What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Close Call...

Was on my way from Office to HSA to submit some samples. Driving along upper serangoon road, light was green and I drove abit faster to catch the green. Out of no where this car from my right just zoom passed...I can really say it was like inches away from an impact. Both at high speed, the only different was that I was GREEN and he/she was RED!! If only I was alittle slower, I would get my rear right side smashed! It was a KIA PICANTO! I did a naturally reaction by turning my steering to the left and back. Really close. Really really close. My car could easily be flipped over if I was clipped! Darn. Broad Day light and that Picanto beat the lights!! Even after that it was still GREEN for me!!!  The driver was totally dreaming I can be very sure!! Darn. Scary. Did not managed to die today. Phew. 

Day with Zach at Home

Sleeping Prince
He slept and rolled off the bed! It was so funny! Immediately I took my Alpha and snapped this shot! :) hahah So cute!! He's making so much noise beside me now!! Shaking his head all over!! haha mumbling and I have no clue whats he trying to say! haha

Taking a picture with Daddy's iMac. ;) Just look at his smile!! Where are his eyes!! haha Whever he tries to strike this smile face for me. His eyes always widen and I see nothing! haha. Notice his left leg, full of bruises! He's been taking hits and knocks all the time! blue-blacks are too common. ;)

This boy simply can't get over Lion Dance! Just look at how excited he is! Anyway I tried switching the show to Barney and he started crying and asking for "DONG DONG CHANG!" haha ;) Hes a hardcore fan!! He's on my lap now!! ;)

I am home...

Staying home today due to a bad stomach ache this morning. Now looking after Zach. He's crapping right now. :) he is a big fan of lion dance! He simply cannot do without them! Haha always wanting to watch them. Right now he he watching YouTube while crapping. Hehe. Simply adorable! Love him!! Ahhhh it's so smelly!! What else? The poo! ;) anyway I am writing this from my iPhone. My dying iPhone. Now it's working all well now. Crappy phone.

The finacial market is indeed killing me. Sigh. Olam dropped by 7 cents this morning. And I forsee that noon there will be more blood!! Darn! More money going away!! Last week it climbed to $2.34!! And now it's $2.14! That's $200 per lot and I have 6 lots!! Yawns!! Looks like this Olam will have to remain for a long time in my portfolio. Sigh!!

I'll load up some pictures through the mac later...

What a song.. Old memories

What a Song... I still remember this song. Just happened to stumbled upon it. Not really I searched for it. Beyond, one of the best band I ever know. What a way to end this great legend. Sigh His brother cried while singing this piece. Sigh.

Finally set my table straight!

Always wanted to re-arrange my table cause of the messy cables, which I always find ways to hide them up either with some objects or simply leave it to accumulate dust!  Today I finally did it! I took sometime and finally cleared up the messy cable! Well I think its still not the best but at least its better then before!

It feels so clean now! Not that messed up no more! I moved the BOSE woofer from the ground to the table and I shifted the modem and time capsule down as well!  No dangling cables! Way neater! Thats how Apple iMac should be! Clean and sleek! heh.  Oh I also removed the my PC away!! Will probably be shifting it to Kendice's room soon. But its down anyway. Usual hardware failure. Yawns. ;)

If not I think the motherboard had gone bonkers already, thank God I already backed up all into my imac. 

Anyway I got back earlier from work today and look after Zach... Bao went SIR to do her passport. Managed to put him to sleep fast and he drank quite some milk today! :) He learnt quite a few new things lately! Cool! Think I will wanna put up a video soon!

Here's a picture we took! :)

How is this picture? I love it! :) Super cool! I mean Zach is! hehe Father not bad also eh? ;) Cool!!

When will I get some additional money??

