What's Happening?

Life itself is never enough without the events that takes place...

More About Me...

My life did a major revamp! Thats on the 11th October 2006! My lovely boy was born! Yep! That day onwards, everything was a cool cool life to come! His name would be Zach Ang. He's 2 now. Time really flies! In a blink, 2 years and he is all running around! He's God sent surely! And of course my little Princess, Kendice! Looking forward to live everyday with my family. Cheers!!

Another Tit-Bit...

Never too late to start something, this should be the time. Thoughts and feelings, comments and all. With internet being so advanced now. I could simply pen it all down. Looking back, it could all be a joy, fun and sweet memories. If you have any comments, do sure leave them on the posts! It'll be fun to look at them certainly! Meanwhile I'll try to upload as much pictures daily as I can.

Alonso! He Wins! (Picture from BBC site)

He won! After so much happened! He started way behind due to his luck in qualifying which left him far behind his the pole position!  After Massa messed it up at the pit, of course not due to his fault but the light system. It was totally a boo boo show for Ferrari yesterday!! No points at all!! Hamilton got 3rd and gained a comfortable lead over Massa in the drivers' standing. Looks like the Championship is very much clearer for now. It was an amazing race yesterday!! Cool! Can't wait for the next Singapore F1 Night Race next year!! :) Maybe I could go watch it !!! heh

After Massa messed it up at the pit, of course not due to his fault but the light system. It was totally a boo boo show for Ferrari yesterday!! No points at all!! Hamilton got 3rd and gained a comfortable lead over Massa in the drivers' standing. Looks like the Championship is very much clearer for now. It was an amazing race yesterday!! Cool! Can't wait for the next Singapore F1 Night Race next year!! :) Maybe I could go watch it !!! heh

For now its time for work!! Monday BLUES!! Man!

Tomorrow F1 night race!

This is gonna be so cool! Tomorrow or rather later in the evening its gonna be history in the making for Singapore! 1st ever Formula One Night Race! Cool! How I wish I will be going to watch, but the ticket prices are way too pricey! Then again I guess watching at home would be a smarter thing to do. Its LIVE anyway! And on TV, we would be able to watch the entire track rather then being there and only able to watch the car zoom pass! ;) Sour grapes! haha. Anyway tomorrow 7:30pm! It will be it! :) Exciting Race surely!! :)

Here are some pictures taken this afternoon with my family! We had early lunch at the usual Lor Mee stall. And my iPhone did her job snapping away as usual! ;) hehe. 
Feeding Zach his Kway Tiao! :) He likes to say " MUM MUM" whenever he sees food! So fun! And look at the next! He's telling me that there are ANTS!! He kept saying " MA YI MA YI" haha.. Really cute!!
He's really picking things up really fast these days! And of course he is growing BIGGER each day too! Just now there was this kid who was smaller built then him...And Zach went to snatch his toy! And I apologized to the parent..The boy's mother was saying that Zach is Kor Kor but I asked how old was her so, and she replied me he is 2! I told him then that make Zach "Di Di"!! haha!! Zach really is a BIG boy!! :) 
And here is Kendice! :) And of course as Zach ... She had really grown alot since they day she came here! Time really flies!! I rather she do not smile!! She look so weird in this shot!  Anyway I always feel that Kendice will grow up to be a pretty lady next time! :) She definitely has the potential!! Now pls study hard Kendice!! :)

Ahhhhhhh sleeping soon! Gonna go carry Zach and sleep with him tonight. Bao wants to have a good sleep tonight so tasked me to look after Zach! :)

Nice iPhone Casing!

Its on the way! I ordered through a fellow hardwarezone forum guys! Its another VAJA casing! Man I am crazy! I will have 3 VAJA casings in all soon! I will have 2 similar leather cases and one flip case!  Here is a picture of the VAJA Limited Edition case hopefully will arrive by Friday!
Cool huh? Gonna try to see if I can sell one of the VAJA leather case. I think I will be using this flip casing for awhile :) Nice!! LOVELY!  This iPhone is really a great phone to own! No wonder Zach needs it everyday before sleeping!! haha... He just need the iPhone! Of course I gave him my 2G one la! waahahaha. Anyway I just put him to sleep about an hour ago! He is so fun!! So cute but so NAUGHTY!!! 

