddened by the new iMac launch yesterday but with this Time Capsule, its a medicine! wahahaha.

I go play with Zach!!! 


Thats a picture taken by Xiaohui, my long time friend. Caught up with her just now at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Its been awhile I last seen her. And yes, she gained more weigh!! (if you are reading this, hehehe) Anyway it was a short caught up as Kendice was with us as well and she was feeling unwell. Wanted to vomit, so went back quite soon. Nice meeting you Xiaohui!!

Anyway I am super PISSED and SAD. You see I got my Apple iMac 24" with the specs of 2.4Ghz  and I paid $2988. And just a week later TODAY, the same model is launched and it is selling $2,788 and it comes with 2.8Ghz!!! ARGHhhhhh I am so super pissed!! Is there some where I can write to for a complain for unfair trading!?? ERRRrrr, I guess not!! But I am feeling so sucky now! Felt so cheated BIG TIME!!! Arghhhh. 


Woke up Early

Woke up like 4:50am today. Slept like before 12:00am yesterday, guess thats why...So came online and check the Apple thread out, check out some Photoshop tutorial from http://www.photoshopfordigitalphotography.com . A very good site to pick up tips on Photoshop. I wish I had that kinda knowledge. Anyway, since I am up this early, here I am blogging. And now its seems that blogging had become a part of me now! Still remember when I was much younger, I used to write diary! Infact I still have some of those I wrote! It'll be fun to read them now, especially after so many years.  I got tonnes of my ex-girlfriend's note to me. Hah.. for memories sake, I am keeping them. ;) 

Ahhh here's another picture of Zach in a very laid back position! How slack he is!! :) hahah but how CUTE he is!  Touched up abit on Photoshop after picking some tips from that tutorial site.
Not sure when this picture was taken... Wait a minute! hah with Lightroom photo management I can simply check the date! Ahhh but lazy to check! ;) But I believe this is taken using Bao's camera which is greatly neglected! And I am still paying the monthly installment!! Darn, no money liao!! Oopps. Secret let out!! haha.  

Ahhhh its 05:52am already!! Timing to go work real soon! Monday!! Darn I kinda dread Monday! The start of a brand new week. Its TIRING to know that there is 5 days ahead to work!! Wish I could retire before 30 and go around the world to tour!! Always dreaming the easy way out !! But, I am not born rich! Oh well, too bad! WORK WORK WORK!!! Gotta wake Kendice up soon! 


Lost Battle from all side.

Yesterday mahjong was another defeat. Yet again. Darn that place is simply against me!! Especially using that particular mahjong set. Not good!! How do I get this jinx lifted huh? 4D Gods did not visit me yesterday as well even though I bought quite alot of numbers. Sad man!! Wasted so much money! Pain!! Lost $160 yesterday!! Darn! Ya know why I lost? Cause of Manchester United!! Sigh... whenever they lose, I always lose. Its always been this way. Weird huh? Anyway yesterday was the BIG match and it was 2-1 , Chelsea won Man Utd, last 3 games in the league and Man Utd lost!! Now points are level but Man Utd still remain on the top with the goals different. But its going to be so stressful for United now. Sigh...If things go wrong, they might not win any CUP!! AHhhhh...heart sank when I heard Chelsea scored a late goal through penalty, think it was the 86 minute. A draw with Chelsea will almost secure them the League Champion. ARGHHHHH!!! Sucks!!

Anyway just another picture of Zach striking the CUTE pose. Ahhhhh whatever unhappy crap will all go away seeing this little boy! Daddy love you Zach!!

Timeshare is SHIT! Its CRAP!!!!!

