What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

I decided to switch my blog to LIVE JOURNAL

Its been after about a year or so... and after some considerations, I have decided to switch my blog to a new space. to LIVE JOURNAL! Some how I prefer LJ. Maybe its the simple templates? It just seems so much more user friendly! After the resizing and style problems I encountered here. I thought I'll jump the boat now! This will still remains of cause and I might just drop back in often as well! :)

Here's the new address!

Up at about 26th floor!

Going back to my SCV for now... Anyway Zach vomited again :( No cough again. Just "Pueeerrrrr" and all out! Poor boy!

E-F Skybridge is hoisted up finally!

Great news! Progression is on finally! E - F Skybridge is one of the most massive or rather I think it is the heaviest structure as compared to the rest of the bridges. And its hoisted up, I believe early this morning at about 5am as posted by some forumers. I am talking about Pinnacle@Duxton! Since I am in block G. Chances of us getting the keys earlier is very much possible! Partial TOP. Maybe I'll pop by later for a closer look and snap some shots! Not working anyway! Decided to take a day off! ;) Lets rock it Pinnacle!

Spot that little rectangular black block? Thats the skybridge and its hoisted! I think its about up 10-15 floor now?

Taken this yesterday while he was engrossed in his Barney. ;) haha. He's fun! Simply fun. We went Suntec yesterday as well and went to the children section, he had train rides, bouncing castle and refused to leave! Cried big time! Really BIG time! Darn! Hard to pacify him. Eyes were all on us! I mean its Suntec on a Sunday (Mothers' Days!) Bad boy! Anyway we ended the day at Tonkichi for Mothers' Day dinner. Damage - $179! Sis settled $79 though. Good Jap food!

Poor Zach vomited so badly yesterday at home. All on my bed. No cough! He simply just puked out!! So poor thing! By the time I responded to carry him out of the bed. Too late! Bed stained. After that he still carried on to puke on the floor. He was like suffering! Pains our heart! He's sleeping soundly now.

Now I am having a spinning head!


All ready to leave my house for soccer at Henderson Sec, shut the door but realised that I forgotten about my mobile. Went back in and get it and saw a message time 6:05am. "soccer cancelled due to overnight rain" Crap! I am gonna score some beautiful goals today! Projected in my mind ;) Darn! I'm like so looking forward to kick around after the Friday's walkover. Darn! Now on sofa slacking away, reading forums and news.  And Zach's still sleeping, maybe I'll wake him up to entertain me ? ;) 

Today is Mother's Day. Probably gonna have a dinner or maybe lunch out later. Lately family's has not been meeting up due to some problem on my Brother's side. Let's see how later, if not I'll probably still ask Mum out for a meal. Come on its Mother's Day eh! Hope they can make it. ( I'll drop em a sms now! .... TEXT SENT!)

On 7-05-08, Pinnacle@Duxton is 5% ours! Yep! The day we been waiting for, signing the agreement for lease. Paid 5% which amounted to about $33k there about. Thus the house is 5% owned! Cool! Pinnacle I am coming for you! 'ho sei la'. Someone from myhometown managed to get some pictures of the S1 unit. Its about the same as ours. Just that ours has a planter. So here it is! http://picasaweb.google.com/sironblurfonz/Pictures# Cool! Just can't wait to move in! Still hoping all goes well and by say... September?? Keys?? Possible? 

Zach...Wake up soon ok? Daddy's gonna bite you! ;) I think I wanna surprised him by going to get another Thomas and Friends from Tiong Bahru Plaza. hehe. But Mum and Bao would probably go "waste money again!" hehe. 4D nothing near as usual... Darn I need some extra cash flow for this month's bills! And of course some gadgets! In love with Camera Canon EOS series.. Mark II! Expensive toy. At the same time drooling over the 17' macbookpro. But spending on 17' macbookpro seems like a waste of money since I am using the 15'. But the size makes it "I gotta have it!" Ahhhh sold City Dev too early. Could had make additional $4k!! But winnings I had given Mum anyway. I gotta unlock my cash flow man! Too much bills! House coming and all. Looking at the direction of " FOUR DIGIT" ;)

Wolverine : Origin - COOL GAME! This is a must buy must play game, I completed it in less then 2 days. It was more of 12 hours or play time for me. Got the game 12pm, played till 11pm! Carried on the following day, left only 2 hours playtime. Completed. Will probably tried the 'difficult' mode later! Watched the movie with Bao too. Well I would say the game is better! Rocks! :) This is a 8/10 for me! I tend to finish game too fast! Now my PS3 will rest till the new games comes... maybe not once I start the 'difficult' mode. Sure thing!