My car got brushed on the rear right. So the sign might be telling me go buy some 4D!! The 4D gods are visiting me again! Darn... What a bad sign! haha. I bought quite an amount on my car number infact! And the draw was yesterday (today also) well guess what? Consolation opened 9918!! Now is 9518!! So close again! By 1 digit! It could had been $2000 richer for me and just right for the entire re-sprayed!! sigh! I bought 0751 also and it opened 1570!! Sigh! How sad can one be when your numbers keep on jumping or missing a digit! Darn!! Things could had been so different if I strike!! Ouch!! Nevermind...Today another draw!! Money luck not on me... Played mahjong on Friday and was up $300+ but ended losing $10!! And yesterday went for Yeo Leck Wei's house warming and played mahjong also and lost about $70! Simply no luck!! I had a dream last night, I dreamt that my friend also name Steven, struck TOTO group 1!! He bought 2 shares! Weird. And each winning share was $500,000!! He became and instant millionaire!! I am mad about money!! hahah Oh well... But I am happy!! Cause I have Zach!! Woohoo!! Seeing him makes me smile broadly! haha. He is outside the house now with Bao, she is planting. And Zach is running along the corridor! 

Here's a picture I just taken with Zach's hair all gel up! And of course he is giving me that smile pose. haha.. So funny!!

Maybe later I will be joining Quanwei and guys for some street soccer. 

What a powerful Singer!

He is amazing! What a talent!! All I can say is... WOW! He is good! Very good! He was playing the and singing the song "Right Here Waiting". I got mesmerized by his voice! He is such a talent! He was performing right at the exit of Tiong Bahru MRT (Tiong Bahru Plaza side) Of course he got alot of people slotting their money into the box! Bet he could make quite a good sum daily! But I would say he deserved it! Why not? He has a talent and he is performing and audiences like it. They give... Its nothing wrong! Did I mentioned that he is actually blind? Well he is. 

 I salute his talent given his disability. Cheers! He is a talent yet to be discovered!  (Thats Kendice in her school uniform appreciating his singing)

Unlucky Day!!

Poor Alfa. She got brushed! And she got brushed by a BIG fire engine truck!! Thats what happened, my car was stationary parked outside my office. Fire engine truck was turning out of the compound and it brushed against the right rear of my bumper. And she suffered deep scratches and dents. Sigh. My heart pains so much! What could I had done? Nothing. Poor 147. She is disfigured! Cuts like knife!!  I am thinking that the repair to re-spray the bumper plus some touching up will probably cost about $250-$300. And that fire engine driver...Sigh. He doesn't seems to be loaded. I will probably blame it on my luck and foot this repair cost myself. Sigh... I am thinking of re-spraying my whole car! Take this opportunity to spray the car to a color I always wanted. BLUE or RED ?? But re-spraying the whole car would not be cheap. Few thousand bucks!! :( Lets see how again.  For now... I will have to live with that few scars. 

Too hungry...Made a soup for myself. Clamp Chowder!! Nice!

Sighhhh...my poor car!

Just returned from Movie " The Dark Knight "

Not bad, but its kinda confusing for me at sometime! Imagine how Bao and Kendice can stay through the plot. Anyway Kendice fell alseep about 1.5 hours into the show. It was a long  show, stretching 153 mins! Value for money for $21.50 in all for 3 tickets! Darn so expensive! Lately have been bring Bao for movies. Zach did not go with us just now. Got Uncle to help us look after him for that 2 hours. He was thrilled to see Bao when we got back!! Here's a cool picture of him trying to play the recorder!! So cute! So fun!!

He managed to blow some sound out of that recorder! haha really funny! Just cannot describe it! Gotta check it out yourself! hehe. He is simply adorable!! Just cannot stand it!! Bite him!! Wahaha. ;) 

Another shot here! Looks like he is trying real hard!! Blowing with all his strength!! ;) Bao is putting him to sleep now. :) Today he vomited again!! Its been sometime since he last had this prob! Darn. But he is alot better these days! Drinking more Milk and eating more. As long as he seems round, Bao will be happy! Duhh.

Today is not bad! OLAM went up by $0.09!!  Its $2.26! Highest was $2.30!! Cool! Hope Dow can maintain and end GREEN! And tomorrow Singapore market another Rally!!