Timeshare is nothing but SCAM! Whoever is reading this, please take this advise seriously and NEVER fall into their trap! Darn, back in 2002 I bought a stupid time share membership with my ex-girlfriend. We wanted to terminate it back then but was denied stating that the contract we signed did not allow that! And we defaulted payment. A few warning letters sent to me but I simply ignored them. They warned that if we do  continue to pay, legal suit will be filed against us! Darn!! Crap! Years later, now they got another company to handle my case!! VILLAS & HOTELS. Same thing, letters sent by this crappy Timeshare company trying to ask me to convert my membership!! I ignored them once again! Again if I do not respond by 30th April, they will file a legal suit on me. I AM IGNORING them!!! I am fed up!! Stupid timeshare shit! SCAMMED us into buying something that was not like what was promised. Stressed by this shit! And this ex-girlfriend of mine simply BO CHAP. Crap. Whatever that is going to happen, I am just 50% of the owner. Oh well, I doubt this ERI will take any actions against me anyway!! Get the F off my life!!

I will be going to PMC's place for mahjong at 7:30 pm. Infact yesterday I played there as well and won!! Wahaha finally a victory there! won $180 there about. SHOICK. Later will increase my winnings!! ;) 
Here's a picture taken yesterday. He is happily eating the jelly! This boy eats alot of junks!! Haha. Just now I went to pick him up after soccer at market. Brought him home, played with him and put him to sleep! Now he is up and making aot of noise!! hehe. He pee on the my bed!! Oh no oh no!! BAD BAD Zach!!  Gonna bite his butt! Wahahaha. Love you BOY! Miss Kendice!!

Darn  I am so thirsty !! ICE COLD COKE!

Non Working Day!

I stayed home today and look after Zach, I took a child care day leave. Was tired and also to stay home and look after him. We had lotsa fun together though. Check this picture, whenever I say "CUTE" Zach will respond and strike this pose! hehe...Who else but his Father who taught him this! Infact there's another that I taught him lately, is "FUNNY FACE" and he will respond by putting his hands on his cheeks trying to make a funny expression! Cute Boy yah! Really fun to be with him, if I can quit my job and be with him every minute, that'll be so cool! But he tends to get on my nerves when he throw his tantrums!! Naughty boy!!  hehe... Another picture on him, seems like he is dreaming in this 2nd picture! Ahhhh I am getting use to Lightroom!  But all I am doing is just the basics though. Enough for an hobbyist like me lah. 
AAnyway Man Utd missed a good chance to win Barcelona yesterday, sigh. They were given a penalty at the 02nd min in the game!! Ronaldo missed it!! Anyway the entire match was dominated by Barca!! Man Utd was lucky not to have lost it! It was a goal-less game! Next week shall watch again. 

Singapore market was down today by 16 points but SGX was up I think $0.20. It was higher in the mid day. Oh well... Hope tomorrow it will go up lah! Now Dow is DOWN!! Waste time!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh... I have a secret! heheh

I am stuck on Mac. Lightroom or Aperture?

What a day! ;) I think I kinda forget about blogging yesterday! Was simply too engrossed on the iMac. Learning tips and tricks and also learning how to use Adobe Lightroom! Which I am still very much a noob! I need something to manage my photographs!! I am contemplating if I should use Apple Aperture 2.0 or Adobe Lightroom! Infact I was following some Lightroom tutorials from this site  " http://projectphotoshoplightroom.com/about.php?p=tutorials " its a very comprehensive video tutorials for newbies like myself. I have imported some pictures into Lightroom already. Think I will give Apple Aperture a skip for now. Though I read on the magazine MacWorld that the latest Aperture is alot better now. hahah. Whatever!! As long as I know how to use! Maybe later I will continue some more tutorials!! Wahhaha. Fun! Anyway I got 3 Mac magazines now!! I am MAC siao now. Anyway after using the iMac for these few days, I really think that Windows cannot make it. So much problems, so laggy so much spywares, viruses!! Infact my VISTA has virus now! :( Gonna reformat it soon.

Anyway, Zach fell down yesterday, hit his head quite hard again! :( My heart so pain... My wife left him in the bathroom, he slipped and fell. Ouch!! Poor boy..But he is okay lah! :)  He is sleeping now. Cute little boy. I taught him new stuffs. Tomorrow will take some more picture of him!

Later maybe will stay up to watch Man Utd Game!! :)

Mum on Chinese Newspaper!!

