What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.


Thats what I can say. Its over at work, I was really looking forward to July where I will be promoted at work, or rather I thought I was. Yeh, its kinda crappy to know! It is not happening!! Ok ok its happening but it was pushed back to November. All these while, my Boss assumed that I was getting this promotion, and had given me some hints. But when I saw him in office, he told me that it had been pushed back to November. Ok just 4 months! But its the disappointment you feel when you thought you are getting it this date but it had been changed to another date. I think there is more to this! But what can I do? The reality of life is harsh! Its real!! Nothing I can do to appeal nor anything cause they, they authority simply will not tell us what was the criteria that I did not meet for the July promotion. ARghhhh its kinda making me feel so shit at work. It seems that the whole world was expecting my promotion this July! Sucks.... 

You know when one thing starts to crap up. Many things started to follow in that light. Things have not been going well. Met with issues that could crap me up at work! Not going into details! Never safe on a blog! hah. How smart I am! Duh.  Anyway forget the crappy stuffs!! Hmmm. Today brought Bao and kids to join my company's event, watch a Movie! Indiana Jones! Not too bad but nothing great!  Anyway I got myself a few more movies! Gonna watch it later!! hehe.

Stocks... Market was barely even today before the closing ... But minutes before it closed, SIA dropped -$0.16!! Darn! Disappointment!! Stupid China Oil.. Not going well at all!! Arghhh All is down!! :( Now Dow is up a few points.. Or is it? Ok ok just check up by 19. But I say...So what?? Up also down back in Singapore. No backbone...Too small economy to influence ourself here. 


Zach having fever! Brought him to KK

Last night Zach was running a high fever, and I had to bring him to KK hospital at about 4:30am! :( Poor boy was running a high temperature as high as 40.1 degrees! So poor thing! Now his temperature had already gone down. But it comes and goes. I bought a ear scan thermometer from KK last night thus now I can check his temperature much easily and accurate. Anyway I did not go to work due to his fever, stayed home and accompany him. Anyway took the time to check out the SAF Childcare center at CMPB today with Bao, Kendice and Zach. Most probably I will put him to that childcare starting the 1st July. At least he can start some formal education there and have fun with his age group children. At the same time he will be look after when Bao is helping Mum at her stall. :) I will have to put him there every morning say about 7:30am before I head off to work! Before that gotta drop Kendice at her school, ahhhh seems like I have to wake up much earlier!! Oh well... What to do! :)
This is another picture taken at Ding Ping's wedding. Handsome Zach! :) Ahhhh I love him so much!! But he is so playful! So mischievous !! I wonder how will the childcare teachers cope with him in future! Oh well I am sure they have their ways! :) 

So its back to work tomorrow! Back to reality once again! Ahhh hate it! Too bad I just have to face it! For the MONEY!! Darn! When will I ever strike it rich! At this rate, no way! Not when Singapore Market is tumbling everyday!! Today suffered loses again on SIA! :( -$0.28!! Down from the buying price by $0.30 already! Sadness! China Oil is barely up now! Should had let go when I could had make a cool profit of near $500! Darn! Anyway US market is closed for today, thus tomorrow its all up to STI to prove a point! Darn! They'll just mirror Hang Seng! Ahhh forget it! 


Ding Ping's Wedding Yesterday Night

It was Ding Ping's big day last night at Grand Copthorne. She had finally tied the knot with her 10 years plus boyfriend! :) Happy for her. Its always nice to attend wedding and see how happy the couple are. Glad for them! And of course Ah Pek and Ah Mm must had been so overjoyed! But Ah Pek is someone who does not show his expression openly. Anyway he had combated the lung cancer and is well on his road to recovery! So happy !!! :)Doctor then told the family he had only 1 year to go, but after his chemo, he is okay now! And I am sure he will be fine!!! Now seeing his last daughter wed, :) well now left Kok Peng!! :) The only son! Thinking back time really flies, I am the closest with this family when I was a kid. Almost everyday I will go my Grandmother's place and play with Kok Peng , Ding Ping!! And now, we are all married!! I am hitting my 30 soon! hah. Old...Old!!  Anyway as promised here's a picture of Zach with Mum and Bao!
There are more pictures, will load more up once I can!  Anyway blogging has really been a part of me now! Just have to write what has been happening! ;) But then again, blogging can only be on the 'General Rated' cuz there had been cases that blogger wrote too much details and got into trouble! hah. ;) 

3pm soccer at St Wilfred later!! Checking out now!! ;)

Manchester United won the Champion League!!

