What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

I'll been busy and tired. Some updates finally!

Its not easy to maintain a blog with constant updates for sure. Especially lately I have been preparing for the Open House. Handling some logistic issues, and of course the long hours standing. Thats all part of the job. Anyway ... Its been like standing marathon for 4 straight days! Now both my legs are totally giving up on me! Okay I admit I am old. Not been really eating for the past 4 days as well.  No wonder I have not crap for 2 days !! ;) Anyway Mum and Bao with Zach visited the Open House today. Kendice did not wanna come as she wanted to remain at Liyan's baby girl party. Anyway Zach loves the planes! Keep saying "FEI JI FE JI"But when the fighter flew past with AB. He cried! haha...what a boy! Anyway here's a picture of him with tattoo! And of course with his Daddy! ;)

Both of us had tattoos all over!! ;) Just look at the cheeky face he was posing! Hahaha. He really make my day! How cute he is!! He got his hair trimmed! And he look so much more 'chubbier" haha.  Here's another shot of him posting for the camera showing off his tattoo! :) 

He seems to be giving me that "roar" face! ;) hehe. Showing off his F5 and the F15 on his arms and of course a F16 on his cheek! What a Cheeky boy!! Wahahaha. Anyway he is asleep now while Bao and Kendice are watching some cantonese drama! 

Boy I am hungry! I am hungry for Japanese Spaghetti!! There is one really nice one at Tiong Bahru Plaza by Sakei but its closed now! Blammm! 

Also something crap happened for the past 2 days... its 4D, Sat, 30th 1st Prize opened 9510!! And today Sunday, 31st, 1st Prize opened 7518!!!!! OH MY OH MY!! I cannot believe it!! Both days and I was so super closed!! So So So super closed to striking 1st Prize again!! 9518!! WHEN WILL YOU EVER OPEN!!?? Why Why Why!!! ??? Its so painful ehhh!!!

I am really tired...

Installing X-Plane now! And got another new toy!

Installing Installing ....a long more way! 6 DVDs!! Wow!
I've got a new game, its the X-Plane. Always wanted to try it. So... Okay here it comes! I am installing it now. It comes in 6 DVDs! 11.9GB to be installed on the mac. Thats alot of space! hehe finally an original game for my mac! Hopefully its somewhat similar to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Not been flying for a long long time! All my knowledge and skills definitely gone! Don't think I will still be able to do a full fledge landing no more! Will see how later.

Check this out! Its my all brand new 16GB white iPhone! :) Finally I have my hands on it! Its 3G and sleek! Cool !! Way Cool man! I can let my faulty 2G iPhone take a break for now! The TIA TIA TIA sound is back!! Haha and this comes with Singtel warranty! Anything wrong I will send it back!! ;) Cool Cool Cool! Paid $408 for it with a 30 months extension of contract! :) Compliments from someone! :) Thanks huh! hehe.  I am synchronizing the iPhone now! Sadly it does not comes with a cradle/dock!! The 2G iPhone comes with one. Hmmm gonna spend more money! Darn! Anyway I need to get the protective layer also! :) Loving it so much! 

Money Money Money! I need more more more Money!!

Just had a simple Birthday for Bao.

Got the cake out and sang Happy Birthday. And of cuz a little red packet for her. :) Guess she was happy. Tomorrow I guess we would be having a Birthday dinner at some place nice. Too bad Sister cannot come due to her being confined 1 month after giving birth to Dexter. Probably just Mum and us. Oh no... I am broke liao!! Opps!

Here's another picture sent by May. It was a fruity day indeed. Hope he did not messed the table up with his habit of spitting things out after a few bites! ;) Right now Bao is trying to put him to sleep! He is sure making alot of noise though! 

Ahh Mum is back! 

Zach doing well at Child Care

Eating MOS Burger now. :) Nice! Bao bought it for me. She is heading off to Mum's stall soon. Anyway tomorrow or the struck of 12 midnight will be Bao's Birthday!! Hmmmm I have bought nothing for her. Don't want to simply buy. Worried that it might be a waste of money if she didn't like it. So I guess I will pass her a red packet? Hmmm but after she leave for market, I will probably go buy a cake for her. Problem is Zach is still sleeping and if he does not wake up anytime soon. The shop might be closed!! haha. Opps. How How?? I might have to wake him up! Sorry Baby!! For your Mum you gotta break your sleep! ;)

Dear Steven,
Today we introduced Healthy Eating Campaign in school.
Ms Serene showed different types of fruits to the children and explain the vitamins and minerals content of the fruits.
The children were encouraged to eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables per day.
Here is Zach at work.
I hope you can understand my point of view and Zach can remove his ankle- lets.
Reason being,
1. they may cut by the accessories if they fall and trip.
2. During play children are in contact, we are afraid that the accessories may scratch other children.
3. Parts from accessories drop off and young children may put them into their mouth.
Thanks & appreciate your understanding,

