What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Tomorrow is Gambling Day! Wahahha

Tomorrow I will be meeting 2 of my friends to go on a cruise! hehe. Its been awhile since I last went on board a cruise! Anyway its a gambling trip! Casino Ship! I applied leave to go on board okay! hehehe, actually I just go for the fun of it la. Also not to be a spoil sport again la. My colleague had asked me many times but I always did not go. So after today's FAT pay, hehehe I thought its okay to go try my luck! Will bring about $1,000 to try out my luck, see if it will multiply! You know my heart still ache when I think about the 4D yesterday...So close yet so far!! Ouch! Anyway today morning, when the market opened, China Oil actually went to to as high as $0.45!! But I hesistated to sell!! End of the day it dropped to $0.41!! :( And now at the lost again! Of course market was red at the close with SGX down by $0.25 as well. Lost money today again! Sighhhhhhhhh. And now... DOW is red!!

Today something is wrong with Zach, he cry at the slighest issue. Been hearing his cries now and then. Infact now he is too. Hmmmm. Hope he is fine. He should be la! No matter how... he is always super active. Running about all day, knocks and bumps all the time! Ouch! So much noise from him right now! hahaha.

4D Gods!! Where are you?? Pls pay me another visit okay?? Pleasssseeee??

Back from Family Dinner...and a OUCH!

Dinner was great, but why an OUCH? This OUCH is sooooo pain! The 4D Gods almost knocked on my door again! Sadly it was so close... You see I had a dream last night, I had 4 numbers given to me. But I can't really recall the number to be 8848 or 4484. So on the safe side I bought both!! $2 Big and $4 Small. Today first prize opened and my heart SANK! It opened 8818!!!!!! Thats like $20,000 gone just because of 1 single digit!! Thats pure pain man!! Can't believe my eyes when I saw that number. Oh well... can't complain lah! After all I did strike a 2nd prize on the 23rd this month. Not so bad la... but it could had been more!! Then I can really buy my MBA!! Ouch!

Ok Ok the iPhone camera sure sucks!! The quality is bad, not to mention in low light... it totally sucks! But still this picture tells a thousand words! Denise's Birthday! Sister's treat today! Of course lah! Her daughter's Birthday! But next week I will be giving all of them a treat, probably it will be at COCOA! :) Later I'll come online and post more of Zach's Pictures!

My boy fell... It hurts me so bad!!

Zach fell!! :( Darn... seeing his bruises makes my heart swell!! Bao and Mum brought him out for lunch, he fell when he was running. Darn!! Heard from Mum that Bao Bao cried. Thats of course la! Poor little Zach. Aiyoh... this boy is simply too active man! How to control him huh!! Then again, I bet he is like me when I was like his age. Haha...thats why its always said as like Father like

Son! This picture show his wounds up close! HEART PAIN MAN!!!!
Anyway later we will be meeting up Sister and Brother for dinner, gonna celebrate Denise's Birthday! I have to give a BIG red packet to Denise since I just struck 4D! Blessed money!! wooooo... Hope today the 4D Gods will shine upon me once again!! :)


Zach's Video is up!

Call me Papa!!

Finally I got the video up! But its hosted on youtube.com Oh well whatever! As long as its online! He is simply a dear!! Man! What time is it now?? 0127hrs! But Zach and Kendice are still wide awake!! Anyway I just got back from my lost battle from PMC's place... What a sadness day!! Darn I lost again! And lost BIG!! $200 today! All in all I lost like $700 at PMC's place in just 2 weeks!! Thats kinda scary for mahjong loses! Really pissed!! The mahjong gods are against me! Darn! But I don't care! Cuz I am looking at the 4D gods now!! hehe... Make me strike again!! What a few hundred bucks man! Darn, I think ia m crazy! ;(


No Joy posting Zach's Video!!