What a match it had been yesterday! I stayed up to watch of course. A header by Ronaldo put Man Utd in the lead at the 26 minute, but some really good luck put Chelsea back into the game at the 45 minutes!! And it was 1-1 all the way till penalty shoot out! And I had this feeling or this omen that should Ronald takes it, he will miss! And I was right! HE MISSED YET ANOTHER PENALTY!! Holy!! And Chelsea' s John Terry had to put the last penalty kick and they would had won the Cup! But Terry missed!!! Struck off the right bar!! And it was down to sudden death when Anelka missed it!!! MANCHESTER UNITED was the Champion!!! A Double this season!! Gosh!! I am overjoyed!!! YES YES YES!!! hahaha. I feel so good!!! Both titles Man Utd left Chelsea right behind them!! SHOICK! haha.

Ahhhh.... Anyway shoick for Man Utd but its kinda bad for me!! I bought SIA 3 days back at $15.86 and it was still fine till today closing at $15.80! Tomorrow will be the last day! Either I have to buy over and suffer yet another lost! :( Sigh. Crap! All because of US market pulling Asian market down! And now Dow is up 38 points! But the up and down is so volatile! Sigh. Shall make some decision tomorrow! Darn! But my China Oil did go up! Bought 10 lots at $0.385 and it closed $0.42 today. Hope a rally tomorrow for STI! Oh please!! hah.

Lately been running daily but I stopped today, I just had to take some rest. Body can't take it! My timing has been going from Bad to Worst! Weird? Maybe cause my body hasn't has the time to recover before I run again! My body probably has not been conditioned! Thus I need to rest! Maybe I will rest again tomorrow. Monday will try again. Sigh... Gotta keep fit! Gotta clear my IPPT as well!

Just watch the movie National Treasure 2 on my iMac! Great movie !! Great plot! :) Tired or am I ? hah. Anyway gotta sleep !! Time flies... Its Friday!! And its Mummy's Birthday! 23rd May!! :) How fast Zach grew!! He is getting smarter as the days passes and he is getting more cute! haha. He told me GOODNIGHT just now!! hahah I miss him!! I miss all of them!! :)

SLEEPING TIME!! Okay I promise to load some pictures of the kids ASAP! :)

Shagged Day...No SLEEP!

Started mahjong yesterdat at about 8:00pm yesterday at PMC's house. It was a bad start, in no time I was down like $150, and soon realized that arse luck had fall upon me again! Was near $200 in the red!!  But... there is always a BUT! A salted fish made a come back! Zi Mo 5 folds!! Thats $35 each!! Woooo. Then it was soon up !! Another Zi Mo 5 folds!! And I was GREEN!! Totally a turn of table!! I was the biggest loser and the only loser nearing the end, but arse luck became "don't know what luck" haha. And I ended with $30 profit!! Hahaha. What a game! Anyway it ended late! I think I reached home about 4:00am?  Slept at 4:30am and woke up at 6:45am for soccer at St Wilfred!! Darn, totally a Zombie now! But somehow still managed to have my eyes rather wide! But I will go take some rest after this! Anyway we drew 2-2 at the game. Darn, I am old, my soccer reflexes are all rusty! :( Ahhhh making it a leisure sports anyway!!

Just can't help it but I have to post this picture I took I think yesterday. Its Zach being a wanna be photographer!! haha I was snapping some shots of him and he actually followed me and gold the camera up, imitating me!! haha. Super cute!!  hahaha
He wanna be a professional photographer when he grows up maybe?? haha. Better not !! Not much money, be a lawyer or doctor better huh? Or pilot? Or minister? okok I am tired. I am thinking wildly. ;) I need the sleep!!