An email by the childcare manager with some Zach's pictures attached. Here is one where he is learning about fruits! Well he is doing well! :) So they want Zach to remove the anklets! Ok ! Bao simply want him to wear that. Guess not after this! :) 

Still sleeping away... :)

Zach at Cherie Hearts

Zach's been adapting well at Cherie Hearts I think. Of course every morning he would cry so badly when I bring him to the center. Especially when he is leaving home away from Bao and at the center when I hand him over to the teachers. He would really cry!! He will still need some time to get over this. These days he really rest early, he sleeps at about 9pm daily now, which is good, since he needs to get up the same timing as me (almost).

I am sure he is definitely enjoying himself in this picture, I am glad that we put him there. At least he don't have to be running around at Mum's stall and worried that he might fall or whatever! At Cherie Hearts, he is being look after and is learning more skills. :) But Miss Serene Told me that he is a bully there! haha. He bites the other kids! Pull their hair and give them bear hugs! Hehe. Thats my son! ;) hehe. He is a tiny terror!!

He is learning! :) Cool! Think he is trying to tell Miss Serene that is "BLUE" . Gosh I miss my son already though he is sleeping next door! :) I can't wait to fetch him back from the center daily! Whenever he sees me during picking up time. He will CRY! :) Daddy Daddy!! So nice to have him want me so much!! hehehe. Thats the fatherly feeling I suppose! 

As for Kendice... She is gonna have her tests or in fact already started. Her Maths... Sigh! Really don't know how to help her. She is really bad...Other subjects not so bad. Just that Maths!! Hmmm...Stressed!! Worried that she cannot pass!  Hope she will be more sensible also! Zach will be another terror in time!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... Happy Problems. Unlike my Stocks... SIGHhhhh haha. Dead meat!

Singapore got a Silver for Olympics!

After 48 years! A medal awarded to Singapore!! Cool! Way way cool!! Well its the Table Tennis Team.  The 3 heroines! Bravo!! Finally Finally! I am glad!! They just lost to China for the battle for Gold. They were simply no match against the Chinese losing straight 3 -0.  Still its a victory to Singapore regardless!! Power! Its big for Singapore! The team will pocket $750,000!! I believed they would be sharing within 5 persons. Wow. Each $150,000! Man! Thats alot of money!! Congrats Team Singapore!! We are in the medal listing finally! :)  Anyway there were so many WORLD RECORDS broken in this Olympics! Power!! Swimming and Running! Love to watch!! Kudos to Singapore once again!!

As for myself... Yawns. Bad bad bad! My finance have been depleting! Big time! Just on that crappy Cosco, I will have to pay up about $800 tomorrow. And I am worried that the market will be worst! Sigh... As for Olam. I've already paid for and paper lost about $700 or so. Ahhhh... mahjong lost $220! Lately its been too crazy for me!! Today?? BAD!! Consolation opened 9581!!! My car is 9518!! Ahhhhh. Sad. Thats $650 gone!! Whats happening?

Tomorrow its back to work and back to more troubles!! Thankfully family is all good! Leaving with a picture of Zach sleeping in my embrace ;)

He was definitely having a great sleep then.  Love him!

Market is bad...

It's simply bad. I managed to make some extra money the past 2 days on the exchange. But today I had to give up all the profit plus more ! Darn! COSCO Shipping. What happened?!? Its been down consecutively for so many days. No signs of recovery. Sadness. Got 5 lots at $2.40 and it is now $2.33!! And it is looking very weak. Totally not going up!  As for Olam, it was positive high up by $0.03 and now its -$0.01!!! This is madness!! The market is bearish!! US market up for 2 days in a row but here its total crap! Useless market!! I really need to plan my exit for good!! Enough of this pathetic market!!

I am gonna go pick Zach up from the Child Care very soon. He was sick last night, running a fever at 38.5 degrees. Morning it went away but heard from Bao that it came back. Sigh. Gonna go pick him up about now if he's awake. 

ARGHHHH... Things not going right!! 

Here's a Picture of Sister's Newborn

Here's a picture of Sister's heavy newborn. Don't know about his name, but I believe that his name should be starting with a 'D' following Dylan and Denise. Sister's eyes was so swollen due to some allergy. But she must be so happy that all had been well. :) 

Now here's some update on Zach as well. He knows how to ride his electric motorbike! He knows how to turn now. Only problem is he do not know how to U-turn. ;) hehe. Its a great progress afterall! Here's a picture of him posing for me on the bike. 