Testing a picture out. stupid blogspot auto-resizing is screwed big time! Still its a lovely picture taken on the macbookpro. Just look at the father and son grinning away! hehe

Okay it worked by tweeting some parameters! ;) Google gotta wake up! Anyway I always wanted to post the pictures of little baby Zach when he was still in Mummy's womb! Here they are!! 

These are a series from March 06 till September 06 a month before he was born! :) Seriously its really hard to tell when he's still so small....

Until the Doctor told me there's this thing known as the 3D scan! We immediately opt for it! First when we saw the print outs, we were like... he seems to have chubby cheeks!! This baby could be a FAT FAT one! hahah... And indeed!! Its really what it is! He came out with chubby cheeks!! Gosh I miss the days when he was still so small!! Now he is full of nonsense!! 

 Thunder ... another soon to be rainy day. Is Tiong Bahru opened now? And Zach is UP!! :)

Caught up with Old Friends

Finally I managed to catch up with my bunch of friends.yesterday at Siglap. Not all but some. Biling, James, Huimei, Josh, Madeline, Ead, Shihui (Jen, don't really recall this name! )...who else huh? Its been awhile since I last saw them. Great to have met them up. It was like an update to me initially! hehe. And I found out Quanwei is attached! After all these while... haha. Finally! And I heard he is signing up on the marriage prep course or something like that! I am amazed! ;) Tell me about it! Will love to meet his babe soon! If time permits, I'll bring Zach and meet em up soon!

Its good to be home! But Zach's not home! Out with Bao! Hmmmm boring! I miss him so much! Miss his smell, miss his touch, miss his voice! I hope I will not have to stay in for my job due to the current "Swine Flu" or rather Influenza A. Its getting worst... Juz heard the news it might go to level 6 out of a possible 6! That's pandemic! If so I might need to be isolated back in office for 4 weeks!! That would means.... NO FAMILY LIFE! Its like doing time! Not good! Crap! Just gotta pray for the best... For now Singapore is still clear. As in no suspected case.  God, its time You do something! Or is it already being done?? (THIS??) 

Found this picture off the net... kinda explains it all?? Or is it not PIG no more since they somewhat changed the name from Swine Flu to Influenza A H1N1. Whatever! But Pork's one of the best meat out there!

Are we going back to SARS period?? Darn! I hope not... Sad man. Affectionate lovers. Too bad, we need the masks on!

Sold off all stocks on hand. Actually the last 2 lots belongs to Mum. Made just $700+ if kept to the end of the day, it would be additional $1,900 in profit! Stupid market... Well there's always tomorrow. Though heart ached!! 

Can't stand it no more... I miss Zach! I need him home now!! Gonna snap some shots of him soon!!

Its a stay home with Zach day!

Its been a tiring week! So I am staying home with Zach! Kendice is about to go for her tution! Ahhh she's been making me stressed out lately! Tution Center called me complaint about her... again! Tired !! So I am staying home today and play with this boy!! He's playing with iPhone now! Ohhh I got a iPod Touch! And he knows how to tell which is iPod and iPhone! Hearing him say " iPod" haha so funny! Here's a picture with Zach and me! Lying on the bed...He kept saying  " Daddy Wo Yao Pai Zhao" Ahhh he's so fun!! 

Here's something I did for fun! Always wanted to do it... getting him to do all the fun faces! Here it is! Haha... I like the 'SAD' face. He does not look abit sad at all! Thats the fun part! He tries hard! I simply wanna BITE him now! ( I go bite him!!)  

Probably later I'll be bringing him out... Cross over to Tiong Bahru Plaza shop around. Ahhh can't stand this boy!! He's so fun!!  Ohhh by the way if you notice, Zach's hair is so short!! Bao's sister is with us now, staying here for 2 months. She was the one who trimmed Zach's hair!! And its so badly done!! Got bald patches!! I was angry!!

Now Zach is bothering me now!! "Daddy I wanna eat Donuts!!"  no peace with him around!! ;) but its happy stress. haha. 

Ok Ok Donuts!! But this is my lunch! Ate 2 pieces already! Its toasted bread with melted cheese and Ikea hotdog! ;)

Been lazy...