Long weekends... It feels good!

Indeed! Monday is a public holiday! Woohoo! Which means " NO WORK"!! Yeah!! Yesterday was my organization 39th Anniversary dinner at Swisssotel. Food's okay. Nothing good but the price is definitely on the high side. Before the dinner, part of the event was going up the Singapore Flyer. First time up there, it is indeed a nice view, too bad did not bring camera. But I have about 7-8 free tickets which is sufficient for my family ! Will plan a trip up again with all of them! Then will snap alot of pictures! ;) 
Anyway I got myself a new toy! On the right! The exact same one! Bought it because it has no camera but with all the functions of a good business phone! Now I can bring to work!! Yeah! Been waiting for such a phone for a good long time!! Finally Nokia strike the iron! Good phones without camera is highly in demand! Very good phone to use! Comparing with iPhone is different la. iPhone is a fun phone to use, I would say this is purely for work! And stocks! hah Its 3G! Something I always wanted (less camera).  
Anyway yesterday after Dinner, Boss, Ching and Kristine came my place and we have 2 rounds of mahjong! And I emerged the champion with $300++ winnings. Poor Kristine lost everything! Each of us had $400 capital. Anyway thankfully for Kristine, there was some luck on her last game she ZI MO 5 folds! Got back $100+. Anyway so what I won? haha  Bao already asked $400 from me for her parents already! ahah.. gotta top up from my winnings somemore!  What to do? Oh now.... BROKE liao! hahaha. I need the funds to fund my gadget's love! hah. ;)

Baby Zach is sleeping now, yesterday I had to come back from work to SGH to meet Bao there as Zach missed his 15th month injection! :( Anyway he took 3 jabs in all. He cried of course. But he was a brave boy! :) Now he is sleeping soundly!! Ahhh I miss him!!

Here's a combined picture of Zach taken pictures with Mum and Bao at Dyaln's birthday!! and a picure of Kendice looking so sweet! :) I love you guys!Finally Kendice doesn't close her eyes when this shot was taken! :) She tends to blink her eyes where there is flash! :) Pretty Kendice!

Some Fun Pictures of Baby Zach!

Check this picture! Cool huh? I like it! As promised, I want to snap more of Baby Zach! Here is a edited shot with Photoshop, combined the 3 shots, tweaked alittle and this is the finish product! Milk? Milk Now?? Milk Here!!! Kinda interesting! Zach really show his expression! Cute little boy! He is drinking his milk now, Bao preparing him to sleep soon! Played with him so much just now! He is really naughty, whatever he wants, you have to give him if not he will throw his tantrums!! Darn! Just like me! haha. Smack his butt!! hehe.. make him cry!! Wahahaha. He kept saying NAI NAI now. haha. Lately he has not been drinking much!! Force feed him also no use! He 'su ka su ka' type. Call for NAI NAI (milk) and when it comes. He just drink alittle!! hehe. Wife always sad when he drink little. But he is still a big size baby to many, especially doctors! hah always saying, must watch his size!! haha. Still very much safe la!  He is making alot of noise now! Haha trying to say things no one can understand!! hehe. This baby is so FUN!! So cute!! Darn! Just wanna bite him!! Haha okok I am sadist! hah.. Okay la. He's my son! Anyway today Bao cooked my fav Vietnam beef noodles!! :) Love it! But making me so full now! Ate dinner x 2! And just had it for supper !! Super uncomfortable now!!  Ahhhhh. Gonna sleep soon! Long day tomorrow!!

This world is so fragile... Myanmar had a cyclone which killed up to 30,000 and expected the death toll to rise to 100,000 and now China had a major earthquake and death toll already passed 20,000. Sigh. Its so sad to hear such news. What has this world become to? Innocent lives are lost. Sigh. Nothing we could do but just listen and watch. The pain these people are going through. Sigh.