Yep, thats right! Mum went on the Chinese Gossip Newspaper! Its the WAN BAO, that paper that always talk about gossip! Hahah. Its about her selling her desserts at one of the lowest in Singapore. Here's the paper cutting! Actually its all about the price of food rising round the world and Singapore is not spared. Thus many Hawkers also increased their prices. But Mum insisted on maintaining her current prices. Oh well, that cause some people to write in the the Press and thus reporter came interviewed Mum. Few other stalls as well also 

I guess the Chinese words means, desserts only selling at $0.80?? I think so... If I can read correctly! Wahahaha... Famous already! ;) Mum wanted to me to print out and enlarge the cutting, she probably wanna paste on her stall! 

Bao is right now at her friend's place, gambling! Thus I am home earlier to look after Zach. He is sleeping on my bed now. He pee on the bed leh!! He was crying just now! I should have know that he wants to pee already!! Too late...and some went onto the bed. Infact now Zach don't really wear pampers. When he needs to PEE or POO, he will tell us! Smart boy!!

Kinda tired... Maybe I should go rest awhile. meanwhile leave my Mac on, downloading something. hehehehe.

iMac can make me get older in a expedite timeframe!!

Don't think I have ever loaded this picture online. Its one of my favorites! :) That I remember then bought 2 books for Zach and he was so excited even though he totally have no idea what was that then. Keep flipping the pages around and I know I had to capture that moment! Splendid I must say! ;) Think this was taken when he was about 09 months there about? Think gotta take these books out once again. Gotta teach him! hah... Zach is indeed a smart boy! :) Love him simply too much! Actually he just poo! And I just cleaned him buttocks!! Darn his crap so big!! Wahahaha. Darn never imagine I will be cleaning ass! Thats when they say , wait till you become a father and you will have to do all these! ;) 

Anyway I am still cracking my brain cells on this iMac. Ahhhhhh still unable to set up a full network sharing over my Vista and Mac. I need this option badly! I need to transfer pictures to my Mac ehhh!! :( Read up here and there still unable to solve it!! Pissed man!! Anyway I think I might need to get an External HDD to do back up files. And probably buy Aperture 2.0 to manage and simple editing for pictures. Photoshop too EX man!! Mac is making me old now. Stressed!! 

At 1pm later, I will be going to have my weekly soccer game. On soccer, crap! Man Utd drew 1-1! Darn they should have work their asses off and win it last night! Now there is gonna be pressure on them as Chelsea is poking them now!!  Gonna be an exciting road to the title!!

I LOVE MY iMAC but I am stressed!!

What a Mac Day... still LOST man!

Had lunch with Kristine at Fish & Company this afternoon, been awhile since I last eat this. NICE! heheh Of cuz its her treat lah! I did not bring wallet! Opps. She even had to pay for my car wash!! haha...Anyway we visited the Apple Retailer shop at Parkway. Darn, I bought the iMac already but I am still running back to Apple shop for? I guess the feeling of a new toy is simply goes ooooohhhh. Ok Ok I am talking nonsense! By the way I am still having alot of issues with this new baby. I really do not know how to use it or even understand it!! Especially the iPhoto, the photographs management and simple editing tools. This iPhoto creates duplicate copy of some photos should it learns to re-adjust them like rotate and in that sense it will duplicate the photo but one modified and one original! That would means more disk space will be used! I really find that DUMB!! Takes up unnecessary space! Darn! I don't think I want to use iPhoto no more. But its really a neat photo sorter!! Looks like I have to spend some more money to acquire something better! Photoshop is so expensive leh! Maybe can try Aperture 2.0, from what I have been reading, this seems like a solution. Another big issue I cannot solve is creating FILE SHARING between my VISTA and the new Mac. I need to transfer documents over! Mainly Photos. Sigh... I can't seems to get it right!! I can see the shared folder appearing on the Mac and on the PC but it simply will not work after that! Can't assess the folders!! Darn!!! Head ache man!! All I can say is that I have a long way to master this Mac!!