Been awhile since I even log on this blog. Tired and lazy. Not been feeling that good lately too. Its a Saturday anyway! Right now I am home with Zach. Somehow I am like lost for words. What's up whats up? I wonder. Now what am I talking? That time of the month? Speaking senseless stuffs? Boy... What's happening infact!? No idea. Just no good feeling!!

Probably I'll take Zach out soon. Where to? Bring him for lunch...Bring him get some toys? Night time gonna go for mahjong session. On that, I'm back on my losing streak. Not good not good. Nothing new.  Ahhhhh... somehow I just don't feel right these days!! Not happy... Just wrong! As again...whatever it is. LOOK AT ZACH! All will be fine.

This picture was taken last year November... Always wanted to post it up. He love bubbles...  :)

Painful Yesterday...

I could had been $50,000 richer. My car number almost opened 1st prize!!! It opened 9158!!! Where my Alfa is 9518!!! Thats $50,000 gone just like that! I am so sad. This money could had come in so handy. Ahhhhhh its just not right! This car number had opened so many time jumbled. Its always so near yet so far. What can I say about this ride? Unlucky ride. Handy but unlucky ride. Made a wrong choice afterall? Sad Sad. My family could be enjoying so much today if it had been 9518!! Ahhhh today is a complain blog. :(  I still trying to get a hold of my luck. All so wasted... Its really once in a blue blue moon. Or rather this $50,000 could had even help me out so much the Pinnacle@Duxton. It would help out the renovation or even the cash top up!! Disappointed!! Ahhhhhhhh try again!! :) Maybe tonight!?? 9518??? Lets be hopeful!! Time to move on for now!! 

Probably later gonna bring the kids to Wild Wild wet at Downtown East. Kendice had been longing to go there. I guess Zach would love it so much too. But .... I'm kinda lazy! heh. Still I';; bring them... Oh well oh well... 

Still waiting for news on my Pinnacle@Duxton application on the appeal of higher loan and the AHG Grant. HDB is really not efficient. Hopefully some answers soon!! The wait is killing! Also the contractors seems to be taking their own sweet time building up the estate. Seems like nothing much had changed the past month. Getting keys by 2009 seems rather impossible.  

Right... Gonna go prepare myself! Stomachache now!!!

Ouch! its a PAINFUL day!

Pain!! I did not buy system for my Pinnacle house number! And it opened 1148!! Thats $500 gone!! I was wanting to save up some money this weekend. Sure enough, its simply a bad call. And there goes $500! And my car number once again missed by a number! 5518. Last one I missed by the same digit also at 7518! This car number seems like a curse to be always missing by 1 digit! Wonder when will it be the exact opening combination! 4D is so HARD! Hah of course it is! 

Anyway HDB had replied the HLE for my application for Pinnacle. The loan quantum is only at $390,600. That would means I have to top up in cash about $40k after deducting all from my CPF OA. I am appealing to HDB. But I doubt they will entertain. Haizzz. Lets see how! At least I know I can own Pinnacle@Duxton afterall! Can't wait to move in!! Ohh Block G's crane is being dismantle already! Hopefully I can get my keys by September!! ;) In time for a birthday celebration at Pinnacle? Dream on!

Today we went to Sister's daughter Denise 3rd Birthday party at Downtown East. Its a kid's playground paradise! Zach had a wonderful time! He sweat it out! So did I!! Following him through those tunnels... hehe. Too bad camera was OUT! Thus no pictures!! Darn! Kendice, too had a amazing time! Soon she'll feel out of place for such places. She's 12! :)

Hate Mondays!! Arghhhhh... looking forward to 10th April! Super long weekend!

Botenical Gardens followed by Haw Pa Villa

Brought them to Botenical Gardens yesterday morning followed by Haw Pa Villa in the noon. It was a long day! Ended with dinner at Great World City Jack's Place where we celebrated Bao's Mum birthday with a simple cake.  I am sure she was very pleased with that simple celebration. 

Botenical Gardens. Its been quite a number of years since I last visited that park. Well the last time I think it was like 6 years or more ago? For Mum it was easily more then 10 years or maybe 20! haha. Dad used to bring her there during their courting days. Imagine those years! 

This was taken at a man-made water fall just outside the Orchid garden. Nicely taken! Anyway Bao's Mum loves Orchid so much. She seems to be very knowledgeable on flowers.