Just woke Up! :) hah. And its 1:16am! Came back from work and was feeling tired so had a nap and this is what happen, waking up now. Biological clock messed up once again. Oh well. So here I am with my Mac once again! Logging in Utopia thieving ! hehe. Ahhhh...thirsty! lately my lips had been so dry! Don't know why! Its very irritating man! Crap! Probably the humidity had been lower these days? Darn! Kendice lost her mobile phone AGAIN! Its the third time already!! So angry with her, always having the bo chap attitude about her things! No chance to scold her as I was sleeping! When I wake obviously she slept already, worried that I will scold her! But its the 3rd time in such a short period of time!! Darn!! Don't give her phone also not cause she is so blur at times! Sigh...

Anyway for the Queenstown HDB Balloting Exercise. I received an appointment from HDB! COOL! I might be able to buy a house already!! But I thought I had already been rejected due my balloting number exceeded twice the amount allocated! Anyway I am thinking this could be the 2nd phase and I am invited to choose those still vacant! But again one of the PARA stated that " As my number exceeds the available flats on sales, I might not even have a chance to select a house when my turn comes" Thats kinda stupid! If I have an appointment, ain't it be logical I should have a chance to choose?? Weird System! Anyway I hope that I will be able to choose a flat that is what I want around Commonwealth area. Ahhhh... Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

Time to try to sleep again!!

Went for Dylan's Birthday Party @ Fidgets

Today noon we went for Dylan's Birthday Party at Turf City, FIDGETS. Its a kid's playground with lots of tunel, slides, balls etc. Its a kid's paradise! Kendice & Zach enjoyed themselves so much! It was fun! 
Dylan as shown in the picture... He must have been so happy and excited! There you can see Kendice and Zach! Waiting for food! :) 

Anyway I will have to write later!! Its the BIG game!! Manchester United vs Wigen !! Its the last game and it will determine if Man Utd will carry the Champion's Trophy tonight!! The game is going to start now!! Later!! Hahaha

HALF TIME UPDATE! MANCHESTER UNITED is leading by 0-1!!! A goal by Ronaldo! Penalty! Cool!!!!! Chelsea is still level for now!
Anyway here's another picture showing some party food in close up! :) Very interesting place to have children birthday parties there.  Zach was enjoying himself with all the balls there and of course the slides. I let him slide down himself on some of the big slides! So cute so funny! He was like totally out of control when sliding down! Danger!? hehe maybe! But he's a tough boy! hahah. This other picture was when Zach was in the toy car! :) Nice pose for the shot huh? :) He will be handsome when he grows up I am sure! haha ;) Like Father like Son! Wahahaha.

This pictures show Zach with the Balls he loves! :) haha. Cute huh? :) You can see that he had enjoyed himself so much!  Next time I will bring both the kids to this place again! But I think its not cheap! :) hehe. Worth the money though!

GUESS WHAT? Nothing New! MANCHESTER  UNITED WON THE BPL!!!! WOOOOOooooo Final score  0-2!! :) Chelsea 1 - 1 with Bolton! haha. HAPPY MAN!! YEAH YEAH!!!
See that's how happy Zach is upon hearing Manchester United won the BPL! hahaha. Anyway he really laughed his heart out today at the party!  Cute little boy!!

Did not go for my run today! :(

Ankle was pain, again. So did not do my daily run today. No good No good! Anyway I have been trying my best to run daily, as in Monday to Friday. Been keeping this discipline rather well except some days either I have something on or like today, my ankle gave up. Darn... old injuries just don't heal up fully :( Sigh. Anyway I only run short distance daily, just 2.4 KM. Nothing big at all! Just to keep fit at the same time IPPT!! Darn! I hate it! I am trying to see if I can still maintain my silver. Gold?? NO WAY! hahaha. 
Today I left office early for Alfa workshop, had to replace my car battery. Died on me yesterday when I was with Bao at SGH, dropped her friend there. Returned to carpark and my dear Alfa wouldn't roar at the turn of the key! ;( AA comes for rescue! Anyway today's damage was $259! Ouch! Soon this baby will be due for 30,000KM servicing! Darn another BOMB to come!!