Financial market still choppy these few weeks. Sighhhh its so so stressed up if you really follow it closely! Darn! Olam lost more then 10 cents these 2 days! Darn! All the gains all threw back! infact since when I gain!! Darn! Still long long way man! $2.32 cents vs the price now at $1.89!! Oh mannn!! Yawns!!


Got new toys! :)

Finally after so long, I finally set my mind fixed and bought it! Always wanted to buy new Oakley since mine half jacket was long long way due for replacement! Well finally decided its time! :) Well and I got 2 instead!! Woot! Not cheap. This is a heavy investment surely! But I thought its worth!  
This is known as RADAR. This is the limited edition! Its based on the Beijing Olympics. Cool! huh?  Its like the M-frame my brother used to have but I guess they renamed it! M-frame is already oscillate. Its really cool! Bao like this one alot! Cool Cool! I love it!
This is known as the O Rokr Pro! This one is abit unique cause it has a bluetooth enabled! Really neat! I could now use have handsfree capability! Amazing!! Lovely!! Woot! I love it! They come in black and white. I decided to go for white after so much mind cracking! hehe. Man!! I am in love with Oakley! I want more Oakleys!!!

Spent alot of money today! ;) I met up with Bao and kids at Bugis and Kendice always wanted the Monoply so I got her one!! And got Zach a flying helicopter! (More for myself! hehe... but he will definitely be amazed seeing it fly!!) Also I played a full round of monopoly with Kendice and made her bankrupt!! haha

Man!! I forgot about the BIG game!  Chelsea vs Man Utd now!! And Utd is 1 goal up!!  I gotta go watch now!!!

Zach is growing and growing...

What can I say? He is so much bigger in size now! I kinda think he is alittle over his size for his age, or at least thats what most people been saying, " Your boy is BIG!" haha. But I like it! heh. Though its better to watch his growth! wahaha. Don't wanna him to be in the FAT club next time! Also he had learnt so many new things, he knows to identify so many things now! He knows how to continue some songs if he lead him! Too many! He has grown!!  In less then a month Zach will be 2 years old!! That'll be on the 11th October! Cool! My son is 2 years soon! :)  Check this picture out! Mum bought this bad for him quite sometime back as he always wanna pull Kendice's school bag but its simply too big for him! So Mum got him this! And he love it! He use it for school now!! hahah and he does not allow anyone to carry it! He will wanna pull it!

Yep Yep! He looks so fun! Wahaha... He is making so much noise right now!! Kendice just left for tution and he wanna go out too!  Naughty boy!! Now he wants to see Lion Dance again!!  Going "TONG TONG ZHANG" he is really so fun!! I wonder how many more years and he'll be rebellious! 

Sitting on the table! And posing a shot for Daddy! :) This was taken like 8 minutes ago! :) Naked little boy!! hehe. Disturbing his sister taking lunch! Gosh I feel like bitting him!!  hehe. Later in the evening, our whole family will be attending Zhiwei's brother wedding dinner.  Zach's gonna dress up! ;)

On my Stocks
Sadness! Big financial news happened in U.S. Lehman Brothers collapsed! More banks to face turmoil! And AIG almost collapsed but Fed stepped in, saved them out of the ditch. Singapore market like rest of the world took the beatings! But with some help from Fed, market been shooting up the past days. Yesterday Dow shot up 368 points. The day before it was up 400+! Crazy huh? Oh well. Alot of counters gained big time! Easily 10% or more! The counter I am holding? GREAT! Shot up $0.20 WOW! Thats 6 lots! Thats $1,200!! BUT!!! End of the day, after market adjustment! It LEVEL!!! Oh my god!! I couldn't believe it! Sadly its true. All that fighting....All gone at the last min where investor dumbed the shares. I am still far from breaking even for Olam!! Ahhhhhhh.

Dow dropped 504 yesterday!

This is so crazy! Yes! Thats right! Dow dropped by 504 points last night! And right now its still extending losses with more bas news! Imagine Lehman Brothers had filed for bankruptcy! And Merill Lynch had been bought over!! And now AIG is on rocky rocks!! America financial system is in crisis! This was reported to be the worst since 9-11. Sounds so impossible! Big banks fell apart!! CRAZY! Its simply hard to believe that this subprime  crap had brought Lehman down!! 

Okay! Fed just pumped $50 Billion into the financial system and immediately Dow is recovering! But will it last? I really doubt! Although Singapore market took a beating today. My Olam went up b y $0.02! But still its still in full of trouble. The entire crisis is felt everywhere! No countries will be spared!! Everyone with money in stocks, in investment all will be beaten down!! Imagine -504 last night!! Wowwww. Still trying to put the pictures in place.  Jaws opened!