I am trying to load the video which Zach called me PAPA , MAMI, MA and JIE JIE... But it seems like the video failed to be uploaded. Its mp4 file. Hmmmm Still waiting. No joy!!! Anyway I just returned from Mum's stall. Tired and Hot day! I was playing with Zach most of the time at the market, thats the idea of me being there. Now back home...feeling good!! Later at 2000hrs I will be going to PMC's place for mahjong again. I lost $400 last week there! Today I must change it la. Gotta win or at least not lose BIG again. Its so "sien" if you keep losing . Then again... I lost last week there and won BIG at 4D, kinda worth the gamble! hehehe. Maybe it will happen again? Today is Saturday, there is 4D !! Lets hope something happen!! Best is my current Alfa number open!! 9518 open!! Then all hell break loose!! wahahah.. Possible? We shall see at 1900hrs! Wahaha.

Wanted to load Zach calling me video but its not working . Well I will load a picture I took just now at Mum's stall when Liyan came to visit us, Zach took Liyan's baby daughter's glasses. hahah he look so funny when he put it on! hahah he looked STONED in the picture. You know when Zach goes to the market, everyone wants to carry him, wants to bring him out. He has that "thing" that everyone love him! But he is getting much more naughtier ehhh. Wonder how can I control him in future!! Ohhh... Anyway Zach can identify BUS now! When he sees a bus, he will say " BUS!" hahah So cute! I guess this is the time where he is really starting to learn and say many things! This morning something reall cool happened!! He took his poo pot to Bao Bao and immediately Bao sat him down and he started pooing!! hahah so SMART!! Look at this picture on the right... he is trying so hard to force it all out!! Wahahaha.. Man! This boy is sooooo I just wanna bite him!! ;) He is sleeping right now!

I am tired...gonna take a bath and rest! And prepare for the great battle later!!

Before I forget!! Darn!! JAMES wrote to HDB to complain why he got summon when Lawrance and myself did not when we were all parking at the same place with the same coupons tore! Well... Guess what? Now I also recieved a FINE!! Darn!! SABO KING!! <---James if you are reading this... YES I BLAME YOU!! Darn!! Don't try to say not your fault!! Its YOUR FAULT FOR ALL I KNOW!! Darn!! SBK from today I will call you! hehehe

Its a $$$$$$ day today!!!

Lying beside Zach on my bed now. He is right now kicking and slapping his hands on me... And now flipping my shirt up. Okok now he went down the bed. Okok he just ran out of the room and into the kitchen to find Mummy! How cute he is!! So fun to have him yet so stressed! But its really a good problem to have! Such a adorable baby!! I took a video clip of him calling me 'PaPa' and 'JieJie' and 'MaMi' and 'Mah' ! I shall see if its possible to load up online! (Using the iPhone now)

Today I got my bonus!! Performance bonus!! Hehehehe and I must say its not bad!! Coupled with some additional component the government gave this year! Not bad!! 5 figure!! Woooooo plus my 4D winning! Its indeed woooolala!! ( Zach is back on the bed now!! Gosh he almost flipped over!! Luckily I was fast enough to catch hold of him!!! Phew.....) zach is touching my head now! Hahaha

Anyway although Dow went down last night. SGX was up by $0.36 and suprisingly ChinaOil was up $0.04!! Means I recovered another $760 today!! Right now Dow is down, think its by about -50. Hope can pick up later!!

Hahaha Zach just climbed across my body!! Loveeeeeeee You!!!

Another day....

Just got back from work.... Picked up Kendice, went NTUC bought some chocolate and now home! What a long day it had been. As my comapany had a ceremony, changed of command if you like to call it. Anyway I came back home in the afternoon to change to the proper attire and headed back for the ceremony. Was just a simple 35 minute ceremony. Can't talk much on my work on blog! If not get into trouble also don't know why!

I just set up an email and a Blog account for Kendice. I thought its a good idea to have this going. In a way it can improve her expression in life. I can also monitor what's happening in her life if she were to pen it all down. ;) I am going to give her 15-20 mins daily to write her blog. She love the idea and is currently writing her first blog!! Its at http://kendice.blogspot.com !