Here's the cheeky boy at the entrance. He sure enjoyed himself so much yesterday. Took so many pictures of him. More to come on! ;) anyway he is back in Childcare today... hehe he cried big time when I sent him there this morning. 

Bao Bao taking a shot with Zach here. Looking crisp and sharp. The colors are really amazing at the gardens! Definitely a great place for photography.

Mother taking a picture with Mother-in-law ;)

Taking a picture for Kendice in bright day light is no problem. The blinking of eyes will not happen! Cause the flash is OFF . hehe. 

Is that the new LV bag? Yah Yah... bought it recently! (Mum bought it!)

Zach showing his content! Just look at his smiles! :) Man I miss him so much already! Gonna go pick him up from school anytime soon!! Gonna bite him! hehe.

Some pictures taken at Haw Pa Villa. 

Zach knows this animal :) Nice! Kendice looking tensed :)

He knows this animal as well! Looking majestic here. Oh he can also roar like it as well. heh

I am smiling as I post this picture. Whats up with his smile? This super cheeky boy! Okay last few picture and I'll be heading to pick him up!

Finally ending with a picture I took with him back at the Botenical Gardens! Rare picture ;) Since I don't really take any pictures of myself!! Anyway there's simply too much pictures to load em up! 

Okay heading off to pick this boy now!

Father and Mother In-Laws in Singapore

Yesterday both my Father and Mother In-laws came to Singapore. Wife was so excited about it that she could not sleep the previous day and woke up so early on that day. She's now out with them, I think at Chinatown. While I am home, looking after Zach. He's still in his dream land. So I picked them up at Terminal 1 at about 5pm. And we headed back home to unload the stuffs. After that I brought them to East Coast to have the Korean BBQ for dinner. $215! Ouch! 

You can see Kendice in the background. She's playing with Zach ;)

Ordered 3 plates of beef and 1 plate of Pork. The food's wonderful! That explains the cost. I did not really ate alot. As in the beef! Next time I'll go with wife and eat all I want! ;)

Zach was playing with the water melons through out and made the table and himself so dirty. Thus I told him Auntie scold!! Guess what? He did his sulking face again! He was like showing us the angry "BU KAN YUAN" face!! So cute!! It lasted for awhile! The waitresses there were all laughing!! Haha he is really so fun!!

Close up shot of his sulking face! ;) Don't ya feel like pinching those cheeks? I would not only pinch but bite them. hehe. 

Whatever it is, with a simple playground, all his angers and patterns goes away! Kendice seems to be over-aged for this. But... hehe. Oh well. She's happy ;)

Gonna leave for soccer at about 12:30pm! After that think gotta show my in-laws around. Gonna spend lotsa money! Ouch...

Thomas and Friends

Morning went over to Liping's place for her baby's 1st month celebration. Seems like all the kids grew so much! :) haha. :) Gotta admit we are old! I mean Zach's already grown so much! What can we expect!? Anyway after that brought Kendice and Zach with Mum and Bao to Jurong Point for the LIVE show! Thomas and Friends! It was a short show heh! But thats enough to make Zach go crazy! He was so excited! Managed to take a picture of him with the Fat Controller and Thomas! 

He was actually crying! Cause he wouldn't wanna wait for his turn to go up the stage! He wanted to go up immediately! hehe. After that he went home a satisfied boy! :)  

Could see that he was trying to sing along! From that distance, he was like mumbling and mumbling! Cute :) Ohhh I uploaded a video of Zach on Youtube! And here it is! Finally after some time, here's another video! Cool!

Can you make what songs he sang? He's so fun! :) Love this boy so much!! But he is so mischievous!! Can really buay tahan one man!! But I love it! I simply love it!! :) I love him being this way! hehe.

Ohhh... I strike consolation prize last week twice :) Small money! $420 in all! And yesterday I won $310 on mahjong at Minah's place!!  Too bad today no 4D luck!! Next Wednesday!! Gotta strike BIG time for a good renovation for my Pinnacle!! Talking about that, I hope HDB come back to me soon on my HLE!!! Its been 2 weeks!!! And of course hopefully Brother had also processed my CPF investment for me. Ask him to do things for me always take his own sweet time. Haizzzz

TIME TO SLEEP!! I hate Mondays!!