Evening went to Grandmother's place, everyone was there, whole of Father's side relative. Its our annual gathering. Its Grandma's death anniversary. Making it a point to come together at least twice a year. Hope this goes on and on! Zach was making everyone with laughter there! Haha. So cute so fun! Liping's baby, Ryan also super cute! :) he slimed down alot like Zach too! But they both I would still classify them as the BIGGER toddlers ! :) Been awhile since I load pictures of Baby Zach! Will do it asap! :) Let me load one taken sometime back! Just to keep the photo going! :)
This was taken on the 11th January 08! haha Zach trying to be a Saudi Oil Prince! haha. With Mummy of course! :) I love you guys!! 

Cold War ended...

The Cold War ended. Sigh.... Hate cold wars. Finally its over. Bao is cooking magi mee for me now. :) Anyway we did not speak for like a day plus. Today I went home 9:30pm. Did not want to quarrel more so I stayed out. She also went back late, I was later. I even took the stairs up. 30th storeys!! Can die!! But its good! Good exercise I mean. Not the war but the climb!! ;) Cut short...all is fine now. I hope NO MORE!! I hate quarrels!!  No one do certainly! Darn! I miss Zach and Kendice, never really spoke or play with both of them. When I reached home, they were already asleep. Kendice was still awake, but as then the war was still on, I just went into my room. Did not play with Zach today. Sigh... I miss him so much. So much. AHHHHhhh Zach, Daddy miss You!  

(My AVIVA coverage is increased up to $187,000!!) Hmmm....why am I thinking of this? Weird! Don't care! I am tired at work. I am sick of work, I am sick of office politics!! Arghhh I wanna quit man! Darn, I have no money to quit. :(

Magi is ready!!

Bad Day... Just so Bad.

Had a bad quarrel with Bao today. Sigh... Really spoilt everything. Don't wish to even recall what happened. My fault?? Her fault?? Its always my fault to her. Arghhh... Going crazy!! Anyway still had family dinner today, also to celebrate Brother's upcoming Birthday. (05/05)  We had seafood at Long Beach. Cold war now. Hate this. Hate it!! 

Another bad news... my iPhone is going up the lorry. The speaker is going bonkers. The sound coming out is distorted. Speaker is gone. I believe its due to the drop yesterday. How I drop it? Sigh... Helped my Uncle to restore his iPhone, and when he got his kids to my place to collect it. And while I was rushing from my room out to the hall to open the door for them, my iPhone dropped hard on the floor. That caused the distortion on the speaker. Sigh... Helped an iPhone, kill an iPhone. Darn

Just BAD just BAD!! ARghhhh Just a freaking bad day!!!  Work tomorrow??? Arghhh kick ass! I'm sleeping early.

IRONMAN...Good Show!

Yeah! Its a good movie! Just watched with Bao and Kendice at Tiong Bahru Plaza. About a 2 hours movie. Nice!! Like it! Think I wanna be the IRONMAN now. hehehe. Wish I can have one of this toy, darn! Sleek! Woohoo! Ok Going crazy over the robot already! ;> 
Here's another picture of Baby Zach I took yesterday, he can't sleep without them! Yah! The pacifier!! He's taking 2 at one go here! haha. No no he only use one! But I am just trying to be funny stucking 2 into his mouth!! hahaha.. Fun boy! He is probably asleep in the next room by now. But lately he's been very grumpy, crying at the slightest issue. After his fever, he is starting to have rashes over his butt and at a closer look, there are tiny red rashes on his face as well. I'll monitor it for awhile before I bring him to the Doctor.  

It just feels good to know its a weekend huh? It Saturday and tomorrow NO WORK! Wooohooo. Darn wish I could have this feeling all the time! Work sure sucks. Haha..facing with some issues at work now. Kinda disappointed with things happening. When can I retire!! TOTO!! When will I strike!!?? But how will I ever strike if I don't buy huh? Think I better start buying weekly! Who knows that I might just strike it !! Darn! Can't imagine if I do strike!! Woooo no stress!! MONEY MONEY MONEY! On this... I am gonna run DRY!! This month credit card bill amounted up to $5,000!! Darn! Okok, $1.1k is not mine, helped 4th Uncle buy Dell computer. Other then that, everything is mine!! Darn! If I include this month car installment, Then its $5k or so!! Ouch!!! I just did a calculated my monthly installment for all the gadgets I bought ...about $600 monthly!! OUCH!! Thats the problem when its installment. You don't feel the pain when you buy the stuff. But when the monthly bills come. It SUCKS!! Darn... I need about another 6 months before I can reduce the monthly installment of all my gadgets by half!! I am a poor man!! Here's another picture to end off! haha...FUN!! haha... Zach after SPA? hahaha

Mum cut her hands, Now Bao as well.