Today's market was good in the morning but it gave up at the end of the trading day. Lost on both counters today! Ouch! Need more money!! Hehehe. Paid my half yearly road tax also. $706!! Ouch again!! Darn!! Anyway its 1902hrs. The critical time for my phone to ring! That is if I strike 4D! Hahaha guess such good luck only comes one in a blue red moon! Hmmmm still I wish the feeling will be back very soon!! I wanna strike again and again!!! Wahahahaha. When is 9518 gonna open top 3 prize huh!?? Wahaha.

Wife just woke up but Baby Zach is still in his dream land! ;) catch him later when he awakes! Funnnnnn!!

Its early...

Its 0357 hrs. I had awaken! ;) Slept early yesterday, thus now I am fully awake! Checking the Dow now. Its down. Not alot. After 2 days of rally, today its giving up its gain, right this moment its down by 34 points. Hmmmmm surely it will affect the Singapore market. Anyway for the past 2 days, STI gained alot! Just one SGX, it went up by $1.16 in 2 days! And China Oil field up by $0.07 cents! Thats alot! Or rather to me thats like about $1.7k! ;) But I am very sure today if the Dow closed in RED major counters will suffer again. Right now its -23!! I hope it will close flat!! Better then RED!

Anyway yesterday I met my Bao with Zach at Takashimaya for a good dinner! Always wanted to go but did not have the chance. Finally did it yesterday! Was great food, price was $80 for 2! Buffet, Cocoa Steamboat! hehehe...At least to celebrate my winnings! But looking at the rate I am spending, I think this $11k will be fast finished! hehe. Whatever it is... Oh well its a bonus money! Today is Wednesday! I hope I will strike again!! If I do strike!! I will have to honor my personal promise! hmmmm revamp of life! hmmmmmmm

Sharing another cute picture of Baby Zach! :) This was taken in Feburary, CNY period. It seems like Zach is giving me a ROARrrrr. But the fact is that he wanted me to open the door for him! Hahah...What a boy!! :) Love you Zach!


Today Zach finally managed to call me PA PA!! And even know how to call JIE JIE!! Wow!! So cute!!! I am trying to record it down now! :) hahah ! Today 24th March 2008 is the first time I hear Zach called me PA PA!! So excited and happy! Yesterday struck 4D today Son called me!! What a start of a week! He is right now in the room now. Messing about here and there!! Hahaha. Cuteeeeeeeeeee.

Now on some finance stuffs. Today I sold the off the Sembmarine I bought on Thursday, made $112! haha...small money! But SGX went up by $0.50 and China Oil up by $0.02, thus today I covered about $800 back! Cool man! hehe... My colleagues all knew about my luck in 4D, of cuz I had to treat some of them, went to Jack's place...Just 4 of us. ;) Spent $133 for this treat! Guess I have to give more treat in time to come!! Its a bonus to me!! hahah $11k!! Woooooooooo SHOICK man!!

Ohhh... Delwyn called me up today, he is interested in taking a Private Flying Lisence! Finally I can have someone to accompany to do what I always like! Talking up a PPL. But it will be in Malaysia cause to obtain a PPL in Singapore is way too expensive. Of course this PPL from Malaysia will not allow us to fly back in Singapore. Anyway for me, this will be a leisure thing for me! Can't wait to fly solo someday! How exciting it will be!! But still I guess $10k is min that I have to spend to obtain a PPL if I am up to it! Tomorrow Del and me will be going for a medical checkup! :) With that we can start to apply for Membership! Can't wait! :)

Lets hope all will go well!! I AM SO HAPPY! hehehehehe.... Wed to strike again?? hehe.

Its a GREAT day!! Wow!!