Zach just vomit once again!! DARN!! Right now!! :( Sigghhhh... Vomitted so much!! :( Argghhhh Arghhhhhh

Cleared my IPPT! Silver!

Managed to do it ! Yeah! This is something I always worry as I aged! Yesterday took it and surprisingly I still managed a SILVER! Thats $100 extra next month or the month after! Whatever! As long as I clear it, I can rest assure! heh. Can worry about it come next year! haha. But I guess I will try to maintain it, meaning run regularly. Better!! 

Yawns... Its still early! 7:05am! But preparing to head off for work. Waiting for Kendice to get ready. Gotta send her to school first. Ohhh no! Not again! I am feeling alittle of the "stomach upset" feeling again! I had a diarrhea! Not again!!  Better get ready soon!! Fast drive to school and to office and BOOOOM. ;)

Dow up by 135! Hope today OLAM can recover what it lost lately!! Bammm! hehe. Poor Zach, he was climbing the chair last night and slipped and hit his groin area! He cried so badly!! :( I hope its nothing serious!! Heart so pain!! He is in dreamland now! There was sometime ago, he tends to wake up every morning to me us to work! I wish he still do now! hah but better not! If not Bao has prob getting him back to sleep!! I miss his voice!! hehe!!

Alright...better head off soon! :) I will load up more pictures soon!



Yeah Yeah! Once again! :) $280 richer! Mahjong what else?  hehe... with the usual players after work. For the start I did well already winning about $200 but gave in during the 2nd round till only a mere profit of $50. It was the 3rd round infact the last game, I had a 5 fold ZI MO! Wooohooo. So its $280 richer! With Ching still owing me $130 from the previous game. Its looking good for a good killing! But all winnings will be channelled to BILLS! Darn! Too expensive to live here in Singapore. Thank goodness that the petrol price dipped for the 3rd time in a row. Think it went down another $0.04 cents today 6pm. :) Some pain lifted off for now. Dow is UP for now as well! Today Singapore market did well! My OLAM up by another $0.06 cents! Thats 6 lots man! Or equal to $360 up today but still along way to break even!

Zach's crying now. So badly! Don't know why! Okay he's drinking his milk now. Lately he simply pee anywhere he fancy!! Darn!! He used to tell us when he wanna pee!! But lately...he BO ZHAP!! Gotta smack his ass!! hehe. He is simply toooo cute to be with! 

We gonna enroll him for day care soon. Wanted the CMPB one. Infact already went check the place out but it kinda a hassle for me to send him there every morning and also for Bao to pick him up daily. So now we are exploring the childcare around the vicinity. Anyway once he is in the childcare, we are gonna miss him so dearly. He just have to start somewhere!

Oh, Bao's Sister and kids and he Mum are planning to visit us in Singapore next week tentatively. But the tickets this time round seems much more expensive! Maybe its due to the time to fly period is short thus the prices are being jacked up tremendously. USD180 per pax! As compared to the last time I bought for Ka-Leng at USD104 I think. Anyway I hope they will be coming regardless the amount! I am sure it would be fun! Hope to see Ka-Leng come again!! We miss her so much! Not sure if her Dad will allow her to come again! We don't mind paying for her airfare. Ultimately its all about FUN as a whole family! Probably later if they come online. We will SKYPE them to find the details. 

For now... I wanna sleep early tonight!!

PWNED my iPhone

Latest firmware 2.0! :) Supposed to be for the 3G iPhones, apparently it had been once again hacked by the pros.  Cool!  but instead of an Apple logo booting the phone up. I have a pineapple now! haha. Can restore it back if I want to.