Lately been feeling very tired. Always been dozing off easily. Don't know why, just want to sleep almost all the time. Aged? Or sick? Darn. Even when I am having fun on PS3! I could doze off within a short time! Maybe I've been stressed!! Over work? Over Pinnacle? Over Kendice or even Zach? Hmmm... don't think I will know the answer. Darn what am I talking? Mumbling nonsenses again.

Ahhhh Zach is in the room! And he closed my room door! Naughty fellow! He's grown so much, and he knows so many things now! He can sing, talk and shout at you! All in the name of fun! :) He's really so fun. Actually I wanted to bring him to Jurong Point just now. Cause there's Thomas and Friends live show! He'll love it so much but I was too tired after soccer and he needed some sleep too. So I guess we'll go tomorrow after Liping's son first month party!

About Pinnacle @ Duxton, think the project is being delayed again. Heard so much rumors that there are problems linking up the sky bridges. With that, many are not confident that it'll be handed over to HDB anytime soon. Ahhhhh, the wait is killing! Infact the wait for the HLE (Housing Loan Eligibility) is worst! Some said 1 week will have reply from HDB, but...Ahhhh nothinG!! Its been 2 weeks! Yawns. HDB is so slow. Simple thing yet so long! 

Tomorrow I'll load up some latest pictures of Zach! Kendice if she does not do that blink again!

This is the Pinnacle@Duxton map!

Attached is the Pinnacle @ Duxton layout of all the 7 blocks in all! My future unit would be block 1G unit #14-81. It would be the extreme right of the map. Further away from Outram MRT. Looking at it closely. It seems to be in between Tanjong Pagar MRT and Outram MRT. Wonder which is nearer? 

I am wondering if there are basement carpark afterall for block 1G? So many forumers posted that the basement carpark only avail for block 1A to block 1E. But in this brochure that HDB sent stated clearly that there will be basement carpark for the whole establishment! The problem is when some future residents call up HDB and asked, they themselves are not clear! hah. Looking at the entire estate, it seems that this will be a very HOT one! So many shops, foodcourt and even a childcare center! There will be a RC on the 26th floor sky garden! I am so excited!! I even met up with Colin from Cisceern and he will be giving me a quote on the interior deign! Abit early! Even HDB yet to come back to me on the loan! My first house! Of course I am being excited :)

Gotta send my dear Zach to child care now!! :)  Gotta post some pictures of the kids soon :)


Can you believe this!!? I got it!! I got it!!! I cannot be more thankful then anyone now!! Its a blessing afterall!!  Haha after all that complaints! And now I got a flat at Pinnacle @ Duxton!! Well my appointment as posted before was on the 02 March and queue number was at 500 with only 60 S1 apartments for Chinese quota! My chance to even select a flat looked a gonner back then! I was like monitoring the flats left every few minutes!! And when it was a day before my appointment there were like 26 units left! With not much choices left we choose the one that was the highest at level 14th! Unit is #14-81 !

Above is the floorplan for my new house! Its 95m sq! Bigger then the current one we're residing in! But I guess its due to the planter! :)

There you can see my future unit!! :) Its at BLOCK G! There are 7 blocks in all!! The choices like I said were so little to choose from. Wanted the block 1A which was nearest to Outram MRT but the only available unit was only at 6th floor and 7th floor. Thus after much consideration we selected Block 1G, #14-81. 

Today I just went down to HDB to submit the Housing Loan Eligibility form and some other forms. Now the only thing we can do is wait. Wait for HDB to revert back if my loan is successful? This is the crucial part. I am hoping they would loan me the maximum loan of $400K to $450k. With that the monthly will be tough. But had work out with Mum that we will rent out this Jalan Membina flat out and hopefully we can get about $2,000 to $2,200 in rental and pay for Pinnacle. Win Win situation! So I am crossing my fingers now that the HDB loan be approved to the max!! If not, all dream dashed!!

This picture was taken sometime back, there is much more progress up till today! The HDB officer who attended to me told me that we should be able to get the keys on about the 4th Quarter of 2009 which is December 09! I wish it would be true! Infact after reading on the Pinnacle forum, it seems that it was supposed to be handed over about this period to HDB! I guess the economy crisis is taking its toll on construction after-all! The wait is gonna be killing!! Imagine my own house and with such a premier location! This is really a dream home man! Right in the heart of the City! Did not get a high floor but the location of this flat is cool enough! There is a Sky Garden on the 26th and 50th storey! And I heard that it would be resident accessible only?? Can't confirm this yet... If its true! Its Wooo! Condo style man! haha.

