What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Ahhhh another 4D mishap!

Once again!! My car number missed by a digit!! It opened 9516!! It simply wouldn't open 9518!! I am starting to really hate this car!! Or rather the number!! $2,500 gone!!! SHIT! Its always so close!! I've come close way too many times, and I must say, the feeling sure suxs! hehe. When will it open!!?? I mean 9518!! I have been driving this car for 2 years coming March. And its always near miss!! Ahhhhhhhh. Pain Pain!!!

As for Chinese New Year... Its a recession for many! The value of the "Ang Pao" dropped so much! On the average, my relatives only gave $4!! Thats rather .... errr. Oh well nevermind! I gave $10 for Father's side and $6 on Mother's side.  Maybe I gave too much!!  Then again... Maybe one's generosity pays??  The answer is " NO!" haha... I lost mahjong like nobody's business! Wait what I am talking? Of course my losses on mahjong concerns no one! So its certainly no one's business!! I am crazy... Lost too much I must reckon. Keep losing and losing, from winning $600 and at the 4th round I lost $280 on Friday! And I just played at Liyan's place and I lost $36! Regardless big or small ... I will lose!! Ha Ha Ha!! (Laughing myself!!) Bottom line... How is this CNY? Its down down down on my fortune!!

Well at least this CNY, there are happy moments captured on digital! Pictures of course! And here they are!!

Nice huh? Bao Bao and Kendice posing nicely here! Finally I managed to capture this little Princess with her eyes opened wide!! Bao looks pretty huh? This CNY she certainly dressed up much younger!! Think the way she ties her hair made the different! Keep it Up!

More shots showing the time of the CNY. :) Pretty ladies!!

I like this one alot! Pair or oranges in her hands and smiling lightly into the lens. Cool! Hopefully she'll be able to take more of "Eyes Open" shots in time!

And here's a shot with Zach! It was really hard to ask him to look at the lens! Bao had a hard time!! But managed to snap this one. That naughty look!! But at least he did not show that usual cheeky smile!! 

Here's a shot of my wife and myself, we've not been taking pictures together for quite awhile due to the fact that I am always behind the lens. This was taken on self timer though. ;) Nice? ( I think I got the lucky look on my face, that explains the losses on mahjong 8 loses and 2 wins)

Painful Chinese New Year

Lost mahjong on 2 days. About $200. And today's 4D another pain. Bought 1912 but 2nd prize opened 1812!!! Thats $15,000 miss. What a way to start new year!! I rather it came nothing near. Its so painful. This number was placed when I saw the movie "Seven Pounds" it was one of the house number in the movie. Haizzzz almost turned a fluke moment into wonder. 

Screenshot taken from the movie "Seven Pounds" Ahhh actually it look abit like 1812 huh? Guess my crap luck just didn't pay afterall. Arghhhhh !!! Sad!!!! All was a hope gone wrong! Not just that, starters opened 6751 and 0951 and I bought my usual 0751. Ran 3 sets in a single day. So moody now. Very very sad. If only I strike today, it would be a wonderful start... Really really sad!!! Missed so many times. 4D seems so impossible to strike! Arrrghhhh...

Tomorrow would be the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. Let's hope for great things to happen. 


Waiting for mahjong!

Waiting for Eugene! The biggest winner all the time... and he is late! ;( Yawns. Supposed to start 6:30pm and its already 7:05pm!! Darn! Worst of all, usually the late comer will win all the time!! Must break this trend!! haha. 


Just "Nebulized" Zach!

Just gave him his medication and put him on the Nebulizer machine for about 10 mins. Today its so simple! He simply lied on the sofa with the mask on and obediently lay there quiet for the entire process! :) 

Before this he gave me a hard time! Keep crying for Mummy! So I had to coaxed him! He kept wanting me to play the "falling down" game with him, where he ride his scooter and asked me ride on his motorbike and deliberately fall down and he follows! haha... funny!! He kept laughing! When I stopped, he cried again! haha. I have my means to silent him though!! (cane!!) haha. He's just so fun to be with!! 

On the left is a shot was taken yesterday! Look at those cheeky eyes! ;) Wonder what's happening in his mind?? haha

Anyway today I packed my drawer in my room. Sure hell messy! Came across some old diary I wrote when I was 14 or 15. So funny reading them! I wrote alot last time! Its really fun to read all these old stuffs! ;)

Zach still sick...