Yesterday I met my men for dinner, it was sorta a promotion treats a few of us gave to the flight. We had seafood at Punggol. Not bad at all. I'm intending to bring Bao and check it out soon. I am sure she will love the crab. BIG! Anyway we headed off to some Pubs for beer! Its been a long time since I last stepped into pubs! We were like pub hopping. ;) I drank so much. Of course I left my car and headed back in a Taxi at about 5:30am!! Picked the car up only the next day. It was definitely a good feeling as in getting so high. Its been way way long since I had that feeling. Good! All troubles went away for that moment! Bad way huh?  ;)

Today, noon, I brought the kids to West Coast Playground. Kendice and Zach definitely enjoyed themselves lots! Will plan for the next one! Maybe I'll be bringing them to the Jurong Birdpark soon. Zach would be thrill to see BIRDS :)  

Not been taking new pictures lately, I will start snapping once again soon! But I managed to take 3 shots with my iPhone. Check his hairdo! Bao styled it! Wolverine??

Another DEAD

Bad sight again. Another bad accident happened just below my house. The traffic lights outside Tiong Bahru Plaza. Was coming back from soccer. And saw police vehicles with their beacon lights on. Saw the standard blue body shelter the Police used for covering dead body. I saw the leg of the man I presumed. Sigh. It was a cyclist, I believed that he probably got knocked down when trying to catch the green man. Don't know the details. So much blood around. It must had been a hard impact...Died instantly. Another accident also  happened not too long ago just another 200 meters apart at the traffic lights too. But that was a motorcyclist. Sigh. Life's so unpredictable huh? People just go like that.

Back Early...

Friday, a day I am always looking forward to! Its 5:37pm! And I am already  back home! Its weekends!! Away from Office, away from work! Thats perfect! Don't ya think? Hey hey! Bao and Zach just got back home! Smile... Miss him so much! 

Got him a ABC book. (Free) and there it is. He is looking at it! Picture taken directly from iMac. He just got a scolding from me, he was trying to tear the book! Darn! Naughty, really naughty but I like it! ;) hehe fun!! 

On my Stocks
BAD BAD BAD. What more can I say... not made for it! But I am in it so I am part of it and contributing on the RED side! Dow was up 206 points last night but Singapore see a major sell off. The counter I am holding 6 lots of Olam suffered once again. I need it to be $2.32 to break even and its $2.09 now. Looks like a long long climb given the poor sentiments in Singapore. Sigh. That ALOT of paper money lost for now!! Bam!! 

Yesterday I had mahjong with the regular guys again, it was good initially but end of it, I was the major loser!! Give it up $170 in the RED! Well I still have some credit with Ching, instead of paying me $290, he only needs to transfer to me $130. Sigh. Money is simply slipping away from me once again!! Arghhhh!!

I NEED to get fit once again, this morning I took a very last minute IPPT and did not make it! Stomach was full of eggs and hotdogs!! No way to run with this stomach but I had to at least attempt! Okay,  I will make it on Tuesday!! Super unfit now!! Gaining more weight as each day passes. hehehe


Just woke up! What a day! Came back from work, bathed and slept!! And woke up now! I thought that its time for work! haha.. my biological clock is once again messed up! ;) What happened lately? I am totally drained out once I return from work. And I always have the tendency to fall asleep when I drive. Stressed??

Zach's lying on the floor right now. hehe. So cute so fun! Ahhh having SKYPE session now :) 

Bao's Sister is back from US to Vietnam. :) haha having so much fun now!

Even Brother in law is here :) Bao is so happy! Infact Bao's sister and Siu-Leng will be coming to Singapore I believe the end of the month or so. Too bad that brother-in-law do not allow Ka-Leng to come again! :( Trying to coaxed him to allow him to allow Ka-Leng to come again. It would be so fun if they all could come altogether. 

Make it happen!! :)

Couldn't sleep once again

Not early, thats what I can say. I should be sleeping! Seems like its once again messed up. I mean my biological clock. 3:36am! That should be most people sleeping time yah? I screwed it up when I came back from mahjong and slept! Now, its wide open! Regardless I will try to shut them soon! Darn!! Or maybe there are simply too much crowding in my mind now? Could be could be? But what?? Darn... I am not sure! I just feel so heavy lately!! Darn! (again) Need to be at office in another 4 hours or so! Back to work! I simply do not have the energy to think about work!! Weekends just ended!! That feeling really sucks!! Time to move on!! Time to move on!! But what? I need a good 'Lobang' to be even thinking about that! Its like that huh? Once you feel tired about what you do, you should think of a change! Think NOT now!! I've got Kendice and Zach to support!! Ouch! 