On Zach, I looked after him from about 8pm till 11:30pm as Bao went help Mum at the stall. Man this boy is really so naughty, everything wants his way!! Fed up! But happy fed up la. hah...Don't give him the things he want, he will CRY!! Cry till eyes red, super teary. And you just have to give in! He is just so clue man! Wahaha...I bite his butt just now!! He is sleeping soundly already now.. I had a hard time putting him to bed man! But I did it!! Yeah! ;) 

Anyway I bought the Air Tickets for all of us for Vietnam this coming June school holidays. Initially I have no intentions of going back but I just can't bear the thoughts of not seeing Zach for 2 weeks, so I will go back with Bao the first week and then I will return with Kendice first ( She needs to study) So I will not be able to see Zach for a whole week. :( Oh well what to do, Bao has to settle her teeth. It will take min 2 weeks!! Anyway the Air Tickets are cheap this time round! Infact alot cheaper! All in all only $500 odd. Thats for 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant. Thought its a good buy. Tiger Airway anyway! 

I spent alot this month ....AGAIN. Sigh.. Looks like gonna eat grass for the next 2-3 months. Sighhhh..... 

My Boy is so Cute!

He is simply too cute !! Can't stand it man! Hahaha.. Zach is really an Envy in many peoples' eyes. Really gald that he is my son! :) I told him to put the box over his head and he complied! What a smart boy!! Snapped a few shots and I have to post it online!! I can't stop singing praises about this baby, he is really very smart. He really can absorb things so fast and once!! Amazing! I hope his smartness can last all the way man!! haha Hope he is the type able to study well in future. No one can tell now.. hah but thats what I hope la! Be someone useful!! Wahaha, BIG plans for a small boy!! 

He is making so much noise outside now... Very grumpy lately! Abit also cry!! Showing his "PI QI" haha. Ehhh he just ran into the room...and out
 again! Wahaha. I am thinking how many more months should I start to send him to those child care center. Hmmm maybe another 1.5 years?  If that happens, I guess we will miss him so much!! hee. :) I love you Baby Zach!! Daddy, Mummy everyone LOVE You!!

Hmmmmmm... here's another picture of my new setup! hah the BOSE speaker is fixed! Really powerful speakers... The sound totally rocks!! Love it! hehe. I love my Apple! But currently now I am still not able to do alot of things in term of editing photos on this iMac. Ahhhhh I shall figure it out later!! Another prob is, I can't set a network between my PC and iMac. Not to mention installing network printer. Ahhhh.

I love my iMac!!  (ending with a picture of Zach pushing the iMac box)

Still figuring out this Mac!

Yep! Not sleeping yet! Still playing with this new Baby! hehehe. Its really very cool, super stylish and totally like a concept computer to me. Love it! But I hope that I will not fall out of it this soon! After all it cost me quite a bomb!! Ouch! 

Anyway my heart aches big time man! If only I had hold Sembmarine till today, I would be a very happy man! It SHOT up so much! Basically what it lost the past few days, it got back everything! Maybe more tomorrow looking at how strong Dow Jones is currently! Its up +163! I forsee that it will go up further later. Ouch!! I could had made about $1,000 more if I were to sell it off today and not 2 days back or is it yesterday? hmmm. Anyway what over is over! SPC was the most unbelievable one!! It shot up by $0.60 today!! Thats CRAZY!! Those who bought few days back... make BIG TIME man! Within 3-4 days I think this counter went up $1.50 thereabout? Solid! Oil prices is pushing this counter! Why did not buy!!?? Anyway here's another picture of Baby Zach, again sitting on his poo bowl! Ahhh I miss him already, he is sleeping soundly next room! He is really learning things very fast! STRONG baby! :) hehe...Love him Love him!!

Ohhhh.... Anyway I ran 4D again today!! Darn!! Bought 8777 and Starter opened 6777!! If not I would be $1,000 richer!! Aiyahhhh...Why the 4D Gods choose not to visit me huh?? Gave me a almost 'Kenna' feeling but its all for nothing! If not it would cover for this new purchase some bit!! 4D Gods, pls visit me this coming Saturday or Sunday, okay?