Did not go work today, brought Zach back to Singapore Baby & Child Clinic as his cough hasn't improve after taking a week of medication. Doctor Vella explained to me the reasons, can't really understand the medical explanation! All I know Zach's still not well. So he wants Zach to use the Nebulizer machine for 3 days and then back to him for a review. Thus Friday I will have to bring Zach back to the clinic. Today the bill amounted up to $180! Previously it was $153! PD is really expensive. Hope Zach can get well soon!! 

This is the machine and breathing apparatus that Zach has to use for 3 times a days for 3 days. Kinda funny when the nurse first taught me how to use. I mean funny as in Zach's reaction! hah. Anyway Zach is probably one of the few kids around who seems to love to take his medication! haha so funny!! :)

Anyway I just returned from cycling from Mount Fabar, did 3 laps normal and 1 steep climb. Well today I must say I was much faster but!! I vomited!! Cuz before riding I ate quite alot of "Zhu Chang Fen". Bao made them. And immediately I left for the ride!! Darn feeling so uncomfortable now!! hehe. Greedy!! haha. Nevertheless it was a good ride today! Feel much fitter! :)

Back to work tomorrow... Yawns!

Testing this Link!

Brother hurt his face

Met up with family for dinner, together with Sister and Brother. Brother managed to join us after his Doctor gave him permission to leave the hospital for awhile. Anyway we ate at Coca steamboat. My treat but Sister wanted to pay half.  Total bill - $371! Scary! Oh well, once awhile I guess that's fine. Anyway it was for Kendice's celebration. She is turning 12 soon! How time passes!! I tried taking so many shots for her but almost 99% of it, she close her eyes!! This one is the best!! Haizzzz, can really get pissed taking picture for her!! The cake cost $71, it was pre-ordered few days back. Kendice love the cake! Its the High School Musical 3 cake!  (still have a big portion in the refrigerator). 

Still gotta get Kendice a present! :) The actual date of her birthday is on the 22nd Jan anyway! ;) 

Look at Zach... he wanted the cake so badly!! And of course, Kendice closing her eyes upon the snap! Yawns..

Kendice cutting the cake! Zach simply can't wait to eat it! :)

Sister's 3 little darling posing a shot for me :) Dexter's so much bigger now as compared to the last time I see him.

And here you have the injured man. Haizzzz... Pains all of us to see brother like that. He said he fell due to a dead cat on the road after his bike went over. Thank God he is fine already. Think he should be already discharged. 

I finally won mahjong! ;) Had a game just now! I was losing but I ZI MO 10 folds!! Wooo0 but I made a mistake and lost a 5 folds!! ;( Won $125 in the end!! Could had been up $300! Oh well..I won anyway! I hope its a good start!!


Brother crashed AGAIN!

Can't believe it! Brother crashed again! I did not ride with him as I  needed to rest due to coming back only morning after mahjong. Saw the SMS he sent. Saying "Hospital now, bad accident, face head " Haizzz... Called him immediately, and he's in Gleneagles now. Not sure if he's gonna be admitted but I think so. It'll be safer to do yet another head scan. Really don't understand why he keep falling?? It was not like this last time when he was cycling competitively!! Just feels so wrong!  Made all of us so worried once again. Haizzzz. Gotta pay him a visit later. Looks like Brother and Jiayi would not be joining dinner cum celebrating Kendice's Birthday. Sad.

Brother crashed AGAIN!

Seems like Mahjong is....

Not a game for me anymore. I guess I can finally conclude it. 2008 has been rather low year for me. Lost quite some. Maybe try 2009, a new start a new year, maybe the luck will come? I just returned from Leonard's place. Lost $190. Just 3 days back I lost $300. It used to be like - win, win, lose, win, win, lose, win, win, win, and so forth! But its totally like lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose! Funny huh? Maybe I should really stop? Darn! haha.. don't think I will stop though. Laugh about it! Just play with it! Live with it! Darn! ;) 

Anyway Brother is buying a Condominium at Woodlands. He wanted his back loan to be approve, so he needed to have as much money in his bank account for the bank loan to be approved easier, Guess what? I transfered $10,000 to him but got the wrong account number!! Bonkers! Now the money is missing over the wires! I supposed that account I sent wrongly is an invalid account. Lets hope the money will be bounce back soon! Gotta pay for STOCKS!! Darn! Unlucky...so Unlucky. 

I'm so tired ... started mahjong at 11:45am and only returned back home at 7:00am. I better be sleeping now. Tomorrow gotta celebrate Kendice's 12th Birthday over dinner with family. Bought her a High School Muscial Birthday Cake :) Bet she'll love it when she sees it later tonight!! will load some pictures up later!!