I've got some really cool shots of Zach with the 'Super Hero' mask with him posing a smile for me! Taken it just now when SKYPE with Sun-Chye and Ka-Leng.  Ain't he simply adorable?? He's in Bao's embrace and sleeping soundly now. ;)  And its time for me to join him in this sleep! (If I managed to though) 



Won $320 at Ching's place today! :) Cool! Been awhile since I last feel some victory!! hehe. Could had been more if not for the last round throwing 2 x 4 fold away! Still this $320 will definitely come in handy! MORE to come! Singapore Pool played me out for now! So I guess its the small money for now!

Ka-Leng coming online now! We wanna see and talk to her! We miss her so much! Bao and me was talking about how much we miss her company when she was with us in Singapore.

Quick call us on SKYPE!!

And here they are! LIVE with both the siblings now! :) Miss em alot!

OUCH!! Not again!!!

Sadness!! It had happened once again! Close but so far!! Just 1 digit different! And its bye bye to thousands of dollars!! Arrghhhh. Why does this shit always happen to me? This Alfa number had ran way too many top prize!! Way too many to even count!! Freaking pissed!! Darn!! 9518!!!! WASTED once again!

This money could had come in so handy!! Darn!! Poolz Connect did not help much after all. Sigh. Looks like its gonna be another long term disappointment. The bad gets all the good, the good get all the bad. I am believing this once again. Darn!! Darn!!!

Whole family is outside now, I think at Bugis, not able to join em as I was in No. 5, I miss Zach already. Wonder how is he doing?  If I strike the 3rd prize today, man!! I am gonna get Zach a new pram! Just too bad!! :( 

Not working tomorrow, gonna take my off. Rest home, sleep more and rethink about life! Life Life Life, whats life all about? At the way it is... It seems like we are all working for $$. Of course!! But there should be more to it huh? I wish...

Oh... I shook the President's hand today.

I placed bets using PoolzConnect for the first time!

Applied the Singapore Pools Betting account. Got the member card and the pin yesterday. And I just placed a bet! TOTO and 4D,  both quickpick. hehe. Singapore Pools really smart to start this betting account, no different from private! Only private is illegal! They made it legal! With this account I could skip the queues! But additional $0.20 applies though! Its the same when we used NETS to pay. If I do win, its a direct credit to my bank account! Lets hope I see my pathetic balance all of a sudden SHOOT UP?? SHOW ME THE MONEY! heh. It wouldn't hurt to get richer! ;) Singapore Pools, I support this initiative by you! Pls support me as well!! haha crazy morning for me once again.

Later I will be going to meet the President of Singapore... Feeling about it? Don't know! This is a annual thing organised. I am just one of the few who got selected. Shall not talk much about it! :) Cheers, Mr President!

Still early, I should run some errands.

Video Conferencing to Ka-Leng and Sun-Chye now LIVE

LIVE. Skype on now! :) Look at her blur blur face! I think she is totally a stoner!! Don't you think so? hahaha

I fell in love today

I saw her while I was driving, she look so elegant from a distance away, and when I went closer... I was like, I need to have her! But just the brand she wears, I know I can never afford to have her. It would be a far fetch desire. Unless....I don't know. I got to know more of her when I check her out on the internet. She is very much famous. I got to know her details from the internet and the price to own her! 

Thats her. The BMW 1 series.  There are a few models, but the one I am so interested is the 5 door hatch. The details from SG CarMart.

Current price$116,800

Instalment $1,126/mth
Depreciation $10,060 /year
COE quota premium$15,501
Road tax$1,206
Total basic cost $89,600
Premium 30%
Previous recorded price$116,800
Highest recorded price$116,800 (past 6 mths)
Lowest recorded price$116,800 (past 6 mths)

How can I ever afford it now that I have my Alfa 147. Its impossible in the long run. Totally impressed with the look and all. The price actually do not really seems that expensive for a BMW. My Alfa is listed as $108,000 on the SG CarMart price list. If I had know about this car. I will certainly wanna get it then. For now, I can only dream.