What a boy! Cheeky face! Everyone says that he is starting to look like, even the way he walks and runs. Cute and chubby little baby! Gonna bite him! Wahahaha.

4D Gods did not find me today ... again. Ahhhhhhhhh

Sister gave Birth last night!


09-08-2008! Sister gave birth to her heavy baby boy! He weighs 3.975kg! Thats one heavy baby! You could tell when the boy was still in my Sister's womb. He look so big! :) Its great that he was born on the 09-08-08! He will be sharing the same birthday as Singapore! Cool! It would be even cool if he was out a day before! Cause it would be 08-08-08! Oh well... Still he was out on a holiday! Later we shall be visiting them! Probably soon. 3 kids in all for Sister! Think that would be the most she would be willing to go! haha. 3 is gonna be REALLY expensive!! Anyway I'll take some pictures later !! Cool!

Anyway yesterday was also the $8,000,000 TOTO draw. Of course I am not that lucky or even near to smell anything. 8 person won the group 1. Each will be richer by a million! Ahhhh how nice huh? Sigh. I have this thinking that the unworthy people will always be luckier. This was proven on so many occasion. There was this guy who raped this lady and of course he paid for his crime and was sent behind bars. When he was released, he bought LOTTO (similar to TOTO but the prize money was way bigger) and guess what? He struck the jackpot! What is this world becoming to? Where is the justice? Ok.,, another. My uncle's step wife just struck 4D,  it was a 2nd prize and the money she won was $120,000!! Oh man!! Thats so much money! And this uncle of mine always treated my Mum like crap! Mum helped him alot last time when he lost money on gambling. And he even dare to threaten to beat my Mum up on occasion due to some problems! Darn!! And his wife ....way attitude! Like him!! Sigh. They, this unworthy people always are lucky! Blessed by whatever Gods! I don't know!! Sigh. But all the good people?  haha. What to do? Life has never been fair. And it would always remain this way.

Lets hope Sister's baby weight and date comes up today! 4D!!! :)

High School Musical 2 Ice Tour

Brought the girls to the High School Musical 2 Ice Tour last night at 7:30pm. Kendice and Siu-Leng. They loved it big time! They seems to know almost all the songs and sang along and screaming at times. haha. To me... It was okay. So so! Some songs were good. 

Look at those guys behind the girls! Super tall!! Giants! haha. Not sure if they were part of the Tour, they could be the Singapore Slinger? Think 1 of them is at 2 meters tall! Crazy height! haha.

Waiting for the Ice Tour to begin. The container that Kendice is holding cost me $15!!! It was sommee cheapo pop corns. ;) Everything they sold there were all expensive! Darn! Poor me can't buy much for the kids  ;)

Here you can see the set ! The one in the center was the lead performer. ;) From far she looks pretty! Near I dont know! ;) hehe but they were all very skillful with their skating.  Anyway there were 2 acts in all. Lasted about 1 hour and 30 mins in all. Guess this $188 was well spent. The girls loved it. 

Preparing Steamboat now. Gonna have with Bao's Mum and Sister. Tomorrow they shall be returning back to Vietnam. How time fly. Think Bao spent quite abit on them during their stay. Hope she will not cry when she see them off at the airport tomorrow. 

Dow rallied BIG TIME last night! up by +331! And Olam? Useless!! :( Went up as high as $2.23 but it closed $2.18!! Sigh. up a miserable $0.02!! Sigh, thought can cover alot today. All so wrong man. Sigh Sigh Sigh. Tonight Dow is heading for a flat start. Tomorrow Singapore market set to fall!  

Burning!! Its burning!

Market plunged. Big time. The last 3 lots of Olam I bought at $2.19, and right this moment, the price is at $2.05!! Thats close to $500 in the red! With all 9 lots, I am losing about $2.3K!!! Fishy Freaky market! All thanks to US! Man, heavy pounding these past days. So many suffered big burns. Arghhhhh. Another month of pay could simply be gone really soon. Sigh!! All sectors all crashed!! RECESSION!! Yawns.

Morning at 9:30am, Mum and myself brought Zach for his first day at Cherie Hearts Child Care Center at Depot Road. I had visited the place sometime back, finally today enrolled him in. He seems to adapt to the place easily. We left him alone with the teachers and children but peeped at him all the time. No cries! Good! Only when its time for bathing, he was crying so badly. We brought him back after that. It was recommend not to go for full day for the first 3 days.  Smile. He missed us so much when he saw Mum and me. Poor Boy! :) Think about it, we are gonna miss him so dearly when he's there. Cause we are so used to have him by our side at all time! Imagine almost an entire day there...That'll be some hard time to pass for us, especially Bao!