4:17 am. What am I doing!??

Not sleeping not sleeping! Darn, I am already getting that aging look so rapidly and I am still not taking care of my body. Ahhhh...who cares! ;) Time flies! my Birthday for 2008 is over! History! Gotta wait another year for another so called birthday! And I will be 30 by then!! Ouch! 

Been looking at the site on the details for Apple MacBook Pro, not sure if there will be a new model coming out! Chasing technology advances will never be possible unless I have a endless gold pot. Too bad I do not have, thus chasing the updates will definitely be extremely harmful for health!! TEMPTATION IS STRONG to get it NOW NOW NOW!! ;)

Okay I have to post this picture! Zach's looking so cute! Well He had his first handling of a fire sparkle, or firework, whatever you call it! Yep, and he love it! He keep wanting more of it  ( darn so smoky! ) 

Cheeky grin from him yah? Definitely!! haha...So fun! Today I spent the afternoon looking after Kendice and him at home. We had so much laughter! Its fun to be with the kids at home actually. No stress! Maybe I'll quit my job someday and become a full time house-father? hahaha. Not possible unless Mr. Toto Grp One comes knocking! Dream on!

Better be taking my sleep!! 

Its my Birthday ...But I am so YAWNS...

I am 29! Older I am by 1 more year! Soon I will say goodbye to my '2' and go into my '3'! Thats one more year! Time flies.....Yes I feel much older now. Aging so much faster after marriage for sure! Could it be work stress? Money stress or? I think its more of family planning stress! Its all about money!! Ouch! Thats the reality of life ain't it!? No money, you can't survive!! Oh no you simply can't! Guess what? Its my birthday and I already had a bad start!! I just lost $330 on majhong at PMC's place! Darn! No luck at all! Totally crappy arse luck! Don't need to explain much! Its simple...BULLCRAP! Darn! I lost like $600 or more this 2 weeks just on mahjong!! No No! I have to stop this arse luck! But how!?!? 4D?? Can you let me see you tomorrow?? Or Sunday?? Or both days!? Visit me please! 4D gods!! Wahaha.

Anyway today noon, Bao and me brought Zach to East Coast Park again! Bao wanna let Zach play sand by the beach! Well as usual he had a wonderful time but when come going back, he simply cried and cried! ;)

Bao showing Zach the sea, and the waves coming in! He was kinda scare initially but soon after he wants more! We had so much fun surely! Too bad Kendice was having tution! She would had love to follow us as well! Still remember years ago we used to bring Kendice to the same place! She was so much younger then! :)

Bao Bao teaching Zach how to build a sand mountain! ;) hehe. Anyway we digged  a hole and submerged Zach inside and he was strong enough to get out himself! Nevermind, I'll dig a deeper one next time! Many more beach outing to come!

As for now... I am waiting for my iPhone to be loaded with the latest firmware! (Think its done!!)


Another day...

Time is passing so fast... in a blink, its gonna be Thursday tomorrow. Thankfully tomorrow I have no work! Its a day off for everyone declared by the Boss! But I am going for a battle though! ;) Mahjong with the usual guys! Lets make some money!! Been on a losing streak... hope it'll end tomorrow yah? ;) 

Zach had his last injection today at Bukit Merah Polyclinic this afternoon. I picked Bao and him up and head to Dunman Wan Tan Mee.  And it seems like ENG's Wantan had changed hands! A total management change! The uncle is no longer selling there. Don't know what happened... all I can speculate...there must be some dispute! Oh well...of course standard dropped. But its still nicer then the rest of wantan noodles I had. But I heard from Sister that Uncle Eng will start his stall elsewhere. Shall wait and see. Sad! After 20 years of patronizing! Its gone for now! Anyway after that, I brought them to East Coast, we had Gelare. And Bao suggested that we bring Zach to the beach for awhile! BAD BAD choice!  The following pictures will tell you why! haha

Taken using iphone... not too bad! ;)  Zach hunting on playing site and friends! haha...He's cute!

And he found his site! So many toys!! Woooo he like! Of course he joined the kids! But I noticed that the Mother of these few kids did not seems to like Zach joining them! ( what an arrogant lady crap!) So I told Bao...Lets go! And guess what? Here ....You know!