Today 23rd March marks a special day!! First time I strike 4D from the top 3 prizes!! Yes I finally struck!! Wooohoooo... its my old car, the Honda Integra SFY751M!! After buying this number for more then 2 1/2 years. Today it finally opened!! $11.2K was the amount I am richer!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Covered all the loses on stocks!! Okok almost all! But still its WAAAhhhhhh the feeling is simply so SHOICK!! Infact yesterdat I was like so shit up as 0751 almost opened in 3 spots! But all missed! Well well... and today it OPENED!! Wow wow wee!! The feeling is simply incredible man!! Words cannot express!! Wahaha... Of course I have to give some money here and there. Treat some people here and there as well! Bao is so happy, Mum as well too! hahaha I called like so many people sharing with them all the good and wonderful news!! hehe...typical of me! Always like to share my joy with many! Tomorrow work is gonna be a special day!! I have lights shinning all over me!! hahaha! Just yesterday I posted my thoughts of doesn't pays to be kind... Today I was proven wrong. Hmmmm...how eriee. Hmmm. I will monitor. My life might just take a major revamp!

Zach is in the room now... Opps just ran out! haha. I am gonna get some stuffs for Zach!! Consider it a blessing!! :)

Anyway today we had family lunch! Thereafter we went to Expo for the baby exibition. Waste of time... Cannot make it! Nothing much to see!!

(STUPID KEYBOARD...gonna go bonkers soon!!!!)

What a bad day...yet again.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... I wanna scream at the top of my lungs! (sounds like a song) Just got back from PMC's place for mahjong. Outcome? Lost again!! But this time is 3 times of what I lost yesterday! $300!! Meaning within this week I lost $535 on mahjong! OUCH!! Pain! Freaking pain! Darn... humans need luck in everything they do, but I simply have none of that. Especially in financial status, I am never lucky. Sigh. And this really pissed me super off! Thats when I start to wonder, " are there fairness in this world" Answer is very straight huh? Of course not!! Sometimes I will always ask "whoever is listening" Does it pays to be kind? Sigh... Sometimes the things that I did, help people, make people happy, make people life easy... But it doesn't pay. Infact things got worst for me!! But some... they do all the wrong or bad things, darn! They get better!! Richer!! Luckier! What has this world become to?? Sigh... So drained out!! Darn. Anyway I got a friend who just hit a HOLE IN ONE!! Golf of course and won a Mercedes!! WHY NOTHING OF SORT CAN HAPPEN TO ME??? Ahhhhhhhh

Well., whenever I am feeling so sucky, I'll just think of Zach, that will take away all negative thoughts. Ahhhhhhhh... thats how I feel. Here's a pic! of Baby Zach in my car. :) Daddy love you always. He look so cute!! He is sleeping now, Today I had a great time with him at home, played alot with him! :) Feel like waking him up and play now!! hahah...


Zach with iPhones

Check the picture! :) Zach is playing with the iPhones! Haha he just woke up. Can see that from his sleepy face. Anyway Brother just sent me 2 iPhones for me to help his friends to unlock. I am the expert already! Wahahaha. Oh well.. I like doing it anyway. So alright la. I will do it. Anyway I am doing a free service! Its a 18 and 8 gig.
Anyway I have not really sleep! Real tired! Bao had went to market to help Mum, Zach and Kendice left home! I can't leave Zach to Kendice to look after. So...cannot sleep!! Sleepy!! We won at soccer anyway. Think it was 5 -3? Yeah.. I had a few good chances but failed to make the finish! Darn!!
Okok! Off to unlock the phones! ;)

So what if Dow was up?

I laughed at myself. haha. That day Dow was up 420 points!! Amazing! But Singapore market still took a fall the following trading day. Yawns. I am tired!! Forget it! More money lost! More paper money lost! Today Singapore market suffered again. Oh my oh my! But I bought another lot!! Sembmarine!! Hmmm.. Got it at $3.50 closed at $3.51. Don't really know what I did that? Kinda unnecessary when I think about it again. What for huh? Wahaha. Anyway Dow is up like 130 points right now with anout 3 more hours to closure. Tomorrow's a good Friday thus Singapore no trading day. Have to wait till Monday and we shall see. Yawns...