Ohhhh I am crazy!! Money is driving me crazyyyyy....

Its a brand new Day for my IT life!

What does that title means? Ahhhh its a milestone in my life in the area of IT! Hahaha.. I got myself a iMac! Really cool piece of equipment! It is not cheap obviously! But I did it on installment plan! Thus the pain is much lesser lah! haha Still I paid an upfront of $1500! That is still an OUCH! ;( Anyway I guess its time for me to try the Apple world out! After the iPhone I must say that I am very impressed with Apple products! I may be a newly converted guy! But I am totally LOST right now on Mac!! I am soooo lost! O do not know many things!! How to use the Mac! I am on the basics now!! I guess I have ALOT to read up on Mac OS ! For now I will simply stay on the basics and nothing more!! MSN is the first to go! Anyway here is the picture of my table now!! haha

Looks like my table is totally cramped up now! Wahahahah. its a happy problem huh? Finally a Mac!!! Cool huh? But in time I am planning of shifting the Windows PC to Kendice's Room. The plan is to let her have full owner ship of the PC. :) I guess that will bring some sense of responsibilities to her! 

The Up and now the Down

Just talked about having a solid victory on mahjong yesterday but today I have to vomit everything back all over again!!! Ahhhhhhh....its the stock market again. After last Friday heavy beating of Dow Jones. Today STI suffered about 88 points beating. Basically all stocks that I know of have seen a blood pool. SGX dropped by $0.35 to $7.93 and Sembmarine went down by $0.16 to $3.35! I have to pay my loses tomorrow for the 3 lots of SML. (bought at $3.47) for the past 2 days it had been above my buy in value! Darn today's beating really killed my hopes!! Arghhhhhh today the loses amounted close to $1,000!! What's the point of my victory on mahjong yesterday?? Waste time...also I had passed back the outstanding $2,000 I owed Kristine!! Wahhhhh heavy again for me!! Looks like my plan for a iMac/MBA have to hold for ALS real long time. Sigh.

Like I always say... When its down for me. I think of someone and all will be fine! And he is none other then my Zach!! Super cute man!! He is learning new stuffs like everyday! He knows how to say his name already! When I asked him what is your name. He would reply ZACH!! Hahaha really cool!! He had learn to identify more stuffs already!!! So fun!! Just now he sat on his pool bowl... He had no need to poo but Bao and me kept giving him the 'nggggggg' sound and he really force himself and a few splashes of poo really came out!! Hahah so funny man!!! I will try to catch of on the camera in future!!!

Its resting time for now...tomorrow I will load some pictures up!! Yawns....

Profit today!!!

What a day it has been today!! Morning I had to return to office although it supposed to be a non working da due to some last minute issues I need to settle with my guys. Oh well I had already planned to play mahjong with my guys after that. Went to Phua's place for mahjong with Cheng and Keng Wee. We played $1 $2 up to 6 folds! Guess what? End of round 3 I won $730!! This the first time I won so much on mahjong in a single game! Wooooo. Phua lost alot ! Think he lost $460 and Keng Wee lost $390. Cheng was lucky... Won $80! Best was still me lah!! Played till like 6pm. Rushed home. Rest awhile and headed to PMC's place for second round of majhong!! Hah non stop mahjong man!! Anyway a PMC's place I tend to lose! Lost $140!! Crap!! But in all I won $590!! Still very good! Hehe.. Spare cash this week! Wahahah but I don't wanna think about Monday!! Dow suffered -256 drop! Come Monday... Sigh. Really date not to think of my 3 lots of Sembmarine! For SGX I don't really bother got now since already paid!! Bought SML at $3.46 but Friday close was $3.51. Really don't wanna see a big drop!!!

Ahhhhh guess why? Zach is sleeping beside me now while I am typing this on my iPhone! Zach is really a very fast learner!! Taught him new things daily and he remember!! Really super cute man!!! Its late.... 2:44am now!! I better go sleep for now. Shagged out man!!