Later in the evening I will be bring Kendice and Siu-Leng to the High School 2 Musical Ice Tour at Indoor Stadium. Got the tickets sometime back. Both the girls are so excited on that! But I was so pissed with Kendice yesterday that I wanted to tear the tickets away!! Sigh. Her homework are all in a messed!! She dont even know simple stuffs!! I can't teach her, I'll go crazy. Sigh. Hope she can catch up soon!! Her work is deteriorating !! 

Arghhhh... Its just not a good day!! 08-08-08!!! Coming and $8,000,000 TOTO draw coming!!! I want to be part of it!!! As a Grp 1 winner!!! 

He is a happy boy!

He is definitely a very very pleased little boy as you can see in this picture! :) He got the lion dance set he always wanted! This little boy just had his wish fulfilled! Just look at the smile on his face! Happy!! He was so happy when I show the lion's head to him! Besides that he now has a cymbals, the full drum and percussion set! hehe. He is banging them hard next room now! 

Anyway Bao's Mum, Sister and Siu-Leng are in the room now as well. Yep, they brought the items from Vietnam. Bao is very happy now. Of course seeing her family here! Before this, we had early dinner at Terminal 3, "Dien Xiao Er" spent $269! Expensive dinner huh! Well I have to play host to them certainly. 

4D gods did not visit me today. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Tempted to get 3G iPhone!

I am so tempted! I think the 8GB one should meet my need cause I don't really listen to music since I drive. Unless my car has a ipod/iphone jack which I do not! Darn!! My iPhone's speaker had gone bonkers...Sigh! Sometimes there is sound sometime there is none! Hardware problem, sad! I had restored the phone afew times hoping it was software related but it simply not! Can still use but when the sound problem surfaces, I can't hear the other party's voice nor any SMS tone. So does that call for a 3G iPhone upgrade!? It is definitely gonna be really expensive! Officially only Singtel is bringing them in, probably launching on end of August or September! Price unknown yet. But there are some shops in SLS selling the export set at $2000-$2500!! Thats CRAZY! 

My current 2G iPhones! 2 of them! One belongs to Kristine, I had to restore it for her as well, Both on the latest 2.o firmware. 

No 4D luck today, no extra vitamin M! Darn! Tomorrow Bao's Sister and Mother and Siu-Leng coming, think they will be staying for about 5 days. Meaning, gotta spend more money! :) haha

4D and TOTO Gods!! Visit me soon okay? ;)

Home with Kendice and Zach

Bao went to the stall to help Mum, leaving Kendice and Zach home. Staying home with Zach as Kendice will be leaving for tution very soon probably another 10 minutes time. Just feed Zach and did hang the clothes ;) I am still tired, yesterday had a long mahjong session. Infact had 2 sessions! First at Ching's place and followed by James place! As usual James always the big winner!! Darn!! His house is cursed!! Only he can win money there! Gotta change his mindset about playing at others place. Always complaining that his wife dont like!! Darn!! hehe wahaha.'

Check this picture above. Really funny! Zach was watching Lion Dance on my iPhone via youtube. He was so engrossed in it! Look at his position! haha.. What a boy! Ohhh one more thing! He can say "iphone" by himself! I did not teach him! He just point to it and say "iphone" it sounded more like "ibone ibone" haha :)

And this one above! haha was calling out to me and asking me to see him! haha Trying to be funny with the milk bottle and pacifier both in his mouth! :) hahah cute! 

Listening Beyong LIVE concert songs at full blast now. Shoick. Gotta get Kendice off for tution! 

Not sleeping yet...So here's something!

Will try to sleep very soon , after this I suppose. Just had a SKYPE session with Bao's Sister and kids, and it seems like only Bao's Sister, Siu-Leng and Sun-Chye are coming, maybe Bao's Mum also. Ka-Leng will not be coming after all. Her Dad did not allowed her to come again. Too bad. Will be less fun if she does not come. Anyway its firmed. She's not coming! Bao was kinda pissed with them actually, cuz there were so undeceive about coming, next minutes firmed, but the next called off due to price. Ahhhh I guess Bao misses them too much. Got frustrated. Anyway they will probably arrive here on Sunday or Saturday. Will see!

Here's the latest action hero. The "SPIKEY BOY" strikes yet again! Used Comic Life. ;) 

Nothing better to do. Yawns. hah. Lets hope my Lambo comes someday yah? ;) But looking at financial situation, its oh no. Its sigh sigh and sigh! Crappy Olam was up to $2.34 twice and I did not sell it. And following that it always dive and with Dow down at 130 points now. Tomorrow, its "good luck" Yawns. Crappy market. Useless market! Where are the BULLS!? darn!!! I'll console myself with Spikey boy. And all trouble goes away.
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!