Just got back from Mahjong from PMC's place. Another defeat yet again. Lost $100. The day before I had mahjong too with James, Kristine and Lawrance, lost $135. So in these 2 days, lost $235 just on mahjong. No luck! Or rather its known as 'Arse Luck' . Tomorrow I will be going PMC's place for yet another game. Lets hope to fight back! Wahaha.

Morning at 0700hrs I have soccer though... Think I will not stay too late, or maybe? Darn I am indeed a night Owl. Gotta re-adjust my biological clock. Darn. Yawns... Ahhhhh I miss my boy!! He is sleeping!! Bao Bao locked the door! I can't even see him. :( I miss him so much so much!! Love you Baby Zach! Love you Kendice too! :) Just to get some memories back... here's a picture we took at Kendice's Birthday.

This was taken by James Lu!

Dow is so UP! So is my Boy at this time!!

This is the kinda chart/price I would like to see every night! The Fed is holding a meeting in a few hours time, to further cut interests rate. Most likely it would be another 1 percent cut! This is in order to calm the market. Lets hope that it will end up positive by at least 300 points tonight! Anyway SGX was up by $0.20 today but China Oil failed me again. Dipped by another $0.005. I really wonder when will I see the green?

Its so late now!! but my Zach is still up!! Playing with Grandma and Bao and Uncle!! haha Better tuck him into bed soon! :) Anyway I will have to be in base by 0530hrs later!! Having range (bang bang!!) Looks like I have not much time to rest!! hehe. Infact I just came back from meeting Rebecca and Audrea, (MAJ Desmond's cousins) 2 fun ladies to talk to! This time I had to upgrade Audrea's iPhone for her to the latest 1.1.4, managed to settle it, and we went to Newton to have a well deserved supper! Oh their friend came along...funny girl too! Fun to be with them. Will stay in touch!

Here's a picture of Zach to end this sleepy day as usual! :) hahah I better make him sleep now!! Hardly any babies stay up this late!! Zach ought to be in BED!! hahah

Down Down Down!!

Having lunch at Ajisen at Hougang Mall with 2 clowns. James and Kristine. Hehehe. Darn!! STI is down again!! Opening was green but mid day its back to red!! Give up!! SGX and my China Oil is down!!! Crap!!

I go enjoy my noodle now!! Pissed!!

Not bad after all!

After the up and down! It managed to close up positive! +21 points, hope it will help Singapore market abit?? Usually Dow is up, STI will open better but still close red. When Dow is red, STI will open much lower and close real low!! Thats the situation for now for the past months ever since the credit crisis!
This snapshot on the left was infact taken by my iPhone. BSC is Bear Stearns, looking at how much it dropped? What a sad day for shareholders of that company!! I am sure some probably wanna call it the end of the lives! Ouch!
Enough said for the morning, I gotta be heading to work once again. Boring! Zach's sleeping soundly, how I wish he is up. Sometimes he does wake up at this time. Haha how cute he is!! Wanna bite him man! ;) Later tonight I will be meeting Demond's cousin to help her upgrade her iPhone. Yawns...
Zach, Dad loves you!!

Another RED day for Dow!!

Thats what I call a bloodbath. Sea of red. Thats the blood I am seeing now. Dow is not doing well, currently as of now its down by -60 points! Well its better then the start where it was close -200! The market is really bad, this comes amid new of the Bank Bear Stearns being bought over by JP Morgan taken over. Its really ridiculous! Bear Stearns stock was like all time high the pass 52 weeks at $195 and its now $4.19 now!! Last Friday it closed at $30! Today it dropped by 80% easily!! Thats crazy!! I got this quote from the net " The $236 million price tag makes Bear a company worth less than the cost of its building, located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, which was valued for approximately $1 billion, according to current real estate market estimates. " quoted by foxbusiness.com . I can't imagine this kinda madness hit our local banks!! Anyway I sure hope that Dow can edge up positive tomorrow. Singapore market is so badly hit by this credit crisis!! Can't take no more!! Ouch!!