I love today as its PAYDAY!

Yeah! 10th is my payday! Love this day! But I am under paid! I mean I feel that I am under paid? haha...okok I am okay lah. :) But I still need the 4D Gods to pay me more visits!! They almost paid me a visit yesterday but I guess they changed their minds last minute. Ouch! I just can't get over it man! Sooooo close!! Arghhhh....
Anyway the market did not go well today AGAIN! Darn!!! SGX was up $0.18 but it ended -$0.02 when trading closed! Darn!! Crap! Its below $8 ...at $7.98 now! :( Thats $1k in the red for this lot I bought! But I bought another 3 lots of Sembmarine today at $3.47, it closed at $3.55. Not bad on this one! But I hope today...Friday. It can rise more...and I will let go! I don't think I want to hold this 3 lots. Shall see!! Currently Dow is up by 95 points!! Thats good news!! Hmmmmmm.... Pls pls pls maintain!!
Zach is crying!! This picture is taken just like 6 minutes ago!! He is still very grumpy due to his sickness. But he is recovering fast. :) Brought him back to the same clinic today to get more medicine. He is better already....he did not vomit today! :) Seeing him vomit aches both our hearts BIG TIME!

Ahhhh this picture below... can see his tears still! hahaha CUTE!!! Love you Boy!!!

I wanna CRY out loud!!

ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Stocks has been down real bad for these past 2 days. The value of SGX went down by as much as $1.00!! Thats like SGD$1000!! And guess what? Today is Wednesday, 4D draw day!! I dreamt of a number and I bought it!! Guess what? SAME AS BEFORE!! I almost strike !!! And Guess what? Its the same 3 digit that differed!! :( I bought 1746 and the 1st PRIZE opened 1736!! Not just that!! I also bought my House unit number 3042 but the 3rd PRIZE opened 3442!! Its like a sharp knife right through my heart !! Not just that!! I still buy the 0751 but starter opened 4751!!!

Missing out the first prize was the most painful!! And it was the same as then when I dreamt of 8848 and 1st PRIZE opened 8818!! Now its 1736 but it opened 1746!!! Same 3rd digit!!! Whyyyy??

OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!! What happened!!!!?? My heart is sinking!! This money if strike will really come in handy for my wife's dental which is going to cost me a BOMB! :( Sighhhh . These few days simply bad for me...Work I have tough decision I have to make, home my Baby Zach got sick and STI is crapping me...and now this 4D run! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Whatever happens.... I look at my Boy...and all is fine. This picture was taken when he was sick and I took a day child sick leave to look after him. Yeah he likes to sleep in this position. Haha...Cute huh? Okok... my Boy is more important then any 4D prize! Thats certainly! Here is his kewl position when he sleep. ;)

He is still sick as of now. But I think he is recovering well but he still vomit very often especially when he cough. With Zach.... I am more then satisfied in life! But I really wouldn't mind striking some more 4D!!! Better our lives!! :)

My boy is sick... :(

Zach is sick... Sigh. He vomitted so many times. When he vomits, you can see that he is suffering, as if he cant breath! Ouch... Pains me heart. 心痛!!! Anyway I took a day child sick leave to look after him. Wife now at Mum's stall helping out. Infact I was already dressed for work this morning but when I saw Zach vomitting so painfully. (He just came to me "ngggggg" hahaha meaning he wanna pee or crap!! Haha sat him down on his bowl! Looks like its poo!! Hahaha it is!! Confirm! Saw the poo!! Or rather smelled it!!so smart my Zach!!) anyway I sent Kendice to school then came back brought Zach to see Doctor at Geylang. Always visit this doctor. Bao said he is good or rather Zach recover fast after taking his medinicine. Anyway Zach spilled almost an entire bottle of medicien when I forced fed him just now.