Found this picture on the forums! Wooo this is nice man! I would love to have my living rom like this! Simple yet nice and cool!! Modern I guess! On renovation, I had approached an old friend Colin from SWOG. Infact I'll be meeting him tomorrow to do some simple discussion! Budget I guess would be about $35k max?? Probably gonna take a reno loan la. Gotta make this house stand out man!

I am so excited now!! But for now I had told my brother to stop my CPF investment of about $47k which I think left about $40K.  Need it for the downpayment!! Whatever it is... Gotta wait for HDB to come back to me on my loan!!!


Got PR for Kendice

And today marks an important day! Kendice finally got her Singapore Permanent Resident status! Great news! She is really happy though I always tell her I'm not gonna get PR status for her if she keep giving us so much problems! Hah... empty threats anyway. Hope she'll do well in her studies and not stress us no more!! Congrats my girl! You are a Singapore Permanent Resident finally! 3 years time, we'll apply for Singapore Citizen! 

Oh... came home today opened the letter box, and I got a hugh envelope from HDB. Its an invitation to select the Pinnacle@Duxton!! COOL!! Wait a minute!! NOT COOL AT ALL! Infact I find it STUPID!! Its exactly the same as last time!! I got a super huge number after balloting... and could not get a date to select a flat. So I gave up. But HDB sent me the same letter back then and invited me for a flat selection! But even before my date to select.. ALL FLATS WERE TAKEN UP!!! This time round... My queue number is 500!!! And there are only 117 flats for selection and only 60 for CHINESE!!! And I fall into CHINESE!!! So the answer is very clear!! Its gonna be another WASTE OF TIME!! Darn... I tried 5 times in all balloting for flats and 5 times I get NOTHING! I gave up on the idea of balloting for a flat. I totally gave up!! And now they send me this "HOPELESS" invite. HDB... Why are you doing this!!?!?! The system totally sucks!!  Its sad... I accepted the fact I have no luck in getting a new flat, now they gave me hope... but obviously its false hope! 

I give up...again. Infact, this time I feel worst!! Getting a flat in Pinnacle is like a dream to me. Well... its known as "DOUBLE BLOW" 

HDB... waste of my time!

Morning Morning!

Yawns... Tired Tired! Gonna send Baby Zach to childcare soon! He's watching his usual Barney at the living room now. hehe. And he so into it now. Probably he's gonna cry later when I tell him its time to leave! Lately its so hard to send him to childcare! Always cry!! He's grown so much already. And that always makes me wonder, will he be a hard to teach son soon? Kendice has been a total disappointment, especially lately. So many complaints from school. Teachers calling saying her performance dipped and always not passing up her homework! When I asked her if she had completed her homework, she always say all done!! Haizzz... She always seems to be lost in her own world. Being a parent.... It is definitely tough!! Oh well... Lets see how!

Later in the noon, we'll gonna go ICA get Kendice's PR! It had been approved! Thats great news! Finally!! Waited quite awhile. Once her PR formalities are completed, I assume that the school fees I'm paying monthly will be reduce quite significantly! That'll be so much lighter for me financially!! Cool!!

The picture above... HAHAHA. He wanna help Mummy clean the house!! Its really funny! Zach learns to vacuum! Full of nonsense!! Anything that seems interesting to him, he'll wanna be part of it!! Anyway lately Zach had been able to say so many things that we never even taught him!! :) I am guessing he picked up alot from childcare and being this age, he tends to pick up things really fast. Smart Baby Zach!

So whats up with me lately? Not been cycling due to my right knee being really pain at the slightest movement! Haiz!! I might need to consult a specialist. So meanwhile I'm doing alot of gaming! And the latest inclusion is F.E.A.R 2! Started yesterday and having lotsa fun! :) hehe. Tonight gonna whack more time on it! 

The one I completed before! Its the Metal Gear Solid 4! :) I must say it is one of the BEST game out there!! I should had gotten this game right from the start but I tried the DEMO back then I did not like it! I wonder why! Decided to get it and try and darn! Its the best beside Uncharted!! :) But MGS4, the game is so emotional!! haha. And it seems to be like watching a movie!! Great Great! Now my games collection stands at 13! All within a span of 2 months?? hehe. More adding to the collection in time! hehe...

Gotta get going for now!!

Ran again!!??