How rare can this be? Yeah. Bao Bao just cut her fingers when trying to slice some fruits. Not as bad as Mum but its deep though. How coincidence can it be? Mum just accidentally cut her hands 2 days back. Sigh... Hope it will end here!! Scary! Anyway I was supposed to play mahjong at PMC's place but due to Bao helping Mum entire day, I came home straight after work and stayed home till now, looking after Zach. Lately I spent so much time with Baby Zach. :) Father and Son bonding huh? hehe. He is simply too cute!! Fat baby! haha. Now he is making alot of noise!! Grumpy Little Zach!! 

Anyway I sold off my SGX this morning!! :( I really have no foresight on stocks, or rather no luck!! I sold it at $9.09! Finally above the price I bought at $8.98 and end of day it was up to $9.30! Sigh. I could had made alot more if not for a mistake. 2 days back I queued another lotof SGX at $8.45 but I pressed wrongly and was logged out! It dropped to $8.44, I will get it if not for the mistake. If not, I would had make so much more!! But I bought 10 lots of China Oil Field again. Hmmmm..... Everything went up but China Oil dropped a max of $0.06 today! Bought it at $0.385, today closed at $0.395. At least its positive!  Dow opened very strong today, 120++ but guess what now? Its -11 points!! America cannot man. RECESSION!! Yawns.... 

Tired... having a swollen left eyes. Gonna sleep soon.  -13 points on Dow now! Darn!

Morning Morning....

Zach has been so grumpy these past days. Probably due to his fever. Again, he was in such agony last night. Couldn't sleep, woke up like 1am to 2am, kept crying non stop. And as usual, once he cry big time. He will vomit. Yes he did. :( puked out. So poor thing. I scolded him!! Ahhhh and he was angry with me!! haha. He knew that I was angry for him being so grumpy. And he kinda ignored me. Smart boy. Anyway I was home entire day looking after him yesterday (Holiday). I had alot of fun with him. Played with him...made him laughed alot!! This picture was taken was he was so happy throwing his pacifiers! hah. Zach...faster recover okay!!! Looks like he has to be at the market whole day today cause Bao has to help Mum earlier and end later due to her hands got cut! :( Told him not to operate her stall today but she insisted. Sigh....

Ahhhh Off to work I go for now!! Thank God its Friday!!! (Dow up by +189!! Hope SGX can soar today!)

Zach Baby is sick....

It was yesterday where I realized that his body is really warm after his afternoon nap. So I brought him to the Clinic, Doctor measured his temperature. 38.6 degrees! Ouch. He must had been feeling so uncomfortable. Heart ached. Anyway he is sleeping now. Today is labour day. No work, so I have been home all day looking after Zach. His fever is still presence. Gave him medication already. Will give him at about 7:00pm. My poor Zach.  Wish I took his fever instead. My cute baby is sick!! :( 

Anyway Bao supposed to be back from Market already, but she just called me saying Mum cut her hands!! :( And she will stay longer to help out. SIGHHH. I hope Mum is okay!! :( Wish I took her cut!! She's been working too hard. Way too hard!! She'll never retire!! :( Too bad I am only earning sufficient pay. If not, I'll force her to retire!! SIGHHH...when will I ever be rich huh? Dream on.

Yesterday Bao cooked my favorite Vietnamese Beef Noodles. So nice...Brother and Jiayi came to eat. And later Uncle Ben and Auntie Caro also came.  I will ask her cook that again! :) Miss it already!! HUNGRY now... not eaten any meal whole day! Morning went out at 7:30m for soccer till about 10am and all the way home till now. HUNGRY!!

Shall call Mum now ask how she is... :(
You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!