Bad day!! Zach fell sick... So as SGX!! Down $0.31 !! Sigh!!
( gotta clean Zach's ass now!! Hahaha)

Zach and his new friends

Yep! Zach has additional friends! ;) I got him Cookie Monster and Brother got him Elmo! Picture above ... Zach has new friends! Guess how much that Elmo cost? $100++ Its a giggling Elmo! Heard it was one of the hottest selling toys back in the U.S! You tap his stomach or his feet, Elmo will giggle and wave his right hand! Very funny! Zach will laugh once Elmo starts his giggling! ;) At least the once " dead " cookie monster is back! Wahahaha. This next picture .... ahem. hehe. Its like a leash for a dog huh? But its for Toodlers!! Like Zach! The super active ones!!

This will definately comes in handy! Zach don't walk, he only RUN! haha. He is too active for most people to handle! Brother in Law (Zhiwei) bought it for Zach!! Haha...Think Bao will use it very often !! I wonder how will other look at it!! hehehe.

Anyway We had family dinner just now at Cocoa just now, yep it was my treat, $238! Should had been more but Brother and Jiayi did not eat as they had heavy lunch! Oh well...After that we went Swensen! ;) That one was paid by Mum! hehe. This morning I accompanied Mum to visit Dad, Grandmother and Grandfathers. Its QING MING, went to pay respect to them. Really miss my Dad and Grandparents. Its been like 20 years since my Dad passed on. Wow... what a long time!! About 10 years for my Grandpa (Father's side) Time really fly... I miss you guys!!

Bless us.... okay? :)

June she wants to go back again....

Just finished 2 big bowl of noodles. Instant noodles but cooked it normally and added ingredients. Now super full!! Darn. Anyway before that, was at PMC's place for mahjong again. And I must say the couple had super luck today!! Quite some numbers of ZI MO 5 folds man!! That's $105 per ZI MO!! Darn!! They won $430+!! Shoick!! The other 2 players lost big at $214 each. I lost as well but luckily only $10!! Hehehehe.

Bao Bao just told me that she wants to go back Vietnam this coming June to do her teeth. Gonna cost a bomb certainly but she said it will be for 2 weeks!! Meaning I will not be able to see my Zach for this long!!! Sigh.. Every year, when I have some money, it will all be used up whenever we visit Vietnam. Sigh. But if she really go back for 2 weeks... I will die missing Zach!! Now I am so stress.



Just got back from a succesful battle from PMC's place. I have been losing like 3 in a row there amounting to about $500 or more? But since that day I played with my friends at my house which I won. And that was the day where my mahjong luck comes back!! Just now, within 1 round I was losing like $150 or more! But when the luck comes... Wow its just seems like always! Always flowing! SHOICK man! What tiles you want, it will come! But when arse luck follow you...Then its OMG! Wahaha. Anyway tomorrow I will be returning for round 2!! ;) Gotta start my winning streak! Ohhh anyway I won $180 just now :)

Think I better catch some sleep!! Its 0341 hrs!! LATE man!!

Zach is learning Fast!! :)

Hahah Check this video out!! Something amazing! Zach is learning fast! Oh well not perfect but he is NEAR! I will try my best to teach him new stuffs daily! Max him out at 17 months!! Kidding... haha. So far he is able to identify these items!


Many more to come!! Wahahaha.

Ok ok here's another! Hahah Check the last part where he BLINK HIS EYES!! Wahahaha Soooooo Cute man!! Big time!! I LOVE YOU MY DEAR!!!

Looking at Zach's 1 Year Old Birthday

I am looking through the pictures of Zach on his 1 year old Birthday. Gosh he really grew alot! He was fatter then! Okay...rephrase, its more chubby! Wahaha. Something to start of with on his birthday then! Bao Bao and Zach taking this shot together! :) Zach was 1 then! Hahaha... Then his hair was so little! Actually even now! Hahah need to go plant more hair on his head! heh. I still remember then he was so tired as he had to be shown to everyone! When it was time for him to rest, he dropped into a deep sleep instantly! haha.. My baby! Love him so much!