Zach is sick once again!

Brought him to see the Doctor this morning at 9:30am. Missed work, applied a day of child sick leave. Zach's been having the on and off cough and a running nose for I think close to a month! Visited different GP but the sickness just wouldn't go away! So I decided to bring him to a Pediatric at Ang Mo Kio, Singapore Babay and Child Clinic. Gonna feed him his medication soon. Hopefully he'll recover soon. Pains us to see him coughing and coughing and when he cough hard, he tends to vomit. Infact he's running a 37.2˚C fever now. Darn! The Doctor who attended to Zach was an Indian male Doctor, he told us Zach is very sensitive to anything. Thus a simple bite would be bad enough for him. He told us not to let him eat anymore sweets, cold drinks and avoid some fruits. Jiat liat! Oops! 

That cheeky smile again. :) This was taken on Saturday I believe. Wait... or is it Sunday? Anyway that day we went Marina for steamboat. Following that brought them to Fort Canning park and guess what!? hah...We went to pick SAGA SEEDS! :) Or better known as "Xiang Si Dou" Bao never saw this before and was amazed by the color of the seed when we visited the zoo back then. So I brought her to Fort Canning park and luck was on our side as that place where I parked, climbed a slope and quite some for us to pick! Zach was asleep in his pram then. Sad to say he was bitten by mosquitoes! Now his arms and legs all swelled up! :(

Ahhhh.. hope Zach recover fast! Roarrrr....

I miss Zach!

Just came back from soccer. And I just miss Zach so much. He is with Bao at Mum's stall now. Think they will only come back 4pm or so. Usually after soccer I'll head directly to the market. I am tired today. Ahhhh.

I miss Zach so much!!!

Been a PS3 week!

As the title says it. Its been a week of intense Play Station 3 week for me! Been so hooked up to the games I got recently! Especially the Grand Theft Auto IV! Wow what a game! Storyline goes by a guy name Niko who came to US looking for his cousin to strive in this promise land, turns out all the dark side he has to go through, killing people in the city, basically running a gangster's life! hah.. Its fun! But I am on cheat mode! hehe. Got 2 more racing games yesterday! Midnight Club LA and Burnout Paradise! Yet to be opened!! Darn! Too many games for now and no time to play! Too hook on GTA IV to change! But I gotta put my racing skills to test soon! Maybe later?? After updating here? heh.

Anyway Brother had a bad crash last Sunday. As in cycling. It was quite bad that he admitted himself to the hospital. Sigh...heart pain and so worried it got us. He's out of the hospital now. Not sure how is he already. Also his bicycle took quite some damages. Gonna spend some money to repair it. Once he recovers, I am very sure he will be back on his pedals! He's almost back to his old fitness! As for me, its gonna be a week since I last cycled!! Actually I am having a bad pain on my right knee. Its really bad. I can't really bend my knee side ways. It hurts. Its caused by cycling, I guess it is some old injuries but now back cycling, it came back. Sad. But I will wanna cycle still. Gonna discipline myself!

Some updates on the kids... (gonna snap new pictures of them soon!) Kendice's doing fine in school (Primary 4), hope she will do well this year!! As for Zach, hahaha he is the usual naughty little boy!! All is well! Bao is at market now!! 

Ran 4D yesterday! Darn!! 3rd prize opened 0571! If it was 0751 I would be $5,700 richer!!  Ouch!! Again!! Darn!

Gonna set up my racing wheels!!

Happy New Year 2009!

Its a brand new year! Lets hope all will be good in the time to come!! 2008 was good and back for me. Good cause I strike 2 times 4D about $20,000 in all?? But bad I lost more then what I strike in stocks and the last month, lost so much on Mahjong!! Even the last day of 2008 I had to lose another $245!! Really unlucky on mahjong! Anyway all is passed!! Lets hope 2009 will be a blasting good year to come!! Time sure flies fast! Zach will be 3 this year!! Kendice gonna start her Primary 4 tomorrow!! 

Brought the Kids to watch the fireworks at Esplanade yesterday. Blasting fireworks! Lasted about 5 mins! We waited from 10:30pm! Waited till 12am for the fireworks! Kendice, usual, complaint about the wait but she enjoyed it! As for Zach when the boom boom got too loud, he covered his ears and said " PA PA" (scare). So cute! Too bad no camera! 

Zach is in the room! He supposed to be sleeping! haha, he's giggling away!!  Better put him to bed now!! He gotta wake up early!!
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