Back Home once again

Another long day yesterday back at work, duty of course. But time really passes fast, its over and I am back home. Tomorrow night I will be going Istana to meet His Excellency. Some experience indeed. Lets see how tomorrow! I am face with some issue at work now... and its a really tough call I have to make. Hate this kinda situation but...What can I do? Sigh. Sometimes the things that we have to decide will cost some to dislike you or even hate you to the core. Guess after I make these decisions, things will not be nice. 

Ahhhhh, now that I am home! Lets enjoy the company of my computer! Since Kendice and Zach are still soundly asleep as shown in this picture below! 

I photoshopped the picture quite abit to give it the dreamy feeling though. Its been a long long time since I really work on PS. Probably already lost all touches. Thats why the product of this! ;) Just look at how Sister is holding his little brother's hands in a deep sleep. So cool aye? I miss both of them so much when I could not go home. Thankfully with the 3G video call, I am able to see em! But they couldn't see me. (E51 non-camera). 

Bao had went to help Mum at the stall, so I will be home looking after Baby Zach. Not gonna be easy! He will definitely call for Mummy once he wakes up! Thats my nightmare! Just cannot pacify him this easily! Only Mummy can do it. Failure on my part , Daddy! hahaha.

Think I will go catch some sleep before he wakes!!

Woke up at 4am

Slept early yesterday. Waking up at 4:00am now. Lately I just don't know why, I am simply so tired. Falling asleep while driving is so common. It could simply be my ageing! I am old!! Focusing seems to be hard these days. Man man man, what's happening!! Maybe its money stress at this age? Gotta provide but can't stretch no more. Ok what am I saying? Things I am not even sure myself. Right... Its the time of the day. Errr time of the wee morning?

Ka-Leng had already gone back to Vietnam. We missed her alot already. I came back home and picked them up and sent them to the airport yesterday due to the IPPT being cancelled thus I could make it back and picked her. Sad to see her leave us. Think its easily another 2 years or more before we get to see her in person again. Sad. Its so weird when you are just getting used to something, and now that its no longer around. You tend to feel funny. In this instance, its Ka-Leng, though a short stay with us from 01st July to 10th July. She sorta became part of us. Bao cried as usual at the airport yesterday after Ka-Leng went inside. :)

Ka-Leng, we miss you!

Singapore Flyers

Called in to secure 4 places for the Singapore Flyers for 8:00pm ride. Actually I don't even  think we need to even call in. There are definitely room for walk in customers. Anyway we were lucky. We got the entire Capsule all to ourselves. The timing when we boarded the ride was perfect with no one! So we enjoyed the privacy of the capsule all to ourselves :) The night view of Singapore is nice. So much lights... The last time I went was during the day time, that was during the company anniversary. So its different for me. But for the rest of then I am sure it was an eye opener!

Imagine booking the entire capsule would probably cost about $1,000? Not sure, I think that its about that price region. Maybe more rounds? Whatever it is, we were very fortunate that no one joined us! Talked as loud as we want, run about as much as we want! Haha. Bao was very 

much seated through out the ride (35 minutes) as she is really afraid of height! I think the height of the flyer is 165 meters. Here's a shot she took with Ka-Leng. Too bad its the night can't catch the background scenery with them. I could use low shutter to take the night view but they would have to be so still for a couple of seconds, which was impossible! 

Look at Zach! Same thing, asked him to smile, and he did that cheeky smile. And snapped! :) So cute! So fun! I bet he enjoyed that night high view. 

More picture to show that we had this entire capsule to ourselves! Also Kendice is in this picture with her eyes opened and flash on! She will only be able to have her eyes open when I snapped with flash only when she is caught unaware! I simply can't take a good shot of her with flash. Sigh The next picture explain itself. haha

What can I do?? So there is always less of Kendice in pictures, she was not like this last time! Yawns... Check out that smile from Zach! Man! I just need to bite his cheeks! 