Whats new? He cried and cried and cried like thats no tomorrow!! haha.. Anyway we did not bring his toys or extra cloths! We gotta go Zach! ;) Next time next time, we gotta tell him that! Oh well..of cuz we brought him to play those child's ride (those insert $1 coins type) and after that he was okay and back home we went!

I had a hard time putting him to sleep just now! Actually he was asleep already but Kendice went to hug him and he started crying and came out!! He was crying so badly! Scolded Kendice for waking him up!! Anyway I had a real hard time putting him back to sleep again! But ya know what? iPhone did the trick!! He simply want to hold on to the iPhone!! He slept with the iPhone in his hand!! I tried taking it away, he cried! Haha.. Until he totally knocked out! The iPhone was freed! haha. What a boy!!!

Now waiting for Bao to return from market...

Home is all Security Set! ;)

I had set up 2 cameras to our home! hehe. Its a free service for now (BETA) at http://www.homecamera.com . With this I can assess the pictures or video from my mobile or any other internet terminals! Cool huh? I can share the image with buddies as well, only after I given them permissions to view. Cool! This way I can see the Kids when I am out if they are at home! Also it does auto recording according to my timer set! Amazing! I had a hard time setting up the WIFI camera. Almost gave up! But all paid off! It works now! Cool! hehe. 1 camera in room and the other living room! Wahaha.  Only if it support LIVE video streaming! But in time it would! 

Go sign up! And request from me to view my cameras! :) hehehe.  Fun! I wanna network my entire house! ;) I am a GADGET man! I wanna more more more!! But the stupid stock market is sucking me dry fast! Oh well.. leaving it there and wait wait wait! 

Gonna go take Malay Oral lessons later, part of the work requirements. Think I'll have a really hard time coping certainly! ;) 

I miss Zach!

Safari Crapped me Up!

Tried thousands of time to load my blog account! But simply it would not log in! But on IE, its no problem! Hmmmm. Apple screwed up somehow? Actually Safari is really not compaitable with many stuffs! Oh well...too bad I am in love with Apple!

Just quarrelled with wife. Darn....waste time! Sometimes poeple just want to argue for the sake of argueing!! Life! Thats life!! Lately things all not looking bright for me!

Anyway I am late for work.


Tribute to a Caring Childcare Teacher.

She will be remembered forever. Mdm Tay, may your kindness and guidance watch over Cherie Hearts.

The lady in this picture. Mdm Tay, or Zheng Lau Si. She left us on the 30th August 2008. She will be remembered certainly. Someone who dotes on Zach alot. It just seems so unreal that she left. Gone. Forever gone... This simply do not seems real. I just saw her a few days ago and now she had left us. This lost to the Childcare will be a big setback. Whatever we can do... we will try. Zach is too young to know this pain. Sigh. Life's seems so unpredictable. I pray that Mdm Tay's family will be strong and brace this storm together. May the Lord bless them all.

What a sad day... Sigh.

Zach's Childcare center gave us a letter yesterday. Its really bad, sad news. One of the childcare Teacher Mdm Tay, passed away after being involved in a serious traffic accident. Sigh. If I can recall correctly, it was the Chinese Teacher. I just cannot believe it. I just feel so lost all of a sudden although I don't really know her. But she was incharge of Zach's group, the PG1. She passed away on the 30th August. Zheng Lau Si. Zach wouldn't know the loss. He would not understand. Sigh. It is really so sad. A life had just ended in a flash! Life's really so fragile. Sigh... 

Gonna send Zach to the center soon. 

May her soul rest in peace...

Ordered VAJA Case!

Finally I took the pain and ordered this casing online! Its a custom made one! How much is it? NOT CHEAP! But I thought, this iPhone is so precious, I better get something nice and good to protect it, so I bought it!! Ouch! It cost me USD95 including shipping!

Here is the picture of the casing I am getting in 30 days time! I hope it would be faster! But I think it would take much longer! Yawns, meanwhile I am using the 2G iPhone leather casing James gave me. Its tight though! USD95 is really expensive if you think about it! Ouch!! Why no strike $50,000!! Man!! I could be buying this with no ache at all!! Darn! haha

Ohhhh Zach is getting smarter as the days passes! He can count 1,2,3,4,5!! But he always start from 2! Hahah. He also know how to do elephant when you ask him to! Weird elephant though! haha. He knows EGG! He knows Money! He knows so so many things now! So proud of him! He is simply too fun!! 

You can contact me at my email at siron@singnet.com.sg . Have a great day!