What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Its a stay home with Zach day!

Its been a tiring week! So I am staying home with Zach! Kendice is about to go for her tution! Ahhh she's been making me stressed out lately! Tution Center called me complaint about her... again! Tired !! So I am staying home today and play with this boy!! He's playing with iPhone now! Ohhh I got a iPod Touch! And he knows how to tell which is iPod and iPhone! Hearing him say " iPod" haha so funny! Here's a picture with Zach and me! Lying on the bed...He kept saying  " Daddy Wo Yao Pai Zhao" Ahhh he's so fun!! 

Here's something I did for fun! Always wanted to do it... getting him to do all the fun faces! Here it is! Haha... I like the 'SAD' face. He does not look abit sad at all! Thats the fun part! He tries hard! I simply wanna BITE him now! ( I go bite him!!)  

Probably later I'll be bringing him out... Cross over to Tiong Bahru Plaza shop around. Ahhh can't stand this boy!! He's so fun!!  Ohhh by the way if you notice, Zach's hair is so short!! Bao's sister is with us now, staying here for 2 months. She was the one who trimmed Zach's hair!! And its so badly done!! Got bald patches!! I was angry!!

Now Zach is bothering me now!! "Daddy I wanna eat Donuts!!"  no peace with him around!! ;) but its happy stress. haha. 

Ok Ok Donuts!! But this is my lunch! Ate 2 pieces already! Its toasted bread with melted cheese and Ikea hotdog! ;)


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