ECP from the top with low shutter but higher F stops. Not the best of combination, But I do not have a tripod. It was a tough shot ok! hah.. Notice the massive construction? Thats the upcoming Marina Casino and Resort. 2010 I think will be the completion date. Looking forward to that.  Not the gambling place but the amenities! (Really?? )

This is a nice shot, to me at least. Exposure was good. The blue lighted area is the floating platform. And of course the back is CBD. Nice night city skyline showing its glory.

Gald I brought Ka-Leng for this ride just before she returns to Vietnam tomorrow. At least she managed to experience this. I guess she will only be coming back to Singapore in another 2-3 years time when she is 18 or older. She is right now chatting with Bao on the bed. Think she wanna maximum her last few hours in Singapore. Too bad, I gotta take IPPT, I can't send her to airport in the morning. After IPPT I will rush down though.

Okay... I shall go rest very soon!


Good Morning

Woke up early today came online. Woke Kendice up. She's very responsive today, just a tap and she was up! She was very spontaneous today, getting herself ready without me having to rush her. She just left the house, did not sent her today as well as I will be heading to my company HQ for meeting directly. So will be at Office abit later today. 

Sad to know that Ka-Leng will be going back tomorrow noon. Don't think I am able to send them to the airport as I am having IPPT in the morning. Probably I will rush down to see her off at the airport after that. Sad moments. Thinking of sending love ones! Hate it! Today Bao is probably gonna bring her shop till they drop since it is the last day. I will try to secure the Singapore Flyer for her today since I still have the tickets. hopefully last minute booking can be done. 

Ahhhh Kendice just called me!! Her MRT card value is empty! She is coming up to take money from me to top up! She will be late already! Opps!!

Zach just bumped the Kitchen Door!!

OUCH!! That's so painful! Heard a loud thud sound and Zach was on the floor crying out loud. Somehow he walked straight head on, and right into the Kitchen sliding door. A bump at the side of his head. :( Blue black straight away. Cried and cried obviously. Poor little guy. He is simply so hazardous!! How can he ever be still and quiet? Now he is saying funny things I don't understand outside. Think he is fine already. haha. But my heart hurts so much!

Although it was a bad knock, He was still easily teased to laughter! I asked him to give me a smile for this shot, and there... That cheeky smile. Just glad that he is fine now. Bao is trying to put him to bed now.

Hancock (The movie)

Actually we just returned from the movie, caught a 9pm show. Was a very last minute decision. Since Ka-Leng is returning back to Vietnam soon. Okay all of us went for the show except Zach! We got Uncle to look after him for that 2 hours. It was a good show for those who are thinking to catch it. Kendice love it. Immediately once back she went to bed, tomorrow school!! Yawns... Time kinda pass really fast the last week or so. Next thing we know, our dear little Ka-Leng is going back!! Think she is probably gonna miss the shopping and the fun, not forgetting the desserts here! Her company in this house sure brought lotsa live to us. :) We are gonna miss her so much. Think Bao will cry when she leave. Haha.. She always cry sending close ones off at the airport. (who doesn't?)

Stocks took another plunge today. Sigh. Losing another couple of hundred today. Sigh. For no Dow is up. Lets hope it will remain and boost Singapore Market up tomorrow. Its really sad to even think about the crappy market! Darn!!

Zach's crying again.... 

I just want more gadgets!

If there are more money, there is always the 'IF' factor in life! For now... if I could had the if!! I would get so much gadgets, I would want to set up a room purely just for the gadgets! Come on the gadgets deserves a room! Of course, the kids first!! Unless there is a spare room! What am I talking? No way to have a spare room!! Okay I am going on the basis of 'IF'. Nonsense in the morning once again. haha

Re-arranging the phones for a different shot! ;) Ka-Leng was asking why would I need so many mobiles?? Seriously, most of it are contracted! Courtesy from friends! Cool friends I have huh? I want to get Apple TV! ;) Darn! If not cuz of the stock market, think I could had entertained my thirst for more gadgets!! Nahhh.... If so I could had save more for Kendice & Zach 's account! Darn! (Dow was RED again anyway... couldn't care more already)

One can never get enough of this little devil...Gotta head off to work soon! Yawns... Tuesday's blue!!