His cake so super HUGE then! Just compare it with his body! haha..massive cake ! Anyway Sister paid for it! Not cheap! :) What sweet memories!! I wonder will I ever want to celebrate his birthday at such a big scale in future. Hmmmm.....I guess not. Maybe when he is 21! He can do it himself and invite me, or maybe by then he will probably forget his old man! I hope not though!! ;)

Alright.... Today SGX went up by $0.50!! I think it closed at $8.80! POWER man! SGX is indeed doing really well! Guess what? I recieved China Oil Field AGM report today!! Wahahaha ... After a day selling all my 10 lots! They sent me their AGM report! Waste time! hahah. ;) I hope tomorrow STI will soar once again!! BIG TIME! Oh I played majhong yesterday night! Yeo LW, Ang KW and Tock YW called me for a game at 1900hrs, well..we play 3 rounds! I was high on luck last night! At the LAST game I was up by $220 +!! But I threw a 6 folds to Tock!! Darn!! LAST game and I gave $84 away!! OUCH!! Okay lah...Can't complain, I still won $140 even after giving that 6 folds! ;)

Time for dinner... Looks like its gonna be AJISEN again! ;)

STI shines today!

Current STI is up by about 70 points to 3116! Today is a soaring day! Thanks to Dow Jones closing up +391 points last night! It was reported that the worst of the crisis might just be over, but then again, can you believe it? I had heard this rumours before, anyway I let go my China Oil today at a lost of -$7.99! Wahaha. Forget it! Just forget it! This counter is useless!! No volume at all. Today stucked! I was telling James, its like a fly being stucked in the Spider Web! hahaha. Infact this morning when it opened for trading, within 3 minutes it was up to $0.46! I queued at that price but failed to get it DONE! Oh well... It started dropping like bird poo. And decided enough is enough! Its -$7.99! Give it to the Exchange!! Wahaha. As for SGX its solid today! Right this moment it is up by +$0.60 at $8.25. All time high for the day was $8.36!! POwer! If only I had average out when it was just $6++!! If only!! haha

Zach is sleeping soundly at the next room now. CUteeeeee. :) I shall monitor the market live for now! hehe

I can't help but post this picture!

hahah he is so messy in this picture! But thats the idea huh? Fun!! Chocolate all over! Thats my lovely boy! His name is Zach! Hahaha



You got me right! Yes the hour plus boat ride was well worth it although I am feeling seasick even right now! ;) hehehe... Money earned! wahaha. Maybe not earn but WON! ;) Yeap!! Nick, Phua and myself, we each took $300 (total $900) and pooled the money and gambled away! Started with Phua, I also starting a leg (Blackjack) and it was then where the fun starts! Phua placed bigger bets through out up to MAX of $500 (lost that one) but constantly he placed about $200 where I placed max $200 but constantly about $85 -$100. I started with $100 and in no time I had like $1,500 thereabout! Phua started with $800 and in no time it was $4,000 thereabout! Nick simply sat beside us and support us! All I can say is that MONEY luck was on our side. We kept winning!! Well...We left the place for the 1430hr boat! ;) Well disciplined huh!? Haha Phua wanted to go on but I insisted that enough is enough! Target met!! Each of us won $1170!! Thats in just a mere 3 -4 hours! ;) Could had been alittle more if we stopped abit earlier! Still... Its a VICTORY!! Woooooooo...Check the picture!! Money!! More more more!! hahah its GREAT man! Thats additional money to be spent again! hehehe.. Okok I will use it to pay BILLS! Darn this money the credit card bills are SCARY! Wooo. But I wanna buy this!! :( It is soooooo tempting!!!

Anyway I just came back from Mum's stall after bring Bao, Kendice and Zach to Vivio City for dinner, Dien Xiao Er. Great food! Bought a big Teddy Bear for Kendice! She loves it! Anyway Mum bought Zach an electrical motorbike! hehe. He's too young to learn how to ride it...But in time I am sure he will! ;)Notice the Cookie Monster behind? hehe..I bought it for Zach. Guess he had just killed it! Wahaha. He is too engrossed on the TV screen. Can't get him to look into the iPhone! haha Loveeee you Baby Zach! Its a happy Day!! Extra money! And Stocks are Up as well!!


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