9618 this time it opened!! Its only consolation but still... Its like OMG! Give up on this car chances to strike even something! Wasting more and more money only! Arghhh. haha. Getting crazy over this ride! Maybe its time to sell it! But too much top up to the bank, thus its impossible for now!! But.. hey! I won mahjong yesterday! Could had won like $500 but the last round was totally bad... In the end I won $210! :)

Zach's sleeping now. He's having diarrhea. He's having watery stools now. He's always sick, cough, flu and now this. Poor little boy, but on the brighter side, he's always so active regardless of his health :) He gotta be a really optimistic boy! Pinning all my hopes on him! As in hopefully he'll grow up to be someone "wow". (define that wow) haha.

Bao and Kendice are at Mum's stall now. Oh Mum has a new helper at her stall now... Good!! Now Bao would not need to go to the stall during the night hours! :) But I doubt this worker will stay long!! Darn!!

Somehow I feel stress lately... work?? Money?? or what?? I don't know!! Just feel tired! Ahhhhh luckily I have been playing Playstation 3!! Got alot of games lately!!

Infact I had completed these 2 games!! The one on the right was completed in 2 days! The Afro was completed today! :)  More games coming my way!! This is certainly one way to de-stress myself from all crap happening!!

Ahhhh another 4D mishap!

Once again!! My car number missed by a digit!! It opened 9516!! It simply wouldn't open 9518!! I am starting to really hate this car!! Or rather the number!! $2,500 gone!!! SHIT! Its always so close!! I've come close way too many times, and I must say, the feeling sure suxs! hehe. When will it open!!?? I mean 9518!! I have been driving this car for 2 years coming March. And its always near miss!! Ahhhhhhhh. Pain Pain!!!

As for Chinese New Year... Its a recession for many! The value of the "Ang Pao" dropped so much! On the average, my relatives only gave $4!! Thats rather .... errr. Oh well nevermind! I gave $10 for Father's side and $6 on Mother's side.  Maybe I gave too much!!  Then again... Maybe one's generosity pays??  The answer is " NO!" haha... I lost mahjong like nobody's business! Wait what I am talking? Of course my losses on mahjong concerns no one! So its certainly no one's business!! I am crazy... Lost too much I must reckon. Keep losing and losing, from winning $600 and at the 4th round I lost $280 on Friday! And I just played at Liyan's place and I lost $36! Regardless big or small ... I will lose!! Ha Ha Ha!! (Laughing myself!!) Bottom line... How is this CNY? Its down down down on my fortune!!

Well at least this CNY, there are happy moments captured on digital! Pictures of course! And here they are!!

Nice huh? Bao Bao and Kendice posing nicely here! Finally I managed to capture this little Princess with her eyes opened wide!! Bao looks pretty huh? This CNY she certainly dressed up much younger!! Think the way she ties her hair made the different! Keep it Up!

More shots showing the time of the CNY. :) Pretty ladies!!

I like this one alot! Pair or oranges in her hands and smiling lightly into the lens. Cool! Hopefully she'll be able to take more of "Eyes Open" shots in time!

And here's a shot with Zach! It was really hard to ask him to look at the lens! Bao had a hard time!! But managed to snap this one. That naughty look!! But at least he did not show that usual cheeky smile!! 

Here's a shot of my wife and myself, we've not been taking pictures together for quite awhile due to the fact that I am always behind the lens. This was taken on self timer though. ;) Nice? ( I think I got the lucky look on my face, that explains the losses on mahjong 8 loses and 2 wins)

Painful Chinese New Year

Lost mahjong on 2 days. About $200. And today's 4D another pain. Bought 1912 but 2nd prize opened 1812!!! Thats $15,000 miss. What a way to start new year!! I rather it came nothing near. Its so painful. This number was placed when I saw the movie "Seven Pounds" it was one of the house number in the movie. Haizzzz almost turned a fluke moment into wonder. 

Screenshot taken from the movie "Seven Pounds" Ahhh actually it look abit like 1812 huh? Guess my crap luck just didn't pay afterall. Arghhhhh !!! Sad!!!! All was a hope gone wrong! Not just that, starters opened 6751 and 0951 and I bought my usual 0751. Ran 3 sets in a single day. So moody now. Very very sad. If only I strike today, it would be a wonderful start... Really really sad!!! Missed so many times. 4D seems so impossible to strike! Arrrghhhh...

Tomorrow would be the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. Let's hope for great things to happen. 

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