Check the phones I have now!!

Check out my collection of Mobile Phones!! :) And I wanna add more if I can! But it'll be stupid huh? Giving a few away here!

Crazy huh? There are 11 phones right now! 2 sets of identical ones! Just got the Samsung F480 for my wife on Sunday, brought it home and showed to to Mum and she instantly fell in love with it! What to do? We gave it to her. So today I surprised Bao and got her another!! She was like " Ahhhhhhhhh" hehe. So all in all there are 11 phones now!! hehe. Infact there should be more if not for Kendice losing 2 of them! Wahaha. I am a gadget man!! I love gadgets!! I want more!!!!

Its late!! 2:11am! I better get some rest!!

Malaysia Trip on 05-07-08

This was taken today. What a pose! Totally cool...I rate this 5 stars shot! Of course the subject, not the skill. Lost all camera technique sometime back. ;)  Anyway our trip to Malaysia yesterday (05/07 )was rather good. We set off at about 5:30am from our place to my company and left for Malaysia in the 'cool' bus at about 7am! (some of the guys were really late)

What ever happened to Kendice?? She simply can't get her eyes to open up whenever there is  flash! Taking pictures for her is a PAIN!!  :(  hehe

We occupied the lower deck of the bus! This bus is a double deck one. Basically the lower deck is like VIP suite. Total limousine  style! COOL! We had the entire lower deck to ourselves! :) Basically it was sleeping whenever the bus moved! hehe. Just look the this picture where Bao is sleeping with her funny mouth! hehe. In the midst of the morning rush, we sorta lost Zach's crocs scandals! What to do? We managed to get one make shift slipper for him but he simply refused to wear it! hahaha

So it was a wasted money spent! Oh well... its only RM3.90 I think? We bought a shoes at the end of the day at the JUSCO mall though. :)

Looking Good here! Ka-Leng and Baby Zach taking a snap on the bus.  She was on a single contact lens through the entire trip. She lost one side in the morning! Noticed her right red eye! She's so fun to be with on this trip. We had lotsa laughter on the bus. All of us of course! 

She is happily playing with my iPhone! Acting cute as usual! hehe ;) She's a BIG BONE girl for her age! She''s not even 16! Think she will only be come August?? 

Taken outside one of Malaysia's Bird Nest factory. High High Up in the Sky! Zach's taking all the attention! He was enjoying that! He wanted it again and again! But he ain't light. Thats for sure!!!

We had DURIANS for lunch! Thats the theme of the trip anyway. Basically it was a durian buffet! Eat all you want! There were good and bad durians! Zach was still recovering from his ulcers thus he did not eat much. But he's so much better now! Thank God!

The last stop was at JUSCO GIANT. Simple shopping, but the fun for the kids were at the arcade. Zach played bowling! The kids version! From this shot, you can clearly tell its a gutter spin ! ;) Kendice had her fun as well. Ahhhh she is still very much like a 5 year old when she sees arcade! 

To reiterate my point... Look at this picture! She had her eyes shut upon the flash came on for this shot, even when she is playing! There is no way I could take a neat shot of her. Sigh!! Think this was also a gutter roll! Weak! She is better at Nintendo Wii bowling! She beat me on that!! ;) hahaha

Kendice and Zach having a show down! Who is tougher after all? :) It was fun! They were both enjoying it! Zach was so serious! He was like so into the game! I was laughing so hard when I see him trying to hit the plug! 

Just look at those concentration going on in his eyes! ;) Fun huh boy?

YES I SCORED!!! :) That was what really happened! He got in a goal and he went like YEAH with both hands up ! So cute!

It was about there! What a trip!!

You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!