Alright for some lighter side... Zach is doing well! ;) Oh he is 17 months already!! Not 15 as I previously posted!! ;) Opps. He is currently playing with Grandma! Everyone really love this little boy! Kendice as well but she is getting outta hand lately. Think of the days, we all went through the beatings by our parents!! Okok.. thats growing up! But still... darn! She needs more discipline!! okok.. I definately have to end today with a picture of Zach! ;)
This was taken on January! This toy bike was picked up from don't know where la! Mum found it!! hahaha.

STI down by 58 points!

Setback again. SGX lost $0.38 today. That's another $380 lost on paper!! China Oil lost $0.02 today!! That's another $200!! Anyone can do the sum. That's $580 paper lost for the day!! Ouch!! Every trading day I am losing hundreds and hundreds! That's definately not healthy!! And worst of all, the market might not even seen its bottom!! Cut lost now is stupid! Darn!! All had been well like 6 months ago. US is dragging us down big time!!! Looks like there is no way I can touch these 2 counters for a long long time!! Arghhhh

Anyway I just got back from my medical appointment at National Skin Center. The skin problem I have is known as Psoriasis. But under medication cream its all okay. Next appointment will be open. When my medication runs out. Hope Zach has nothing of this!! Now back home!! Feeling a little dizzy. Think gonna fall sick soon. Flu is coming!! Gotta stay far from Zach!! But that seems impossible!! He is too cute to be far away from!! Wahahah

Anyway I am writing this from my iPhone!! Cool huh!! Go buy one at http://www.apple.com !! ;)

Another Setback for Singapore Market!

What a sad sad view this is.... What is happening to the market?? This is my watchlist but I only have 2 counters as of now. Market value dropped BIG time! Today STI hit another crappy LOW! SGX !! What happened to you? Okay ... LDP was UP but its still way down!! What a counter!! Suffered more then 70% cut since the day I bought it!! Of course buy and sell and agan and again!

Back from "Rule #1"

Crap!! Its a crap show!! Boycott!! Darn!! It supposed to be a horror show! Okay .... there were many parts where it scare the shit outta you (my wife, not me) but its all that sound effect or rather the loud noise out of a silent part, if you know what I mean. Thats how GHOST movie scare the audiences. Anyway this is another crappy show where 'Ghosts' can be combat with modern guns! How crap can that be? Yeah whoever got touched by the one possessed by the ghost will get infected and so on so forth! Anyway the ending was another DUMB one!! Enough said, go catch it if you think what I just sum up is exciting! Or if not... Forget it! Oh... Fiona Xie acted in this show too! ;) Wooo she's BIG if you know what I mean!! Wahahaha.

Tomorrow is another new day at work...Another bad start to the stupid market! I mean Singapore Exchange. What else? Last Friday Dow Jones suffered a -194 points lost. As expected later at 9am, its gonna be a sad sad day!! Crap. I am still holding on to SGX and China Oil. All at lost! Darnnnn...... Baby Zach, your milk powder are all stucked there!! Opps!

SGX can you buck up???

Anyway here is 2 pictures of Zach with his latest Spidey booster! ;) hehehe... Cute!!!

As I promised! :) The picture of the twins! Or maybe?

Here's the picture I was talking about! ;) Anyway this was not taken today but today the trip to Malaysia, we had this identical Polo Tee! Ain't he looking great? Left or right? ;)

Here's another picture of Mummy holding too tight! ;) Zach seems uncomfortable!!
Infact I have so many more of this series! Oh...Infact I have like close to 3000 pictures of Baby Zach! This blog capacity is definately not gonna support all of them! Wahahaha... Whatever it is. This will be sweet memories when I look back many years later, that is if its still around!

