What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Caught up with Old Friends

Finally I managed to catch up with my bunch of friends.yesterday at Siglap. Not all but some. Biling, James, Huimei, Josh, Madeline, Ead, Shihui (Jen, don't really recall this name! )...who else huh? Its been awhile since I last saw them. Great to have met them up. It was like an update to me initially! hehe. And I found out Quanwei is attached! After all these while... haha. Finally! And I heard he is signing up on the marriage prep course or something like that! I am amazed! ;) Tell me about it! Will love to meet his babe soon! If time permits, I'll bring Zach and meet em up soon!

Its good to be home! But Zach's not home! Out with Bao! Hmmmm boring! I miss him so much! Miss his smell, miss his touch, miss his voice! I hope I will not have to stay in for my job due to the current "Swine Flu" or rather Influenza A. Its getting worst... Juz heard the news it might go to level 6 out of a possible 6! That's pandemic! If so I might need to be isolated back in office for 4 weeks!! That would means.... NO FAMILY LIFE! Its like doing time! Not good! Crap! Just gotta pray for the best... For now Singapore is still clear. As in no suspected case.  God, its time You do something! Or is it already being done?? (THIS??) 

Found this picture off the net... kinda explains it all?? Or is it not PIG no more since they somewhat changed the name from Swine Flu to Influenza A H1N1. Whatever! But Pork's one of the best meat out there!

Are we going back to SARS period?? Darn! I hope not... Sad man. Affectionate lovers. Too bad, we need the masks on!

Sold off all stocks on hand. Actually the last 2 lots belongs to Mum. Made just $700+ if kept to the end of the day, it would be additional $1,900 in profit! Stupid market... Well there's always tomorrow. Though heart ached!! 

Can't stand it no more... I miss Zach! I need him home now!! Gonna snap some shots of him soon!!


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