Back from Malaysia (Johor)

Just got back, what a warm day. Whole body stinks! ;) We took the MRT to Kranji and boarded 170 bus and right into Malaysia, traffic in was fine. Not much crowd surprisingly! Visited the road side stalls as Mum's friends needed to get some medicine. Then we caught a taxi and headed for Holiday Plaza, this is the place where its full of piracted DVDs, DVD-Roms etc, remember long ago this is one hot spots where Singaporeans always like to visit! Customs this time is way more strict, thus I bought nothing. Oh well... I am a law abidding Singapore citizen! Wahahaha, all I do is just drive at 150km/h at local roads! Wahaha...Kidding! ;) Anyway we had seafood at Taman Sentosa, the usual place I always go when I drove in then. Spent RM194 on seafood. Not bad ! After that we headed home... Thats the time where all the crowd appeared! So many people!! So stuffy! The traffic was so bad, that was the time when I actually felt that taking BUS is a better choice! ;)

Anyway bought Zach a Spiderman Bag and a Booster! haha. You should see when he carry the bag, SUPER cute! haha. I will post a picture of him carrying the bag when I can! Anyway he did not sleep through out! Only when the journey back in the MRT he totally knocked off! Now he is sleeping soundly! ;) Here's a picture to end with to keep this blog "Pictureful". This picture was taken sometime back at Demsey Road, some kid's playhouse. Man! He is SUPER cute!! Feel like biting him!! Anyone? ;)

Okay...Decided to go Malaysia with Mum

Yep! That's right! We shall be going in all together. Leaving the house right about now. First we will probably go get some lunch! Ahhh Baby Zach is wearing the same Polo Tee as me! I'll post some pictures when I get back! Cheers!

Cannot get to Sleep

Oh my oh my, its 04:10hrs now and I am still wide awake. Gosh, tomorrow I might be going Malaysia with my Mum and her friends. Of course wife and kids coming along as well. But we will be taking a bus in and do the shopping and back to Singapore. I'll decide if I wanna go then!! If I have the strength since I am still not sleeping now!! Been playing with my iPhone all these while. Been using this baby for about 5 months. And still loving the feel and touch of it! Really a great phone to hold! Upgraded or updated to the latest version 1.1.4 using this site http://www.hackthatphone.com/ ! Go check it out! ;)

Darn just cannot get to sleep! Well in this case, I'll post another picture of my cute baby boy! hehe... but this time, I edited the picture! Wahahahah.. He is in need of some hair, so here you go Zach, Dad gave you some hair from my own!! Oh of course its the before and after effect!! ;) Enjoyz!

How what do you think? Yeah I am a crazy Dad! Well thats the whole idea! Wahahah... If I was not crazy I would not be Steven! ;) Maybe more pictures of such to come by in time!! Love you Baby Zach! Better get some sleep now!!!

A day at Pierce Resevoir

What's up? Well I guess this will be a new start of a blog by me for my lovely son, Zach Ang and of course what happening in my life! I will try as much as I can to post Zach's update and even his pictures online for everyone to view. Just some background, Zach was born on the 11th October 2006! He is about 15 months old as of now! Here's a picture of him at his latest development! :) His spikey hair! How cute can that be huh? hah. Anyway this picture was taken at one of the morning when all of us went Pierce Reservoir. He definately had a great time enjoying himself!

That day we brought Zach to watch monkeys, he sure was very amazed by them! What a boy!! He is currently in his dreamland next room! He simply just too cute!! Love him so much! Here's another picture of Baby Zach! This was taken about 3 months back where he was dominating my computer! He just wouldn't want to come up! He'll cry so badly if I insisit him to leave my computer alone!! haha... He had a wonderful time then!

Gonna go fetch my wife from Mum's stall in awhile. Gonna bring Zach along of course!
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!